Whitey Go Home. Blacks Can Only Be Represented In Congress By Other Blacks

I’m wondering if it would sound a wee bit racist if some Congressional district in this country which happened to be overwhelmingly Caucasian publicly expressed a fear of the possibility that a black person could be elected to represent them in Washington DC?

Would it sound racist if the Congressman who has represented the area for 14 years has one of his former staff members come out and state for the record that it is a real concern and people were fearful that a black person could actually wind up becoming the next representative of the district?

What kind of reaction do you think would explode across America once word of this got out? What kind of response do you think the lamestream media would have? How about Barack Obama?

Now what kind of response do you suppose there would be if it was the other way around?

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Illinois’s 7th Congressional District has long been represented by an African-American, but there’s now widespread worry in Chicago’s black community that that could soon change.

With Democratic Rep. Danny Davis signaling he’s ready to step down from the House after seven terms to run for president of the Cook County Board next year, there’s a real possibility that a non-African-American candidate could win the seat.

“I think there is always that concern,” said Richard Boykin, a former Davis chief of staff who is mentioned as a possible contender. “It’s a fear that a lot of people have.”

“There’s great concern,” said Tommie Simmons, a black community activist in Chicago.

Talk that the seat could flip to a nonblack candidate signifies a stunning political turnabout. Chicago’s black community sees Davis’s district, stretching across the city’s downtown Loop and West Side, as its own.

Source: Politico.com

What was that I heard? Crickets? Perhaps it was a big yawn from the media?

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