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Sucking Up Government Resources Seems To Run In The Obama Family

First we heard about Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, living in the U.S. illegally even after being ordered to leave our country by an immigration judge when her request for asylum was rejected way back in 2004. She apparently decided to make America her permanent home many years ago after first arriving here for a visit […]

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"Dr." James David Manning Warns The Long Legged Mac Daddy–White Folks Are Ready To Riot! (UPDATED 11-3-09)

. . . . . Seems like we haven’t heard from the good pastor “Dr.” James David Manning for some time around here so let’s grab a chair and listen up for a few minutes… Sponsors… article continues below… Don’t know about that awful singing there “doc” but we sure do love the passion my […]

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CA Budget Busted, Government Employees Keep Ripping Off Taxpayers

Her name is Carrie Lopez and she has now decided to gracefully step aside amid pretty solid allegations she was not only taking home a paycheck of $11,913.75 per month but was also screwing her fellow California taxpayers out of untold amounts of mad money via bogus expense account charges. She’s not alone however…

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Former Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos, Jose Compean Released From Federal Prison Today

Irrespective of the constant claims of rampant racism in this country I’m comfortable saying millions of American citizens of all ethnicities are very happy this day is finally upon us. Former Border Patrol agents Igancio Ramos and Jose Campean are finally free and home with their families after spending two years in solitary confinement in federal prison…

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