Prosecutors Claim Victory In Massive CA Asylum And Immigration Scam Case

After a three month trial federal prosecutors in northern California won guilty verdicts against a trio of lawyers and two interpreters who, for many years, worked together to help hundreds of foreigners submit phony asylum claims so they could “legally” immigrate and then stay in the United States.

Foreigners were drawn to Sacramento and San Francisco law offices run by brothers Jagprit and Jagdip Sekhon with an assist from a third attorney, Manjit Kaur Rai, and two non U.S. citizens, Iosif Caza and Luciana Harmath who acted as interpreters, for an illegal assist with phony asylum claims. Together this gang created phony documentation, doctors’ letters and affidavits declaring their clients would suffer persecution if they were to be returned to their homelands in at least 400 and possibly 1000 or more cases.

Paying clients came from several states but filed paperwork claiming they actually lived within the jurisdiction of the two northern California Sekhon law offices so they could take advantage of the massive asylum scam that taught them, among other things, how to “properly” answer questions and memorize bogus stories they then provided to immigration officials.

The scam started to unravel when an asylum officer in San Francisco began to notice some familiar patterns in several claims submitted by the Sekhons on behalf of many of their clients.

There is no word on whether immigration officials will reopen the hundreds of bogus asylum cases submitted by these now convicted felons and begin proceedings to remove those foreigners who lied under oath during their asylum hearings from our country

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From today’s Sacramento Bee website,

Prosecutors said it was one of the most audacious immigration scams in the nation, one that resulted in hundreds of foreigners winning asylum in the United States by concocting phony claims that they were being persecuted in their homelands.

They came from India, Romania, Fiji and Nepal. And, the government said, they found three lawyers and two interpreters who helped them come up with phony documents, doctors’ letters and affidavits designed to support their claims of ethnic, religious or political persecution.

On Thursday, after a complex three-month trial in federal court in Sacramento, a jury agreed that a massive fraud had been uncovered.

All five defendants were convicted of conspiracy to defraud the government by filing false asylum claims, as well as numerous other charges. Some of the charges resulted in not-guilty verdicts, but federal officials said the jury agreed with the bulk of their case.

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