Friday June 26th

Thieves breaking into AZ optometrist offices to steal eyeglass frames. Docs charging $200 to $800 for these things. Perhaps THAT is the real crime here!

Burglars are hitting optometry offices and making off with expensive eyeglass frames, according to Chandler police. The thieves have broken into five offices in Chandler since January and have been active throughout the East Valley, said Sgt. Joe Favazzo, Chandler police spokesman.

Dimbulb nitwit using his bank’s drive-through window includes small bag of drugs with his deposit.

Police said a man using the drive-through at a Tallahassee bank deposited $200 and a small bag containing marijuana and cocaine. Police said an employee at the Wachovia Bank called police Wednesday after the unusual deposit.

Police clocked guy going 185 mph on his motorcycle before he crashed. After he gets outta the hospital he’ll be headed to jail.

An Orlando man clocked doing 185 mph on a motorcycle on Interstate 75 on Wednesday was hospitalized after he wrecked his bike while being chased by troopers. Davall Montrell Pinkelton was taken to Munroe Regional Medical Center with serious injuries to his left arm, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Officials say the 26-year-old is expected to have surgery on his arm, and once he has recovered, will be transported to the Marion County Jail.

Mother of the year candidate leaves her two small kids alone in apartment with pit bull for 12 hours as she went off and partied.

Officials with the Department of Children and Families said the woman who left her two children home alone with the family pit bull already was under investigation for child abuse. Orlando police on Thursday arrested 28-year-old Mary Ann Ayala after they discovered she had left her children, ages 3 and 6, for nearly 12 hours without any adult supervision, food or water at their Curry Ford Road apartment.

Anything for a buck. Church sells parking spots on top of graves to Wimbledon tennis fans.

Desperate tennis fans with nowhere to park for the Wimbledon tournament are paying £20 to leave their cars on graves in a nearby churchyard. St Mary’s Church in Wimbledon Village is offering spectators parking spots on consecrated ground for £20 a day, directly above the remains of parishioners. The proceeds of the unofficial parking scheme go to charity but some residents are angry with the plan, describing it as ‘disrespectful’.

Animal “rights” thugs in Sweden harass bar-b-que restaurant owner, damage his property and threaten his family forcing him to close his business. It would be fun to see these same idiots try this crap in Texas.

Threats and vandalism allegedly carried out by animal rights activists have forced restaurant in Umeå in northern Sweden to close its doors. In the two years since Michael Hansen opened his Garaget restaurant, which specializes in Texas-style barbecue, his establishment has been targeted by animal rights groups on numerous occasions, the Västerbottens-Kuriren newspaper reports.

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Senior citizens in Germany go off on financial advisor, beat him with walkers, kidnap him then torture the guy for four days after losing their asses in real estate investments.

Retirees in Germany were so upset with their financial adviser that they ambushed him outside his home and beat him with their walkers, the adviser claims. Then they taped his mouth closed and hauled him into a car. “It took them quite a while because they ran out of breath,” the financial adviser, James Amburn, told the U.K.’s Daily Mail. The kidnappers ranged in age from 60 to 74.

A little late for Michael Jackson but study shows peanut butter cuts heart attack risk in half.

Peanut butter sandwiches could be the secret to beating heart disease, says a study. Snacking on peanuts or peanut butter at least five days a week can nearly halve the risk of a heart attack. The nuts are thought to lower bad cholesterol, help reduce inflammation in the body and boost the health of blood vessels around the heart.

Australian teen who fell off bunkbed while sleeping over at his friend’s house gets $853,396 payday.

A teenager who fractured his skull after falling off a bunk bed at a sleepover has been awarded almost $860,000 in damages. Cameron Thomas was 10 when he stayed overnight at his friend Joel Shaw’s house – the first time he had been allowed at a sleepover – in April 2004. But when his father arrived to pick him up the next day, he was moaning in pain and holding his head while blood poured from his nose and ear.

New Jersey set to outlaw manual use of GPS systems in vehicles.

A cell phone has little in common with a global positioning system mapping device, other than both have the potential for driver distraction. The hand-held cell phone ban, which also prohibits text-messaging, took effect in March 2008. Now one lawmaker wants to expand the law to prohibit manual operation of GPS devices. Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith, a Democrat from Jersey City, introduced a bill June 8 specifying that only a voice-activated GPS may be programmed while driving.

Couple arrested for domestic assault on each other. The weapon? Cheetos cheese puffs.

A local couple arrested on domestic assault charges Sunday had an unusual choice of alleged weaponry — Cheetos. Warrants filed by Cpl. Kevin Roddy, of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department, stated he responded to a call at a home on Pass Road, where 40-year-old James Earl Taylor and Mary S. Childers, 44, were allegedly involved in an argument.

This stuff drives me nuts! How does someone “forget” their five month old baby in their car while they go shopping?

A Cumming mother is in jail on charges she left her five-month-old son locked in a hot car for 45 minutes. Krystal Nicole Whitehead, 25, is the second mother in a week charged with leaving their children unattended while shopping in Metro Atlanta. Whitehead is being held in the Forsyth County jail on charges of cruelty to children.

End of school party turns tragic as tree falls on two 13 year old girls killing one.

A party to celebrate the end of the school year turned tragic Wednesday afternoon when a dead 50-foot tree fell and killed a seventh-grade New Fairfield Middle School student and injured another girl. The victim, Catherine Burke, 13, the daughter of Joseph and Sarah Burke of Smoke Hill Drive, was pronounced dead at Danbury Hospital. Police said the accident occurred about 1 p.m. behind her home. Neighbors said the family annually held an end-of-school-year party for their daughter and her friends.

Real estate firm in CA will cover mortgage payments to $1,800 for up to six months if buyers lose job withing two years of purchase.

Car dealers have been advertising buyer assurance programs that cover payments in the event of a job loss. Now an Orange County real estate brokerage is offering a similar plan for homebuyers. The program, initiated by Star Real Estate, protects buyers who purchase homes but lose their jobs within two years. The homeowner can get up to $1,800 a month for six months to help pay the mortgage.

Moron playing with loaded gun winds up shooting his girlfriend in the head.

Police say a man playing with a loaded gun accidentally killed his girlfriend in Evanston overnight. The incident happened just before 11:30 Thursday night at a home in the 3030 block of Hackberry Street.

21 year veteran New Jersey police officer arrested, while in uniform, and charged with theft.

A veteran Jersey City police officer was arrested today and charged with theft by deception and official misconduct following an internal investigation, police officials said. Officials said Eugene Falconetti, 47, a 21-year-veteran of the department, was arrested while in uniform at about noon by members of the department’s Internal Affairs Unit, but wouldn’t disclose the specific allegations.

Thief absconds with Miss Nevada’s crown. What in the world would someone think they can do with it?

Miss Nevada’s head might be a little lighter Saturday night. Two days before 12 Nevada women vie for the title of Miss Nevada, the symbol that screams beauty pageant has been stolen. The Miss Nevada crown, almost identical to the one worn by Miss America, was stolen at about 11 a.m. Thursday from a locked hotel room at Circus Circus Reno, Teresa Benitez-Thompson, director for the Miss America organization in Nevada and Miss Nevada 2002, said.

Quote of the day.

And I remember going to the record studio and there was a park across the street and I`d see all the children playing and I would cry because it would make me sad that I would have to work instead.

-Michael Jackson

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