Congressman Joe Wilson's "YOU LIE" Outburst Causes Shock And Awe Among Idiots With A Short Memory

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It was some kind of jaw dropper for that ugly ass botox queen Nancy Pelosi when Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted at Barack Obama during his falsehood laden speech to both houses of Congress last night telling him “you lie!” when the fibber-in-chief claimed his governmental takeover of our healthcare system would not cover illegal aliens. Unfortunately Wilson made the mistake of backing down and apologizing for his truthful outburst after the withering and predictable criticism from the left and the usual RINOs in Congress.

For months Obama and his marxist minions have gone before TV cameras and deliberately lied about the Republicans saying they haven’t offered any solutions to the supposed healthcare “crisis” and do nothing but obstruct the efforts of the left wingers to take over a seventh of the U.S. economy because a few million people choose not to or are financially unable to pay for any kind of health insurance plan. Of course the real reason for this attempted hijacking of our healthcare system has nothing to do with saving money or offering coverage for everyone in the country. It’s about even more control over our lives by yet another massive government program administered by incompetent and lazy politically correct bureaucrats.

In reality the Republicans have offered legislation, such as H.R. 3400, to reform the healthcare system in this country but of course have been completely ignored by the Democrat leadership in both houses of Congress. In fact Pelosi absolutely refuses to consider anything brought forward by the Republican party and routinely locks the minority party out of most discussions regarding anything and everything related to the healthcare issue. That’s just how the old hack rolls.

As far as the Republicans attempting to work with Obama?–Boehner: GOP leaders haven’t met Obama for health talks since April

The ball is in President Obama’s court to reach out to Republicans if he wants a bipartisan bill on healthcare reform, House GOP Leader John Boehner (Ohio) said Monday morning.

Boehner told reporters that the president has not invited House GOP leaders to the White House for meetings on healthcare reform since the end of April.

Earlier this year, GOP leaders sent a letter to the president in May stating that they would like to work with the administration to find “common ground” on healthcare reform.

But the administration responded with a tersely worded letter indicating that they had healthcare reform under control.

Yeah, the Democrats are real interested in a bi-partisan approach to any healthcare reforms aren’t they?

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Biden says congressman’s outburst was embarrassing

Google News–Democrats and Republicans alike are denouncing Rep. Joe Wilson for shouting “You lie” at President Barack Obama during his speech to Congress, an extraordinary breach of decorum for which the South Carolina Republican swiftly apologized.

“There’ll be time enough to consider whether or not we ought to make it clear that that action is unacceptable in the House of Representatives,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said late Wednesday on WTOP radio when asked about possible punishment for Wilson. “I’ve talked to Republican members who share that view.”

“Let’s see what he does,” Hoyer said before Wilson issued an apology. “Then there’s time enough to consider further action.”

House Republicans did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but there was widespread condemnation of the outburst from members of both parties.

Wilson’s outburst came after Obama said extending health care to all Americans who seek it would not mean insuring illegal immigrants.

“You lie!” Wilson shouted from his seat on the Republican side of the chamber.


Vice President Joe Biden says a Republican congressman’s outburst during President Barack Obama’s health-care speech Wednesday night “demeaned the institution.”

South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie” after Obama said extending health care to all Americans would not mean insuring illegal immigrants.

Appearing on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday, Biden said the incident made him “embarrassed for the chamber and a Congress I love.”

After the speech, Wilson apologized for the incident. Biden said he hadn’t spoken with Obama, but was “sure he accepted the apology.”…….

What a hoot all this hand wringing and tooth gnashing over Wilson’s “unprecedented” two word tirade against the biggest liar in the land Barack Hussein Obama. Those with teeny tiny memories probably won’t be able to think all the way back to 2005 when Congressional Democrats booed and hissed at George W. Bush during a State of the Union speech when he was telling the absolute truth about Social Security going belly up within the next generation. So much for civility and decorum.

Flashback to 2005

Instead of excoriating the guy who actually told the truth last night when he called Obama out on his never ending stream of lies maybe we should be going after the fraud who hasn’t told the truth about anything since the day he said he wouldn’t run for president because he felt he had to know what he was doing “before he applied for a job.” Too bad Obama didn’t stick to his guns on that promise because, as we have all discovered, he certainly doesn’t know what the hell he is doing as president.

Want to lend a hand to Rep. Wilson? Go here to contribute to his upcoming campaign.

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4 Responses to Congressman Joe Wilson's "YOU LIE" Outburst Causes Shock And Awe Among Idiots With A Short Memory

  1. Paul says:

    Joe Wilson from South Carolina, is just another good old boy where in the morning these married men preach to you that there should be prayer in our schools and in the evening they are on their cell phones setting up a date with their other women on the side, hypocrisy has been bred in. I am not surprised that he felt compel to yell like he was at some Friday night game. He is a hater not a debater like most of his side of the isle.

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  3. Jim says:

    And you’re not a “hater” are you Paul. Millions of people are happy this congressman could not sit there anymore and listen to barry’s bs.

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