Transparent Politics, Chicago Style. Mayor Daley Refuses To Disclose Details Of How Stimulus Money Will Be Spent


It’s little wonder that Obama’s hometown mayor refuses to tell the public what that city’s cut of the nearly one trillion dollar Democrat-supporters-and-benefactors package, also known as the federal “stimulus bill,” will be used for in the windy city. After all we have come to know from Mr. Obama that the word transparency has a whole new meaning when it’s said Chicago style.

Mayor Richard Daley has declined to say how the money will be “spread around” because he fears the media will become interested and actually do their job of informing the public what they have discovered. I’m curious as to how a big city mayor, who will probably wind up receiving billions in taxpayer funds that will never be paid back, thinks it is appropriate to withhold this information from the people in this country? What kind of slimy political system do they have in that city where the politicians that come out of there think they can do whatever they want with no accountability to the citizenry? You know, like Obama.

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From the news blogs,

Daley refuses to release stimulus project list.

Mayor Richard Daley said today Chicago has compiled a wish list of “shovel-ready projects” to spend federal economic stimulus funds on should Congress approve a plan.

Unlike hundreds of other cities, however, Daley said Chicago won’t make its list public.

“Yes, we do, we have our list, we’ve been talking to people. We did not put that out publicly because once you start putting it out publicly, you know, the newspapers, the media is going to be ripping it apart,” Daley said.

“It’s very controversial. Yes, we have ready projects from the Board of Education to the City Colleges to the Park District to the CTA and the city of Chicago. Oh yes. Us and New York decided not to do that. We thought we could go directly into the federal bureaucracies and the different departments,” the mayor added.

Later, Daley was asked why he wasn’t being more transparent.

“Read some of your newspapers. Heh heh,” he replied.

Yeah, heh heh. The joke is on us huh Daley?

Many know full well what this phony “stimulus bill” is all about and it has absolutely nothing to do with creating real jobs or stimulating the economy or any such garbage. This is nothing but a method, an attempt, to decimate the Republican party and the two party system, what’s left of it anyway, for years to come.

Obama and his cronies are using these taxpayer funds to more firmly establish a government-dependent population which they hope will ensure a reliable and overwhelming Democrat voting constituency for decades to come. Perhaps this is why the phone lines at Congressional offices and the White House switchboard are jammed 24/7.

The people are getting pissed and letting those responsible for this Obamanation know all about it. Will these “representatives of the people” listen? No, they don’t care what we have to say all they care about is the power they have right now and they are not going to let this opportunity get wasted.

It just goes to show with Obama you can certainly take a politician out of the jungle but you can’t yank the jungle out of the politician.

Heh heh…

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