Thursday June 25th

19 1/2 year veteran of the NYPD convicted of perjury after being tripped up by crook’s mp3 player. $80,000 a year salary–gone. $41,000 pension–gone. Seven year prison sentence–looming.

It was approaching midnight when Bronx Detective Christopher Perino confronted Erik Crespo in the interview room of the 44th Precinct station house on New Year’s Eve 2005. Crespo, then 17, had been caught on a surveillance camera shooting John Torres, 24, and Perino was trying to establish a rapport with the teen. (SNIP) As Perino was doing what any detective would do to get a confession out of someone he knew was guilty, Crespo slyly recorded the entire 75-minute interrogation on an MP3 player he had in his pocket.

British housewife finds tiny 500 year old piece of golden treasure out in the middle of a field with her metal detector. Initial estimates say it is worth over $400,000.

The find is thought to be part of a high-quality reliquary or pendant, and depicts the Holy Trinity. It is the first item of any real worth that Mary Hannaby has found in seven years of combing fields and beaches. Mrs Hannaby, 57, from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, made the discovery while out on one of her regular six-hour Sunday detecting walks with her son Michael, a 33 year-old wood carver.

CA man, working three jobs to provide for his family, will take home $16 million lottery check after hitting the jackpot. Good for him and his family.

For 20 years Clyde Persley worked more than 60 hours a week making candy, driving limousines and waiting by the phone to pick up extra hours at a restaurant. He bought lottery tickets and hoped for his big break. Well, he got it. Persley, 49, turned in his winning SuperLotto Plus ticket to the California Lottery office Tuesday night, said lottery spokeswoman Cathy Doyle Johnston, and will receive a check for about $16 million in four to six weeks. That’s the lump-sum payout for his $39 million win.

Sick in the head Pennsylvania landlord who installed cameras and spied on female tenants for the last 20 years, pleads guilty yesterday to variety of charges.

A Norristown landlord admitted yesterday that he used electronic devices to videotape female tenants for nearly 20 years. Thomas Daley, 46, formerly of the 1000 block of Spring City Road, Phoenixville, pleaded guilty in Montgomery County Court to 30 counts of invasion of privacy and related offenses stemming from incidents between 1989 and September. “He feels horrible about his actions,” said Daley’s attorney, Tim Woodward. “He’s extremely remorseful.”

Sad news as Missouri woman leaves expensive show dogs inside hot van overnight, discovers them dead the next morning. Cobbles together dubious story when police question her.

Seven high-priced show dogs, including one of the top Akitas in the country, are dead after being left by their handler for several hours in a hot van in Jefferson County. Police say Mary Wild, a 24-year-old woman who was caring for the dogs, left them in a cargo van early Monday and went to bed after returning from a dog show in Iowa.

More sad news as 20 month old child left inside truck during hot afternoon by babysitter who didn’t “discover” him missing for two hours, dies.

Police said a baby sitter returning from the store with four children in her pickup truck Wednesday afternoon did not realize for two hours that a toddler was left in her vehicle. The boy was identified as 20-month-old Bernard Davis. The child was pronounced dead at the scene. Police told Channel 4 that the baby sitter, Shantel Wilcher, 38, of Jacksonville, was charged with interfering with a lawful investigation.

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15 year veteran St. Paul MN K-9 officer arrested for domestic assault after smacking his wife around.

A woman walked into the Maplewood Police Department on Monday night, reported that her husband had assaulted her and said he was a St. Paul police officer. She had visible injuries to her face, Maplewood police Chief Dave Thomalla said Tuesday. About 90 minutes later, officer Isaac Rinehart came to the police department and was arrested. Maplewood police cited him for misdemeanor domestic assault, and he was booked into the Ramsey County jail.

Actor Billy Bob Thornton’s daughter arrested for first degree murder.

The daughter of Billy Bob Thornton, who was arrested in connection with the death of a 1-year-old girl, has now been charged with first-degree murder. A grand jury on Wednesday indicted Amanda Brumfield in the death of Olivia Garcia, whom she was baby-sitting. According to Ocoee police, Brumfield waited more than two hours to call 911 after the child fell out of a playpen last October.

The Supreme Court rules school’s forced strip search of child illegal.

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a school’s strip search of an Arizona teenage girl accused of having prescription-strength ibuprofen was illegal. In an 8-1 ruling, the justices said school officials violated the law with their search of Savana Redding in the rural eastern Arizona town of Safford.

Redlands CA teenager manages to get arrested three times in a single day. Nice parental units this kid must have at home.

Police said a 16-year-old Redlands boy was arrested three times in a day, ending his minor crime spree by running from the police station in handcuffs and leading officers on a brief chase. His brief escape highlights a problem police have struggled with since September: there is no safe place to detain prisoners in the city. Details of the teen’s first arrest were not immediately available.

Undercover cop barely escapes dangerous situation during crack house drug buy.

An undercover police officer attempting to buy drugs inside a crack den at 659 State St. Tuesday night had his cover blown when suspects bolted shut the front door and would not let him leave unless he smoked some crack in front of them, police said.

Sheeesh, I didn’t think this kind of stuff happened anymore.

A former California Highway Patrol officer must stand trial in San Diego County on allegations he fixed a woman’s speeding ticket in exchange for sexual favors. Judge Runston Maino on Wednesday ordered 52-year-old Abram Carabajal to trial on felony charges of accepting a bribe, perjury and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Police use Twitter tweet to bag twit tossing litter from vehicle.

When police received a report of someone tossing two bags of trash from a vehicle on Prescott Road Tuesday, they immediately turned to Twitter to try to catch the culprit. A witness had provided a partial license plate number, so police decided that the fastest way to get the word out was by posting a message on Twitter seeking the public’s help.

Two clowns pick on the wrong guy after Anaheim Angels baseball game.

An off-duty Anaheim police officer shot two men after a confrontation in the parking lot outside Angel Stadium after the game Wednesday night. The two men were taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange in serious condition, one with a gunshot wound to his chin, and the other shot in the upper arm.

Iconic actress Farah Fawcett passes away at 62.

Farrah Fawcett, the multiple Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated American actress best known for her role as the vivacious Jill Munroe in the 1970s television series “Charlie’s Angels,” has died in a Los Angeles hospital. She was 62. Fawcett was diagnosed with anal cancer in September 2006 and, despite going into remission and enduring extensive chemotherapy and surgery both in the U.S. and Germany, it was revealed earlier this year that the cancer had spread to her liver. She stopped receiving treatment in May.

Ten year old New Mexico boy drives heart attack stricken grandpa to hospital saving his life.

A Roswell boy, 10, jumped into action by jumping behind the wheel when he saw his grandfather having a heart attack. The boy and his brother had to make a split second decision to save their grandfather’s life. Lonnie Lee, the grandfather, said, “I owe my grandson my life, both of them.”

Quote of the day.

Ninety-eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hard-working, honest Americans. It’s the other two percent that get all the publicity. But then – we elected them.

-Lily Tomlin

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