Some News And Issues Of The Day For Wednesday April 1st


Apparently Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern thinks he is in a position to determine which CEOs can keep their jobs and which ones cannot. What a jerk.
This “Card Check” legislation could not go away quick enough. It’s bad enough we have an ineligible person occupying our White House that hates this country and our capitalist economy the last thing we need are these union thugs mouthing off. If a company CEO needs the boot that’s up to the shareholders not some bozo like this Andy Stern, head of a union that represents people in this country illegally.

Shock. Obama blows gift exchange to Queen Elizabeth II.
Adding to his string of gifting gaffes Obama was a gnats ass away from presenting the Queen with her very own mint condition special edition Barack Hussein Obama adult toy thingy but fortunately Michelle stepped in at the last second and nixed that plan. Undeterred Obama went for plan B but that idea was also shot down. Down to his last strike he decided to give the Queen an ipod, which is some pretty nifty swag indeed, but since he didn’t do his homework he was unaware she already has one. Oh well chances are good this thing will actually work in the U.K. unlike the gift Obama gave to the British Prime Minister.

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Obama’s illegal alien aunt gets a one year reprieve, allowed to stay in U.S. White House says the president had nothing to do with the action.
“The President believes that the case should run its ordinary course, and neither he nor his representatives have had any involvement,” White House spokesman Ben LaBolt said.Sure thing Ben. We’ll believe you while we are letting that lie sink in for a minute. Obama’s illegal alien aunt was ordered out of the country way back in 2004 but she just blew off the court’s ruling and has been living in taxpayer funded housing and no doubt getting other public assistance ever since, in direct violation of the judge’s order. No wonder Obama has no problem asking people who give the middle finger to paying their taxes.

Another tight race for Congressional seat. This time in New York.
After almost 145,000 votes cast the Republican and Democrat are 65 votes apart. Now the wait begins for all of the absentee votes to come rolling in, those usually favor Republicans especially the military ballots, with the cut off date being April 13th. In a really smart move the Republicans quickly filed for a court order to make sure the paper ballots will be impounded so as to prevent any tampering. Now the race is on to see which election gets resolved first, this one or the Al Franken Norm Coleman fiasco.

Timothy “Ted Bundy” Geithner signs agreement with Gibraltar to sniff out U.S. tax cheats.
Yeah it took me awhile to stop laughing too. I wonder how many Americans are hiding huge chunks of their hard earned cash somewhere inside that big rock? Imagine the chief tax cheater saying he is going to clamp down on tax cheaters. What a hoot. If he is so concerned about getting people to pay their taxes all he has to do is start digging around into the finances of every Democratic politician in the country. There just has to be a ton of money to be found right there. Case in point.

Nearly 10 percent of Georgia state legislators are late filing or paying their state taxes, and state Sen. Robert Brown is apparently among them. Brown, D-Macon, said Wednesday he’s not sure whether he actually owes the state or federal government any money because he hasn’t filed tax returns. He said he’s gotten extensions, but he declined to give more information or say for what years he received filing extensions. He told Atlanta station WXIA-TV that he had not filed his income taxes at least in the past two years, according to a report on the station’s Web site. He volunteered the information while arguing against a change in Senate rules that would make it easier for the body to take action against, or even expel, members who don’t pay their taxes.

Nice huh?

Parking the presidential limo in a country where they drive lil tiny things.
The video is a crack up. I don’t know who is driving “the beast” here but I know I could put that thing anywhere it needs to be without breaking a sweat. I wonder where I can apply for the job?

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