Friday July 31st

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wonderful 23 year old daughter! I hope you have a terrific day today my “little Bucket” 🙂

Democrat Senator Chris Dodd announced today he has prostate cancer. We’re left wondering if he will be treated in Canada or England since, according to his fellow left wingers, our healthcare system is so jacked up.

U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd has been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. Dodd is scheduled to undergo surgery during the Senate’s August recess and said he expects to be back at work after a “brief recuperation” at home.

New York to use taxpayer funds to pay women for their donated eggs to be used for stem cell research. Keep in mind the state just pushed through some massive tax hikes on their citizens because officials said the state was flat broke.

Hanqi Miao said she wanted to donate her eggs to help infertile couples reproduce, but she acknowledged the money is good, too: She said she’ll be paid about $5,000. “Who doesn’t want money in your hand?” said the 21-year-old woman, who will have to undergo hormone treatments that could abnormally swell her ovaries to the size of small grapefruits and cause discomfort.

Walter Williams opines on Congress and the Obama administration’s hijacking of our Constitution.

How can political commentators, politicians and academics get away with statements like “Reagan budget deficits,” “Clinton budget surplus,” “Bush budget deficits” or “Obama’s tax increases”? The only answer is that they, or the people who believe such statements, are ignorant, conniving or just plain stupid. Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution reads: “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills.” A president has no power to raise or lower taxes.

The birth certificate controversy? It’s 100% Obama’s fault. Oh, and his father’s for not being a U.S. citizen.

t’s good practice to take a person at his word until someone shows you proof he is lying. Barack Obama says he was born in Hawaii, and since no one has shown any proof he was born in Kenya or elsewhere, it’s OK to conclude he was born in Hawaii.

Time magazine may as well be Obama magazine as O shows up on the cover for the seventh time since the election. This time dressed up as a doctor. Pathetic.

Time magazine’s August 10 edition with President Barack Obama on the cover (“Paging Dr. Obama”) trying to heal the nation in a photo illustration as a physician, wearing a white smock with a stethoscope around his neck, brings to seven the number of issues the magazine’s cover has featured Obama just since November’s election — make that eight for the First Family if you add in June 1’s genuflecting “The Meaning of Michelle.” Amongst the seven of President Obama: “Person of the Year” and Obama as FDR.

Make non-taxpaying voters pay for vote-buying programs. Works for me.

The United States needs a new income-tax amendment to the Constitution in order to impose fiscal discipline on the Congress and the president. The amendment would impose a proportional tax on all taxpayers to finance all future government programs.

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Half the children taking flu drug Tamiflu in England are suffering some ugly side effects. Heads up for when they get busy cutting the pig bug loose here in a few months.

More than half of children taking the swine flu drug Tamiflu experience side-effects such as nausea and nightmares, research suggests. (SNIP) Studies of children attending three schools in London and one in the South West showed that 51-53 per cent had one or more side-effects from the medication, which is offered to everyone in England with swine flu symptoms.

Michelle Obama’s White House garden polluted with sludge.

When First Lady Michelle Obama planted an organic vegetable garden on the White House lawn in March 2009, she hoped to both set an example of healthy eating and to grow tasty edibles for her daughters and husband. But Michelle’s organic dream has been dashed by a nasty toxic legacy lurking in the soils of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. (SNIP) The likely source of the toxic sludge that has ruined Michelle’s garden? The Clinton White House apparently used a sludge-based product to fertilize the lawn during the 1990s!

Washington state judge feels the need to protect the people who signed a petition for a gay marriage ban from the fanatical gay marriage advocates.

A federal judge has temporarily barred the State of Washington from releasing the names, addresses and other contact information of more than 138,000 people who signed petitions to put a same-sex marriage ban on the ballot. Judge Benjamin Settle issued the temporary restraining order Wednesday after lawyers for the state failed to show up at a hearing on a lawsuit brought by two petition signers with the aid of a conservative campaign finance lawyer, Jim Bopp Jr.

Did you know Obama’s illegal alien aunt was a computer programmer? Me either. I wonder why she is living on the public dole instead of working while waiting for her deportation hearing?

With her deportation hearing still six months away, the controversial Kenyan aunt of President Obama has quietly resurfaced in public housing in South Boston, the Herald has learned. “Beggars can’t be choosers,” Obama’s “Auntie Zeituni” Onyango, 57, told the Herald yesterday with a mischievous smile, wearing a string of pearls and a sleeveless forest-green sheath she said her nephew bought her years before he became leader of the free world.

The number one voting constituency in the country is smelling a big fat rat with this Obama healthcare takeover and they ain’t diggin’ it one bit. Hopefully they won’t listen to the liberals running AARP and go with their gut on this one.

Democrats are pushing for Medicare cuts on a scale not seen in years to underwrite health care for all. Many seniors now covered under the program don’t like that one bit. Seeing a political opportunity, Republicans have accused President Barack Obama of trying to use Medicare as a piggy bank to finance his top domestic priority _ putting the president on the defensive on a highly sensitive issue.

Dash cams can really bite the boys in blue in the ass sometimes and these four sure look like they deserved it.

Four veteran Hollywood, Fla., police officers were placed on administrative leave Wednesday after they allegedly falsified a police report to cover up a crash involving a fellow officer. “This is the worst case of police misconduct I have ever seen,” said Attorney Lawrence Meltzer, who represents the victim.

Good thing we have Joe Biden looking after this stimulus plan spending because we all know “you don’t mess with Joe.”

Tens of thousands of unsafe or decaying bridges carrying 100 million drivers a day must wait for repairs because states are spending stimulus money on spans that are already in good shape or on easier projects like repaving roads, an Associated Press analysis shows. President Barack Obama urged Congress last winter to pass his $787 billion stimulus package so some of the economic recovery money could be used to rebuild what he called America’s “crumbling bridges.”

Photos and flight manifest from that Air Force One flight over New York that really pissed a lot of people off.

Responding to dozens of requests from the public, the Defense Department has released 146 more photos from the infamous Air Force One flyover that struck fear in thousands of unsuspecting New Yorkers in April. The photos are posted right on the Pentagon’s Website, defense officials said today. The Pentagon also released a heavily redacted flight manifest.

Quote of the day.

In America, we have a government that has decided anybody who creates jobs must be bad; that the job creators must have a target on their back. What a remarkable misunderstanding.

-Steve Wynn, Las Vegas casino mogul who’s Wynn Resorts today reported net income fell 90.6 percent in the second quarter of 2009

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