Liberal Indoctrination In Our Schools Pays Off Handsomely In Arkansas

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Ten year old Will Phillips of Arkansas says he has had just about enough of the blatant homophobia, racism and sexism in America and dammit he’s bound and determined to do something about the injustices he perceives are happening in this here rotten country of ours.

The little tyke, who tries to weave words bigger than he is throughout his conversation, ostensibly so people will take him seriously and believe he actually came up with this idea on his own, is now refusing to stand and join the rest of the kids during the recitation of the pledge of allegiance at his school until homosexuals have “equal rights.” Never mind that homosexuals already do share the very same rights (as a non-homosexual man I can’t marry another guy in most US states either even if I really REALLY wanted too) as the vast majority of us who prefer to have relations with members of the opposite sex. I doubt the little fella has the capacity to be able to understand that concept, kinda like many adults these days.

Naturally CNN eats up this kind of garbage like a turkey vulture on three day old roadkill which is one of the main reasons this particular cable “news” network is dead last in the ratings game.

This video clip will no doubt cause liberals everywhere to become pleasantly emotional when they see just how successful their plan to indoctrinate our youngsters through the “educational system” in America has become. Be sure to take note of the proud dad who could barely contain his pride and enthusiasm when he blurted out:

“Well, actually before we heard from anybody, my first thought was oh, my God, this is the type of thing you see on CNN!”

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I’ll bet the whole family and even his fellow students are filled with pride over little Will’s tough stand against the terrible abuses homosexuals suffer on a daily basis in this mean and vile country.

Actually, come to think of it, it’s a very fortunate situation indeed the pint sized Mr. Phillips is here in America because if he tried this stunt in say a muslim country he would probably be getting something chopped off instead of receiving fawning accolades on a basement rated cable television program.

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