CA Budget Busted, Government Employees Keep Ripping Off Taxpayers



California, quick name your soon to be former director of the Department of Consumer Affairs!

Come on you should know her name you’ve been paying her $142,965 salary each of the last two years so maybe you folks out there know at least something about her! Let’s be honest that is a hell of a lot of money to pay someone to direct a department that I’m willing to bet few people are aware of what it’s actual function is or why it even exists.

I’d say it’s stipulated, judging by that picture up there on the left, that the woman is certainly a looker but that alone cannot possibly be the reason this 41 year old woman has moved up the ranks at such a young age to such an “important” position in state government now can it? After all it’s well known that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who appointed her, is much more concerned with talent than looks when it comes to working around women right?

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Give up on who is this woman?

Her name is Carrie Lopez and she has now decided to gracefully step aside amid pretty solid allegations she was not only taking home a paycheck of $11,913.75 per month (for apparently doing next to nothing for it but that is not part of the allegation) but was also screwing her fellow California taxpayers out of untold amounts of mad money via bogus expense account charges.

I say untold because the state will not release the numbers right now, probably to save some embarrassment or for gasp, legal reasons, but it would have to be substantial for her to just walk away from this gravy job without a fight. Think about it, a woman, with a Hispanic surname, working for the government. How in the world can she get fired for anything knowing the threat of a major league lawsuit would be instantly filed and from which she would easily prevail?

Maybe it has something to do with her now former boss, Rosario Marin, who used to be the top dog at the California State and Consumer Services Agency.

Used to be? Yep, this woman, apparently not satisfied with the $175,000 a year salary ($14,583.33 a month) taxpayers provided, also leapt well outside the ethical bounds set by state law and secured methods of bringing home some extra dough behind the scenes based on her position within the state government for years.

Was Marin mentoring Lopez? Showing her the “ropes” on how to pad the paycheck and bury the details in mounds of bureaucratic paperwork? Who knows but one thing is clear after two years on the job Lopez could proudly justify her $11,913.75 month paycheck and proclaim these accomplishments as the highlights of her California state employee career,

An annual summit that allowed consumer advocates statewide to collaborate, and a “Take Charge California” public education campaign that she said would help Californians “become empowered consumers.”

I kid you not that’s all she had to say when she announced she had completed her two year commitment to Schwarzenegger and was ready to move on. Translated that means she was caught red handed by state auditors charging the state with such expenses as transportation for her and her daughter to a Justin Timberlake concert.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this was probably one of those scenarios where she wanted to help her kid show off and ordered up one of those mondo limos then proceeded to stuff all her daughter’s giggly little girlfriends inside for the VIP ride of a lifetime. Sorta like those TV commercials we see every once in awhile.

I’m sure the rest of the gaudy details will spill out eventually but the bottom line is this kind of behavior is THEFT pure and simple. These aren’t mistakes or slight errors, people like this know exactly what they are doing when they are doing it.

We keep hearing Obama and his lying cheating minions decrying the private sector as riddled with incompetent crooks hell bent on screwing every last one of us out of every last dime but little is said when a government employee gets nailed stealing from the taxpayers. We keep hearing about how much more government regulation is needed over private businesses yet government employees, just like in the private sector, look for every little loophole they can find to get away with their nefarious behavior. Just ask Charlie Rangel. It has nothing to do with more laws or regulations it has to do with lack of morality, a human frailty that can be traced back thousands of years.

Government employees that break the law and steal from their fellow citizens should be arrested, hauled into court and face the consequences, the same way it goes down in the real world. They shouldn’t be allowed to simply resign and move along as if it’s no big deal.

Those that live and work in California are under a tremendous burden paying for a somewhere between ten to thirty seven billion dollar free ride to the highest illegal alien population in the U.S. and they can’t seem to do a damn thing about it. In addition they are paying 240,000 state employees a whopping average of $6,100.00 per month which is nearly twice that of the average U.S. worker’s monthly salary of $3,367.00 according to the Social Security Administration.

What will it take to get the people of California to step up and put an end to the nonsense in that state? After all nearly every idiotic piece of legislation produced in this country is born in CA and eventually sweeps across the nation eventually affecting nearly everyone…and boy are we getting tired of it.

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