Loony Left Becomes Unhinged At Tea Parties


Protesting “idiots like you?” Maybe this fat dumpy dork could ship his own ass to Cuba or North Korea where he can share his vision of utopia with lots of real happy people who live the dream every day.

Observe the dripping contempt these left wing clowns have for anyone that doesn’t share their opinions. The First Amendment applies to everyone in this country not just the angry bitter haters on the left but one would never know that by watching their actions. This woman is not a ‘reporter” she is an Obama administration activist plain and simple. Notice how she deliberately tried to provoke the guy hoping he would blow up at her yet he managed to maintain his cool, as conservatives usually do, in the face of her harassment. You have to love her sign off, not a family friendly environment, while the guy she was mouthing off to was holding his little kid. Anti-CNN? You guys are in last place in the ratings, it is obvious most of the country is anti CNN you pathetic nitwits.

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Here is the same CNN broad but this time she had no problem calling some boob in a George W. Bush mask complete with Hitler mustache and devil horns a “look alike” of the Republican president.

You see it’s perfectly fine with the Obama slobbering media when the George Soros funded hard left goes after a Republican president but can you imagine how much fun it would have been had some people at one of the tea parties done something like this with an Obama dummy?


While nearly 200,000 people participated in some 800 tea parties all over the country in peaceful lawful gatherings what happens when the lunatic left disagrees with what someone has to say?

Former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo was invited to speak at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill about illegal aliens being allowed to pay in state tuition rates while attending college. It doesn’t take long for the brain dead left wing radicals to start creating a scene which quickly shuts down the conference. These are the tactics taught by the infamous community organizers. If you disagree with the message start yelling, cussing, throwing things, holding up protest signs and do whatever it takes to chase the speaker out of the room. There is simply no debating these spoiled brat morons.

Tancredo later said, “There is no freedom of speech on hundreds of university campuses today for people who dare to dissent from the radical political agenda of the socialist left and the open borders agitators.”

Ah yes, the ever so tolerant left always looking for diversity in thought and stimulating discussion. The funny thing is how the Obama slobbering media, regardless of proof proving otherwise, continues the absolute lie that it’s the “right wingers” that are full of hate towards the peaceful, loving and all inclusive liberals.

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