Climate Change Propaganda Now Available Via Your Favorite Fox Network Television Shows


It’s a conspiracy folks and this is exactly what our grandparents were trying to tell us about all those years ago! 😀

C’mon fess up people. How many times have you been told by the last great generation that staring at the boob tube all day was going to turn your brain to mush?

Boy howdy those good folks weren’t kidding but the question remains, how in the world did all these old fogies know so much about the potential dangers of all this high technology crap surrounding us today? Could it be that they were very well aware of what would happen if too much power to influence people’s thoughts and opinions was usurped by a relatively small number of people who answer to no one? Perhaps like those people hanging out at the Twentieth Century Fox Studios?

So just what has Rupert Murdoch and his team been up to over at Fox lately? Well it seems they have been working late into the night putting together “entertainment” that also doubles as climate change propaganda for their audience’s consumption. Maybe we don’t get enough of this garbage on a daily basis as it is, eh?

Now I don’t ever watch network TV. In fact I rarely watch TV at all. Maybe this is why I have such a hard time understanding why so many people in this country just don’t get it and have such a difficult time applying five minutes worth of critical thinking to all of these so called crisis scenarios the inept Obama crew keeps tossing out every day.

That said it’s not in the least bit shocking to hear that a bunch of script writers, directors and actors dutifully fall right into line with the brand of socialism offered up by the Obama administration, that’s how these yeahoos keep their jobs. Let’s face it, if one works in the entertainment industry and even thinks of questioning the hard left ideology they will quickly find themselves blackballed and bagging groceries at the local Wal Mart for a living. What may throw a few folks for a loop is this silly notion that the word Fox automatically means “right wing.”

All those liberal loons that continually deride Murdoch’s FoxNews as this evil right wing political mouthpiece simply confuse an effort by some folks to pull a chunk of what is going on around the world out of the depths of idiocy offered up by the alphabets, 98% of the CNN bozos and msnbc dopes like Chrissy Matthews and Kieth Olbermann. Those of us who truly pay attention to what is happening in this country know just how much FoxNews refuses to address every day.

Perhaps this is why the government in so concerned about spending millions of our taxpayer dollars for digital to analog contraptions for those who own televisions that were constructed back when this country used to do stuff like that.

…..I will let you in on a little secret that marketers and governments have been relying on for decades. That television you watch every day, your secret best friend, is an addictive opiate, and not only that, it’s one of the most potent mind control devices ever produced. And I’m not just basing this on intuition. I have the neurological evidence to prove it.

When you watch TV, brain activity switches from the left to the right hemisphere. In fact, experiments conducted by researcher Herbert Krugman showed that while viewers are watching television, the right hemisphere is twice as active as the left, a neurological anomaly.1 The crossover from left to right releases a surge of the body’s natural opiates: endorphins, which include beta-endorphins and enkephalins. Endorphins are structurally identical to opium and its derivatives (morphine, codeine, heroin, etc.).

First of all, when you’re watching television the higher brain regions (like the midbrain and the neo-cortex) are shut down, and most activity shifts to the lower brain regions (like the limbic system). The neurological processes that take place in these regions cannot accurately be called “cognitive.” The lower or reptile brain simply stands poised to react to the environment using deeply embedded “fight or flight” response programs. Moreover, these lower brain regions cannot distinguish reality from fabricated images (a job performed by the neo-cortex), so they react to television content as though it were real, releasing appropriate hormones and so on. Studies have proven that, in the long run, too much activity in the lower brain leads to atrophy in the higher brain regions.

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Gotta keep that propaganda flowing folks!

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