Michigan Gov Jennifer Granholm Chops A Million Dollars From Veteran Groups Funding

Canadian born Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm has cut funding for veterans’ service organizations in Michigan by one million dollars or some 25%. These groups have run programs designed to assist veterans winding their way through all of the red tape involved with seeking disability and pension benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Without the assistance of these groups our injured, disabled and aged military veterans will be faced with having to deal with the government bureaucracy on their own which we all know is an exercise in mind numbing aggravation. Just what an injured or disabled veteran returning from Iraq or Afghanistan needs to be screwing around with when they finally get home. Needless to say many veterans were outraged by this development and several gathered in front of the state capitol of Lansing last week to hold a rally in protest of the funding cuts. I’m sure the governor really cared.

The following article mentions that Michigan isn’t the only state where budget woes are forcing government officials to consider scaling back funding for veterans’ groups but apparently the only state to actually do so is Ohio which implemented a 10% cut this year.

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The wail of bagpipes at Memorial Day events honoring servicemen killed in Iraq and Afghanistan rang hollow for some military veterans this year.

In Michigan and elsewhere, once-sacrosanct veterans’ programs are no longer safe from the knife as tax revenues continue sliding in the recession.

In a recent budget-cutting order, Gov. Jennifer Granholm and legislators slashed $1 million, or 25%, of funding for 11 groups that help veterans through a maze of paperwork and bureaucracy to get disability and pension benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The cut is forcing layoffs and likely will be carried over to the next budget, too.

“It’s a travesty,” said Daniel Crocker, Michigan service director for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, which had to eliminate four jobs. “The greatness of a nation will be judged by how it treats its veterans.”

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What I would like to see happen, before these governors begin slashing any funding or services for veterans, is a complete halt to all welfare, housing assistance, medical care, food stamps and educational benefits for anyone in this country illegally. If someone cannot prove they are a legal resident of the United States when they apply for taxpayer funded assistance then they should receive nothing. Any elected official who cannot understand that the welfare of the people who wore the uniform and put their asses on the line for this country should always trump the welfare of those who chose to ignore the law and cross our sovereign borders illegally needs to be quickly forced into a new line of work via the ballot box.

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