Congressman John Conyers–Have Your Convicted Felon Wife Return The Office Equipment She Has "Appropriated" Before She Heads Off To Prison

John Conyers, the Democrat Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, will be seeing his wife Monica off to state prison soon for her bribery conviction but that certainly won’t be the end of their legal problems.

Federal agents are investigating allegations that Councilwoman Monica Conyers received thousands of dollars in jewelry from a pawn shop whose owner urged the council to ease off on plans to increase regulation of his business, people familiar with a City Hall corruption investigation told The Detroit News.

One estimate pegged the value of the jewelry from Zeidman’s Jewelry and Loan at about $40,000, sources said.

Agents also are investigating allegations that Conyers was to receive payment for favorable consideration of an investment proposal or proposals submitted to the General Retirement System, where Conyers was a trustee, by Detroit businessman Melvin Washington and his Phoenix Group companies, sources said.

There’s more.

The latest problem for the wife of the Michigan Democrat lawmaker, who has been in office since 1965, involves the suspected theft of over $20,000 worth of office equipment including items ordered and delivered after she pled guilty to the bribery charges.

City officials say more than $21,000 worth of office equipment — including more than a dozen computers — is missing from disgraced former Councilwoman Monica Conyers’ office, and police may soon be on the case.

An inventory of Conyers’ office found that 29 city-owned items are missing, including notebook and desktop computers, digital cameras and software, according to a memo dated today from Council President Kenneth Cockrel Jr.

Two of the notebook computers were ordered by Conyers’ staff two weeks before she resigned July 6 after pleading guilty to a federal charge of conspiracy to commit bribery, according to a memo obtained by The Detroit News.

Cockrel wrote that he’s written to Conyers’ attorney, Steve Fishman, and told him he expects a response soon.

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Here’s a letter Mr. Cockrel Jr. sent out to fellow council members and to Mrs. Conyers.

Does anybody really believe Congressman Conyers had no idea what his convicted felon wife has been up to since she was elected to the Detroit City Council after being married to the woman for over 17 years?

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As if it wasn’t enough to have his crooked wife all over the news lately, Mr. Conyers has been shaking things up with some seriously senile comments about there being no need for members of Congress to read their 1,000 page bills because they don’t have the time or the legal expertise to understand what’s in them anyway. Let that sink in for a few moments.

During this same speech at a National Press Club luncheon Conyers decided the time was ripe for tossing out the old “healthcare is a right” mantra but went a little tiny bit further by declaring that this “right to healthcare” should actually be a Constitutional amendment! I swear, he really said that.

I know, maybe we can come up with a Constitutional amendment to protect us from the idiocy of the morons and crooks in Congress and the White House!

Oh wait, the entire Constitution is already supposed to do that….right?

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