George W. Bush Makes His Billboard Debut

So really folks. Just how bad do ya?

Word on the street is several small business owners got together and paid for this billboard. Naturally they wish to remain anonymous lest a bunch of left wing lunatics come out of the woodwork and cause them all kinds of grief.

Today, we have this pop up, supposedly from Missouri:

I wonder who the buyer of this ad is talking about?

And now we have this out of Oshkosh Wisconsin:

Yet another:

The American people are gettin’ pissed!

The cheery image of former President George W. Bush appeared on a billboard in Minnesota earlier this month, next to the words, “Miss me yet?” It appears a lot of people think it’s a fair question.

The online store CafePress saw a spike in demand for items featuring the same image as the billboard, the New York Daily News reports. Ten “Miss Me Yet?” items were on the company’s list of its top-selling designs, CafePress spokeswoman Jenna Martin told the Daily News.

“There were no Obama-themed designs on the list,” she said. “Bush has stolen the political spotlight, just like Sarah Palin did the week before when she re-surfaced with crib notes written in her palm.” ….read the rest here>>>

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Personally, I’d take Ronald Reagan in a heartbeat about right now…

January 20, 1981. Like deja vu all over again huh folks?

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