Some News And Issues Of The Day For Sunday March 29th


Well It’s about time you gave some post election props to Sarah Palin Senator John McCain!
OK OK we all got it soon after the *cough* election was over. The presidential race was a farce from the get. It’s clear McCain was not in it to win and his job was to simply be the fall guy so the country world could all get wrapped up in the historical moment of a half black guy, who does not qualify for the office of president according to the constitution, become president. How quaint. Nice to see you finally give the woman who nonetheless made the race interesting some long overdue credit McCain. Naturally she had no idea what the scam was so she was actually out there trying to become vice president hence the only thing that kept McCain’s “bid” alive.

Word on the street says Ashley Biden, daughter of vice president and walking gaffe line artist Joe Biden, was caught stuffing her nose with that highly illegal white powdery junk.
This can’t be good. The New York Post is reporting some guy videotaped Ashley Biden packing her beak with cocaine which would make her one of those people Hillary Clinton would be blaming for all the violence between the drug cartels down there along the border of Mexico. The guy hoping to hawk the tape for a huge pile of cash is painfully unaware that nobody cares if a Democrat or someone in their family is a hairball. The bar for moral behavior is set so low for these people (just look at some of Obama’s choices for his administration) that a snake could step over it. For those thinking this coke story is just a load of crap I say could be but then again there was this incident that cost a police officer his job after he arrested her for drunk driving. Scroll down and read what former Delaware police officer Bryce Priggemeier went through after his encounter with Ashley Biden.

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So the Europeans may not have quite the same level of love for Obama now that he is president?
It’s actually pretty easy to campaign for office. Take the populist attitude, condemn everything your opponent has and is doing, lie your ass off and coast into office. Oh it helps tremendously if you are non white as we all know that white people are the scourge of the earth and bring nothing but harm and pain to all of the people of color on the planet but I digress. Now that “I Won” is president and the world has gotten a taste of his game plan (really George Soros and his gang’s game plan) they suddenly realize their sugar daddy, America, just might not have enough in the piggy bank to keep sending billions of dollars in “aid” overseas. They also see in his military cutbacks U.S. bases closing all over the continent, a source of billions of dollars in revenue for local communities and their countries. Along with these cutbacks comes the fact that Europe may have to step up and start defending itself against threats from middle eastern countries and Russia. Yeah I’ll bet the bite from the love bug is starting to wear off over there now that everyone has clearly seen this guy has absolutely no clue what he is doing and can’t speak a word without some screen telling him what to say.

For how many years now have people been warned about attachments in their emails?
Once again I am shocked SHOCKED to hear a bunch of Chinese government hackers have infiltrated computer systems in some 103 countries around the globe. In addition these folks have dug around through the networks of NATO, foreign embassies, banks (there’s an amazing finding!) and media outlets all over the world.

The researchers said GhostNet was spread using classic malware techniques. “Contextually relevant emails are sent to specific targets with attached documents that are packed with exploit code and Trojan horse programmes designed to take advantage of vulnerabilities in software installed on the target’s computer.

No, the hackers took advantage of human nature. Computer users have been warned for years about this most basic method of infecting their machines, attachments to emails. In addition many overworked network administrators fail to apply upgrades and patches to their systems in a timely manner resulting in gaping security holes. A situation already exacerbated by the casual attitudes concerning cybersecurity by the office employees who use company machines.

America to Pelosi, you SUCK!
What is interesting about this latest Rasmussen poll is how many people in this country have no idea who this airhead is yet she still gets hammered! 60% of those polled have an unfavorable opinion of the job she is doing and 42% say they have a very unfavorable view of her performance. This is the woman that is third in line to become president if something were to happen to Obama and Biden. Something like the SCOTUS actually hearing one of the many lawsuits challenging Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to hold office.

Even among Democrats Pelosi is sinking like Barack a rock with only a 57% approval rating down from 65% in a previous survey. The only thing I can think is propping her sagging I mean her declining poll numbers are the 20 million or so illegals who she calls patriotic for sneaking into this country, deliberately flouting our immigration laws. Pull those numbers out of the mix and I wonder where she would be?

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