Fox Sports Deliberately Shields From TV Viewers Obama's Weak Toss At All Star Game

Let’s be real, nobody wants to look like a numbnut in front of thousands of screaming, and booing, fans in the stands and millions more watching the festivities on television when throwing the ceremonial first pitch before a major league baseball game. It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular season game, the All Star game or the World Series, the pressure is on to get that little white ball from somewhere near the pitchers’ mound to the ball player’s glove who is standing somewhere near home plate without the damn thing rolling or bouncing up there, or sailing over his head into the backstop. It ain’t always easy especially when you feel like the whole damn world is eyeballing ya and the very last thing you want to do is something like this….

Notice how the cameramen catch this entire horrid affair from start to finish and from several different angles?

So what happens when the ‘pitcher’ happens to be the president of the United States? Well with George W. Bush there certainly wasn’t any mercy shown from the media as we can clearly see in the following videos. Had he muffed it big time there wouldn’t have been anywhere for the man to hide.

As we can clearly see the pitches were shown from start to stop without any effort to shield the former president from any embarrassment had the baseball not quite made it to its intended leather target on the fly.

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So what happens when Barack Obama shows up, to a shower of boos by the way as his poll numbers continue taking a freefall, at the 2009 All Star game? Why, Fox Sports has their camera guy deliberately keep the shot off of the home plate area after Obama cuts loose with his girlie man rainbow toss that Albert Pujols has to stumble forward to grab before it winds up killing an endangered gopher or ant or spider or something.

Now Fox Sports did have a center field camera in position to capture Obama’s toss, ostensibly as proof it didn’t actually bounce or roll half way to the plate. Of course it didn’t because Pujols, a first baseman who excels at digging throws out of the dirt, saved it from doing so somewhere close to a foot and a half in front of the plate.

Oh yeah, check out the driver of the golf cart as Obama comes up to shake Stan Musial’s hand. Kinda looks like someone working for MLB screwed up and put a Republican behind the wheel of that thing doesn’t it? I see that famous “wanna get away” look on his face.

Here’s the same video posted on where it clearly shows the cameraman’s quandary just before Pujols catches the ball. You can almost hear what is going through his mind, “Should I pull away or hang in there with the shot to the very end of that weak throw? Arrrggg, what to do! If I don’t video a perfect strike I’m gonna get yelled at and if I catch the damn ball rolling up to the plate I’m gonna get yelled at! I can’t win here!”

Now, is all of this some seriously petty nonsense? You bet it is. Almost as petty as the Obama administration insisting that Fox Sports hide the end of Obama’s toss to Pujols so as to not make him look like a weak ass fool when the ball bounces in front of the plate, something I have NEVER seen done before by any network, until now. This is yet another effort by the media to make this guy look like some kind of god instead of simply showing the American people specifically and the world in general who this guy, someone nobody knew from Adam just a few years ago, really is.

By the way, people aren’t being fooled anymore as Rasmussen reports today:

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