Faux Muslims Hoped To Stir Up Some Racism And Intolerance With Social Experiment. Came Up Empty In Arab, Alabama


It seems there is a small group of impressionable 20 something year old kids led by a Muslim gentleman, excuse me CNN describes him as an esteemed Muslim scholar, one Akbar Ahmed, the Islamic studies chairman at American University in Washington, that is roaming around America dressing up in Islamic or Muslim garb with the intention, no really the expectation, of getting a rise out of people wherever they go. No doubt a full news crew just so happens to be quickly available just in case…wink wink.

Their schtick, whoops pardon me–experiment, is to get all gussied up in their Muslim outfits and go strolling into places of business hoping to provoke some snide comments, refusal of service or better yet a major confrontation with a bunch of redneck bible thumpin’ gun totin’ red staters! This would make for some outstanding CNN-msnbc-NBC-ABC-CBS footage showing the entire world just how backwards this nation really is.

What’s annoying about stunts like this is they are designed to perpetuate the perception that Americans, in certain parts of the country, are just a bunch of racist and intolerant people that continually need to work on changing their inherently evil culture that has caused the entire world to hate our big fat guts. Except of course those millions of people flooding across our wide open borders to escape their oppressive homelands every year.

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Somehow, deep down, I just know CNN was hoping for an opportunity to report to the world just how bigoted the good people of Arab, Alabama are in their article about this group.

Hailey Woldt put on the traditional black abaya, expecting the worst.

The last time she’d worn the Muslim dress that, with a head scarf, covered everything but her face, hands and feet, she was in Miami International Airport, where the stares were many and the security check thorough.

This time, she was in a small town called Arab. Arab, Alabama, no less.

“I expected people to say, ‘What is this terrorist doing here? We don’t want your kind here,’ ” said Woldt, a 22-year-old blue-eyed Catholic, recalling her anticipation before stepping into a local barbecue joint. “I thought I wouldn’t even be served.”

Instead, Woldt’s experiment in social anthropology opened her own eyes. Apart from the initial glances reserved for any outsider who might venture through a small-town restaurant’s doors, her experience was a pleasant one.

On her way to the bathroom, Woldt said, “One woman’s jaw dropped, but then she smiled at me. … That little smile just makes you feel so much better.”

This unexpected experience has just been one of Woldt’s takeaway moments on her current journey. She is one in a team of five mostly 20-something Americans, led by an esteemed Muslim scholar, who are crisscrossing the nation on an anthropological mission. Their purpose: to discuss American identity, Muslim identity, and find out how well this country upholds its ideals in a post-September 11 world.

Golly talk about preconceived notions and expectations huh? I thought that is what the people getting set up in this little game were supposed to be harboring? As far as the thorough security check at the airport, well welcome to post 9-11 in America doll face!

Check it out. Not a single Muslim looking person among the people in this video that went through some unpleasant and very thorough searches and I can’t help but wonder just how big of a threat this seasoned citizen appeared to present to the TSA personnel?


I’m not sure what unexpected experience this young lady is talking about in the article, or maybe it was merely the usual editorializing from the CNN reporter but I would suggest to these people going around trying to stir up a news story that they should dress up in their outfits and take a stroll among the shops and restaurants in say Compton or East Los Angeles California. That should get some CNN newsreel worthy spirited commotion going on with the natives!

Better yet if these folks are looking for a serious dose of intolerance I would recommend dressing up like a typical American young lady and try walking down a main drag of any Muslim country. I’ll bet they would find, in very short order, that all the staring going on would be the very least of their problems.

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