Friday June 5th

23 year old man wins $232 million dollar powerball lottery. Good for him!

A 23-year-old rancher whose family has fallen behind in their taxes and recently had a mobile home repossessed has claimed a $232.1 million Powerball jackpot on Friday, one of the largest undivided jackpots in U.S. lottery history. Neal Wanless, who lives on his family’s 320-acre ranch near Mission, S.D., bought the winning ticket in the nearby town of Winner late last month during a trip to buy livestock feed.

Couple in their seventies arrested for spying. Former state department official and his wife passed classified information to Cuba for 30 years.

A former State Department official with a top secret security clearance and his wife have been arrested on charges of serving as spies for the Cuban government for nearly 30 years, the Justice Department said Friday. The couple is also charged with conspiring to provide classified U.S. information to Havana.

Boys with so called “warrior gene” more likely to join gangs, use weapons.

Boys who have a so-called “warrior gene” are more likely to join gangs and also more likely to be among the most violent members and to use weapons, a new study finds. “While gangs typically have been regarded as a sociological phenomenon, our investigation shows that variants of a specific MAOA gene, known as a ‘low-activity 3-repeat allele,’ play a significant role,” said biosocial criminologist Kevin M. Beaver of Florida State University.

Woman walking pit bull near railroad tracks gets yanked in front of passing Amtrak train by the dog. Both pay the ultimate price.

A woman who died after the dog she was walking pulled her into the path of an Amtrak train was identified today as 32-year-old Vida Silver of Hayward. Silver was walking a pit bull terrier on Blossom Way about a mile north of the Hayward station around 2:15 p.m. Thursday.

More stupid idiotic garbage from those blithering morons at peta.

As Lake Michigan ports go, Grand Haven is an angler’s paradise. If People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals gets its way, it also will be home to a lighthouse café — serving faux fish sticks — where patrons learn about the evils of fishing. PETA said in a letter to the National Park Service this week that it wants to take over Grand Haven’s historic twin red lighthouses once they go on a list of surplus properties this year or next. Because PETA is a nonprofit, its bid to maintain the lighthouses could be considered.

NY cops ticket vehicle over and over and over again for weeks all the while a dead body lay in the back seat.

Police made a gruesome discovery earlier this week while getting ready to tow a heavily-ticketed van – a decomposed body in the back seat. It was that of a missing man, and now his family wants to know to how officers could ticket the vehicle numerous times — and never notice what was inside.

Now here is a vehicle you WISH you would have rear ended out on some deserted road.

Big bucks in the bumpers. The search of an SUV at a border crossing in Laredo turned up nearly $293,000 in undeclared cash smuggled in the front and rear bumpers. U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Friday announced seizure of the money. The driver has been detained and will face bulk cash smuggling charges.

CA man sentenced to death for arson fire that killed five firefighters. He will surely die of old age long before the state sticks a needle in his arm.

A convicted arsonist was sentenced to death Friday for setting a Southern California wildfire that killed five federal firefighters struggling to defend a rural home from raging, wind-driven flames. Raymond Lee Oyler, 38, was found guilty in March of five counts of first-degree murder for setting the Oct. 26, 2006, blaze about 90 miles east of Los Angeles.

Somebody is launching model rockets near the George Bush airport in Houston and they are coming awfully close to airplanes in flight.

Investigators believe the object that narrowly missed a Continental Express jet a week ago was a civilian-made rocket — described as a white cylinder about 5 to 7 feet long with triangular fins on its tail — rather than a military missile. The description came from debriefing the jet’s pilot and co-pilot who spotted a rocket with a long white vapor trail headed directly toward their cockpit at 16,000 feet shortly after they took off from George Bush Intercontinental Airport about 8 p.m. on May 29, authorities said.

Father of the year, with picture!

With a town under ten inches of snow, a reckless father tows his six-year-old son on a sledge behind his pick-up truck on a busy main road. Master carpenter Simon Lewington claimed that he wanted to give the boy, named Kai, a ‘once-inalifetime’ experience during February’s whiteout. But magistrates warned him he could face jail for risking his son’s life.

Los Angeles police detective arrested for the death of her ex boyfriend’s wife….in 1986.

A well-regarded, veteran Los Angeles Police Department detective was arrested today in connection with the 1986 slaying of her ex-boyfriend’s wife, marking one of the few times in the department’s history that one of its own officers has been accused of murder. Stephanie Ilene Lazarus, 49, was arrested this morning at 8 while working at Parker Center, the LAPD’s downtown headquarters. Police allege that Lazarus beat and fatally shot Sherri Rae Rasmussen, a hospital nursing director, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

Police officer injured when diversionary device malfunctions during training session.

A Mishawaka police officer was admitted to a local hospital Tuesday after being injured during the demonstration of a “diversionary device” used by SWAT teams. Chief Ken Witkowski said the injury to Cpl. Brian Costa was not life-threatening. He said representatives of a company were demonstrating the device, also called a “flash bang,” which provides a flash of light and noise to get the attention of somebody SWAT team members are closing in on.

Lottery ticket time as pregnant woman gets nailed by lightening but survives.

A pregnant woman in Cape Canaveral was hit by lightning Friday. Eyewitness News learned she was knocked unconscious, but regained consciousness on the way to the hospital. The woman’s mother called 911. She told paramedics they were driving down SR-520 in a small red pickup truck with the windows rolled down. The mother said there was a flash of lightning that she thought came in through the window and knocked the pregnant woman across the cab.

Two teachers who apparently didn’t have the time to “get a room” lose their jobs after being caught by students doing the wild thing on school property.

Two Milton-Union schools Middle School teachers have resigned after students allegedly found them engaged in sexual conduct in a school classroom. The teachers submitted their resignations Friday, May 29, after students said they witnessed the activity during school hours last week.

Mother watching bank surveillance footage spots son robbing bank, turns his butt in to police.

A man whose mother turned him in after seeing him in a bank surveillance video holding up a bank in Lake County is the same man charged with robbing a bank in Seagrove Beach in March. In the Seagrove Beach robbery, Santa Rosa Beach resident Thomas Banno, 40, is accused of holding up the SunTrust Bank around 10:30 a.m.

Quote of the day.

For Mr. Obama,

It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.

-Mark Twain

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