Monday November 16th

Trial and Terror

The decision to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other top al-Qaeda terrorists to New York City for a civilian trial is one of the most irresponsible ever made by a presidential administration. That it is motivated by politics could not be more obvious. That it spells unprecedented danger for our security will soon become obvious. (SNIP) There is, however, a patent political rationale behind Obama’s decision. The terrorists are clearly committed members of the al-Qaeda conspiracy to wage a terrorist war against the United States — so much so that KSM cannot help himself, bragging about his atrocities against our country, including the 9/11 massacre of nearly 3,000 Americans. Further, controversy surrounds the intelligence-collection measures used by the Bush administration after 9/11 — measures such as enhanced interrogation that, though they saved countless lives, have been stridently condemned by the antiwar Left. This antiwar Left, President Obama’s base, has demanded investigations and prosecutions against Bush officials. [If you read nothing else today, read this. The movement by Obama of these terrorists into the civilian court system is serving one purpose and that is to demonize the liberal’s favorite punching bag, the Bush administration, prior to the 2010 elections. Obama is hoping this political stunt will result in the release of enough unpleasant details through his buddies in the media about our intelligence methods for extracting information from terror suspects that his far left base will jump on the red meat like rabid animals thus preserving the huge Democrat majority in Congress after the 2010 elections…ed]

Painting a Bull’s Eye on New York City

President Obama’s decision to put Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial in New York City along with four others accused of helping destroy the World Trade Center and attack the Pentagon on 9-11 paints a bull’s-eye for terrorists right on New York City, their favorite target. Now Obama has identified where the terrorists should focus their energies — on New York City. His decision to bow to political correctness and not to try Mohammed at a secure military base and to try him in a civilian court, according him all the rights of an American citizen, raises important questions: Most importantly, is the admissible evidence against Mohammed damning enough to secure a conviction? [More serious problems with Obama’s political decision to bring these admitted terrorists to New York City for a civilian trial…ed]

A nation in fear of being seen as anti-Muslim

THERE’S a climate of fear in the US among the military, law-enforcers, policy-makers, the media, opinion-formers and many ordinary citizens. A major cause is the intimidating Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is dedicated to Muslim empowerment, receives substantial funding from Arab governments and has been accused by federal prosecutors of funnelling money to Hamas. So effective and ruthless is CAIR that anyone in authority worries before doing anything that can be misrepresented as anti-Muslim and lead to lawsuits citing religious or racial discrimination. There were plenty of people who might have prevented the psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan from murdering 12 soldiers and a policeman, but were too scared to do so. [Political correctness is tyranny with manners—Charlton Heston…ed]

Saudi Arabia: The Source Of Islamization In US Military

Saudi Arabia has been identified as the source of the growing Islamization in the U.S. military. A leading analyst asserted that Saudi Arabia spent millions of dollars in its effort to convert U.S. soldiers to Islam. Dr. Gal Luft, co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security in Washington, said the campaign pioneered by the Saudis began during the 1991 war against Iraq, which involved the deployment of nearly 500,000 U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia. [Keep in mind Obama damn near slammed his head on the floor bowing to the Saudi king just a few months ago…ed]

Arrest at Walmart leads to charges of racism

Nearly three years after Heather Ellis switched checkout lines at a southeast Missouri store and touched off what she calls a racially charged dispute with white customers and authorities, the young black schoolteacher faces a trial that could send her to prison for 15 years. Witnesses have told authorities that Ellis cut in front of waiting customers at the Walmart in Kennett on Jan. 6, 2007, shoved merchandise already placed on a conveyor belt out of the way, and became belligerent when confronted, according to court filings. Ellis maintains she was merely joining her cousin, whose checkout line was moving more quickly. [For some reason it’s just so hard to believe this woman’s account of what really happened. Must be my life experience talking to me. I wonder if she can appeal through the NAA L CP for a pardon from Obama after she is convicted and sentenced to prison?…ed]

Millions will have to repay part of tax credit

More than 15 million taxpayers could unexpectedly owe taxes when they file their federal returns next spring because the government was too generous with their new Making Work Pay tax credit. Taxpayers are at risk if they have more than one job, are married and both spouses work, or receive Social Security benefits while also earning taxable wages, according to a report Monday by the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration. The tax credit, which is supposed to pay individuals up to $400 and couples up to $800, was President Barack Obama’s signature tax break in the massive stimulus package enacted in February. [I have to wonder if this was a deliberate act by the new Obama administration to score political points early only to kick taxpayers in the teeth later? Nothing like having to pay taxes on your “tax break” huh?…ed]

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The new wave of female firebrands striking fear into liberal America

She is a striking brunette with a decidedly outspoken attitude. She lambasts President Barack Obama as a socialist and has become the darling of America’s right-wing activists who flock to her appearances. She is hated by liberals and loved by conservatives. Sarah Palin? Not quite. Meet Michele Bachmann, a Republican congresswoman from Minnesota who is being hailed as a new and increasingly powerful voice in American politics. Bachmann, at 53, is a darling of the so-called Tea Party movement, which has campaigned vociferously against healthcare reform, the economic stimulus package and legislation to combat climate change. Her followers have been behind mass rallies in Washington and smaller ones all over the country. She has emerged as one of the most visible politicians in America, frequently appearing on the conservative Fox News channel, whose hosts often champion her causes. [Our conservative woman not only knock the crap out of the ugly ass hags on the left in the looks department but scare the pee out of the liberals at the same time because of their amazing popularity with Americans all over the country…ed]

O discovers the deficit

Now this is alarming: Washington’s budget woes — and the harm they’re likely to do to the US economy — have grown so dire that even Team Obama says it’s worried. Now, we’d have thought — given the White House’s demonstrable love of deficits — that no amount of red ink would ever cause it concern. Then, of course, came this month’s voter revolt in Virginia, New Jersey and elsewhere. Voila: President Obama’s folks are now talking about a halt to the bleeding. “We will have to take the tough steps necessary to return our nation to a fiscally disciplined and sustainable path,” Budget Director Peter Orszag told Politico last week. As opposed, that is, to the utterly reckless and destructive one down which Obama & Co. have steered Washington ever since taking office. [O didn’t “discover” deficits, he realized Congressional Democrats are gonna lose their asses come 2010 which will result in his agenda coming to a grinding halt in short order. His mission now with his sudden lurch to the RIGHT is to try and preserve as many friendly seats in Congress as he can. Ain’t gonna happen bub…ed]

Bam’s Muslim-world muddle

Half a year ago in Cairo, President Obama addressed the Muslim world. Global leftists lauded the speech as heralding instant change in the Middle East. The Obama-adoring pundits were right. Change came. But it’s all bad. Instead of listening to the extravagant claims of our leftward-plunging media about how profoundly that speech affected Muslims, let’s look at what’s actually happened since Obama praised Islam and trashed America: [Obama’s muslim buddies all over the world have three words for him: big fail chump…ed]

Axelrod Signals Obama Will Try to Strip Abortion Language From Health Care Bill

White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod suggested Sunday that President Obama will intervene to make sure a controversial amendment restricting federal funding for abortion coverage is stripped from final health care reform legislation. In doing so, the president would be heeding the call of abortion rights supporters like Planned Parenthood that have called the White House their “strongest weapon” in keeping such restrictions out of the bill. (SNIP) Axelrod said in an interview Sunday that the amendment changes the “status quo,” something the president cannot abide. [From the “gee we never saw this one coming” department…ed]

Ban government employee unions

There was a time in America when the typical union member was a blue-collar guy sweating in a Pittsburgh steel mill, screwing together Chevies in Detroit or loading and unloading ships on the San Francisco docks. But things are radically different today because Joe Lunchpail has been replaced by white-collar Todd and Margo Yuppiecrat processing Social Security checks in Baltimore, conducting environmental audits in Denver or keeping the lines moving at the Department of Motor Vehicles. (SNIP) As the Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk points out, these numbers ought to be red flags for taxpayers because “government employees don’t strike to get higher wages from a private business — they strike to get higher wages from you.” [Need a fine paying lifelong job with platinum plated benefits? Get your ass a unionized government job!…ed]

Environmental laws put gaps in Mexico border security

In the battle on the U.S.-Mexico border, the fight against illegal immigration often loses out to environmental laws that have blocked construction of parts of the “virtual fence” and that threaten to create places where agents can’t easily track illegal immigrants. Documents obtained by Rep. Rob Bishop and shared with The Washington Times show National Park Service staffers have tried to stop the U.S. Border Patrol from placing some towers associated with the virtual fence, known as the Secure Border Initiative or SBInet, on wilderness lands in parks along the border. In a remarkably candid letter to members of Congress, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said her department could have to delay pursuits of illegal immigrants while waiting for horses to be brought in so agents don’t trample protected lands, and warns that illegal immigrants will increasingly make use of remote, protected areas to avoid being caught. [Today is Punch A Stupid Liberal Enviroweenie In The Face day in case you weren’t aware of that…ed]

Democrat pays her taxes so she can be candidate

A day before she clinched the nomination to fill a vacancy in the Missouri House of Representatives on Saturday, St. Louis Democrat Hope Whitehead paid a visit to City Hall. Not to mobilize supporters, but to pay hundreds of dollars in outstanding taxes. Her trip downtown was more than just civic duty. Under state law, candidates with overdue tax bills are ineligible for the ballot. When her obligations were met, a panel of city Democratic leaders gathered Saturday to nominate Whitehead, 50, to fill the vacancy created by former state Rep. Talibdin El-Amin, who submitted his resignation in September after pleading guilty to federal bribery charges. El-Amin is the third local Democratic lawmaker to leave office this year after getting caught in an FBI crackdown on corruption. [It’s extraordinary how people continue electing these tax dodging corrupt Democrats into office one after the other! What in the hell are these voters thinking?…ed]

Holder dials back his commitment to pushing ban on assault weapons

Attorney General Eric Holder is retreating on his commitment to pursue a controversial gun-control measure. Holder’s statements, recently delivered to senators in writing, clearly indicate the Obama administration is in no rush to reinstate the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004. In response to written questions from Senate Judiciary Committee members, Holder adopted a much different tone on the ban than he did in February, when he said, “As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons.” [Anti Second Amendment types love to confuse unknowing Americans on this issue of so called ‘assault weapons’ which are considered to be fully automatic military firearms NOT the semi automatic guns whose APPEARANCE scares the beejeezus out of these limp wristed pansies. Besides, what the O administration is really waiting for is just the right ‘incident’ to occur then the ‘semi auto’ firearm ban rhetoric will be on like Donkey Kong…ed]

Dems at risk of losing Obama’s old Senate seat

About a year ago, thousands jammed Grant Park in Chicago to celebrate Barack Obama’s election to the White House, a communal civic defining moment. But those giddy days are long gone as Democrats in Illinois face the potential of losing the Senate seat President Obama once held next November. The Illinois primary is Feb. 2, and the Democrat and Republican races are ripening, with the deadlines to file or withdraw nominating petitions now passed. Democratic Party leaders in Washington — and the Obama White House — failed to recruit a candidate strong enough to scare Rep. Mark Kirk — the Republicans’ best bet — from the race. [Since when does the White house provide states with candidates who are able to “scare” competitors out of the race? Oh wait, we’re talking about Chicago thug politics here aren’t we? BTW, nice legacy there Mr. Obama…ed]

Obama Aide Dunn Renews Criticism of Fox, Hails Jon Stewart

President Barack Obama’s outgoing communications director, Anita Dunn, renewed her attacks against Fox News as she praised the “investigative journalism” of Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and said MSNBC isn’t a biased cable news network. She criticized Fox for using edited footage of a rally to make it appear that opposition to the president’s health-care plan was bigger than it was. “The people who exposed this: Jon Stewart of the Daily Show on Comedy Central,” Dunn said yesterday at the Bloomberg Washington Summit. “That’s where you are getting fact-checking and investigative journalism these days.” She also suggested, when asked, that Obama was aware of the strategy to criticize Fox. “I am not a person who is known for going rogue,” she said. [Jon Stewart is a comedian Ms. Dunn you moron and look at the next article concerning msnbc and edited material…ed]

MSNBC Host Apologizes For Using Fake Palin Pics

MSNBC anchor Dylan Ratigan apologized this morning for using fake photos of Sarah Palin last Friday in a segment about the former Alaska governor, and for not acknowledging their inauthenticity. The pictures, which were widely circulated during last year’s presidential campaign, show Palin’s head photoshopped onto other women’s bodies. In one, “Palin” is wearing an American flag bikini and holding a rifle; in the other, the faux Palin is wearing a tight black miniskirt. [Yeah, Obama’s media mouthpiece Anita Dunn says msnbc isn’t biased. You betcha…ed]

Exclusive: Jobs ‘Saved or Created’ in Congressional Districts That Don’t Exist

Here’s a stimulus success story: In Arizona’s 9th Congressional District, 30 jobs have been saved or created with just $761,420 in federal stimulus spending. At least that’s what the website set up by the Obama Administration to track the $787 billion stimulus says. There’s one problem, though: There is no 9th Congressional District in Arizona; the state has only eight Congressional Districts. There’s no 86th Congressional District in Arizona either, but the government’s Web site says $34 million in stimulus money has been spent there. In fact, lists hundreds of millions spent and hundreds of jobs created in Congressional districts that don’t exist. [This Obama administration could very well be the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people…ed]

Billions for state, but where are jobs?

Seven months into the massive federal stimulus program, the vast majority of government grants, contracts and loans in Michigan so far have created or retained virtually no jobs, a Free Press analysis shows. The analysis also revealed that others who have been promised or have received stimulus money have overstated — in some cases greatly — the number of jobs created or protected. Obama administration and state officials say it’s too early to draw conclusions about the overall impact of the $787-billion nationwide program to stimulate the economy and generate jobs. [Obama also said we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the muslim terrorist who shot and killed 14 (yes 14, one woman was pregnant) people at Texas’ Fort Hood recently…ed]

Idaho boy, 11, shoots black bear on family’s porch

An 11-year-old boy shot a black bear on his family’s front porch after he said it wouldn’t leave. The boy was at his home near Driggs, just west of the Idaho-Wyoming border, with his younger sisters last Wednesday when the bear showed up. The youngster said he couldn’t shoo it away, so he went and got his gun and shot it. Black bears in the area have prompted multiple complaint calls, largely because they’ve been hanging around a transfer station. [Props to this kid’s parents who obviously taught him the proper use of a firearm at a young age…ed]

Quote of the day.

We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

-Abraham Lincoln

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