Bank Employee's Word Enough To Launch Manhunt For Man Alleged To Have Threatened Obama


Something isn’t quite right about this story but here goes.

On May 19 Daniel Murray walked into a St. George Utah Zions First National bank to open a new savings account with an $85,000 check drawn on an unnamed credit union. Bank employees claim he asked some questions regarding the stability and solvency of the bank while establishing the account and allegedly made derogatory comments concerning the way Barack Obama has handled the economy saying if banks fail and people start losing their money there will be bloodshed and killings in the streets of America. Now this seems to me to be a rather odd statement from someone who is a brand new customer in a bank he knew nothing about to employees he didn’t know from Adam.

Eight days later on May 27, Murray returned to the bank and made an unusual withdrawal request specifically asking for $13,000 in bills, no larger than $50 and with non sequential serial numbers. Surely Murray knew the bank would inform the federal government of the withdrawal via a currency transaction report since the amount was over $10,000. During this transaction bank employees claim Murray made some weird statements about the earth being 94 million miles from the sun and eagles flying in between and how he had traveled for thousands of miles to be there and he knew the banks were all going to fail and people were going to die and the world would fall into chaos…and …and …and. Whew, I guess someone at the bank either recorded or wrote down what Murray was saying because it sounds like it was some truly off the wall stuff. As a grand finale, when Murray was handed his $13,000 he allegedly said to the bank teller, “We are on a mission to kill the president of the United States.”

Whoa! I don’t care who you are or how you feel about Obama’s performance, or lack thereof, in office to this point–this is something serious and the first thing anybody should do after hearing a comment like this is to pick up the phone and get some law enforcement personnel on the line. Oddly this does not appear to be what happened in this case because Mr. Murray returned to the bank the very next day to withdraw the remaining $72,000 he had deposited just nine days prior.

It seems kind of strange we haven’t heard about this until now considering all of this took place at the end of May but there is apparently a manhunt on for this guy and nobody seems to know where he is these days. Obviously we would all know exactly where he was had someone at the bank called the cops the moment the clear and direct threat was made against Mr. Obama.

Law enforcement authorities were quick to point out Murray is the registered owner of at least eight firearms, which is in no way illegal, and is driving around in a 2001 Buick with New York license plates.

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Now I said something didn’t seem quite right about this situation, not that this guy isn’t hell bent on creating a dangerous situation for Obama–I don’t know, but the way this story has unfolded is really whack.

I asked someone I know well, who has been in the banking industry for many years, if it made sense for the bank in Utah to handle this situation the way it has been told in news reports. In a word she said no.

Expert counterfeiters can create documents with computer and printer equipment that are nearly impossible to detect as phony including checks and money orders. Money orders were once considered to be nearly infallible as one could hope to have in hand when conducting business with a bank but that is no longer the case. Checks are even easier to dummy up with blank documents available from office supply stores and several places online. All one needs is some custom software and a little bit of knowledge of how banks handle checks and they are in business. Naturally banks are well aware of these issues and are very careful when accepting certain checks and money orders even from regular customers.

That said as far as can be determined from news sources Murray is driving a car with New York plates so it would make sense he is probably from that state. In addition it is said he declared he had driven “thousands of miles” to get to that particular bank in Utah. In order for him to get his hands on this $85,000 check he more than likely would have to have had a long standing account in order to have stashed that kind of money away or to have acquired a loan from this credit union. If he is from New York it stands to reason that would be where he got his hands on the money.

When someone tries to open a savings account with a check drawn on an out of state institution with a bank that is several thousand miles from their home the bank will certainly place a hold on the check lasting, depending on bank policy, anywhere from seven days on the very low end to perhaps up to 12 or more business days.

Why did Zions bank release such a large amount of cash only five business days after an $85,000 deposit from a brand new out of state customer? I have heard news reports saying the man was agitated and somewhat threatening towards bank employees and that is why they gave him the $13,000 but that doesn’t make sense because the first thing a bank teller would do is refer this kind of customer to a manager and if the man continued to escalate the rhetoric the police would be called in a heartbeat. They aren’t just going to hand over that kind of money because someone is getting a little huffy in the bank lobby, 20 bucks perhaps but not 13 grand.

Something else that makes no sense is the direct threat this guy allegedly made to Obama, “We are on a mission to kill the president of the United States,” which was made on May 27 yet Murray, surely well known to all bank employees by now due to his odd behavior and threatening statements, returned the very next day to withdraw the rest of the money, to the tune of $72,000 in cash, to close out his nine day old account. This transaction would certainly take quite a bit of time to complete yet no call was made to law enforcement even though this man clearly stated the day before he was on a mission to kill the president! Why in the world wouldn’t someone in the bank call the police and let them know they had someone inside the building who had threatened to take out the president just the day before?

Like I said too many things just aren’t adding up here but again I’m not saying the man they are searching for isn’t some whackjob with some evil intent, he very well could be, but then again could this be a situation where someone misinterpreted what Murray said? Could it be a situation where someone simply presumed or even invented the threatening statement? Who knows but it surely wouldn’t be the first time someone was investigated based merely on a statement made by an Obama supporter.

A woman is still upset over a surprise visit she received from the U.S. Secret Service a few weeks ago, who investigated alleged remarks that were made about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama “ending up dead on a hospital floor.”

Two secret Service agents arrived at the home of Jessica Hughes about two weeks ago, inquiring about the remarks. Apparently, Hughes had been contacted by an Obama campaign staffer over the phone — which led to a verbal disagreement.

The staffer claims that Hughes said, “I will never support Obama and he will wind up dead on a hospital floor.” (SNIP)

However, Hughes claims that the staffer got it wrong and that no mention of Obama’s death was ever made.

“She asked if I was an Obama supporter, to which I replied, ‘No, I don’t support him. Your guy is a socialist who voted four times in the state Senate to let little babies die in hospital closets. I think you should find something better to do with your time.’ (And then) I hung up,”

Now, it is Hughes that is upset that an Obama staffer would direct Secret Service agents to her house to investigate. Also, she doesn’t understand why phone calls from staffers aren’t recorded — so the tape an reveal what was actually said.

“I find it hard to believe that (campaign volunteers) don’t tape these calls. They call people unsolicited and they aren’t monitoring the calls or recording them? I think that is absolutely ridiculous,” she said.

Hopefully the authorities will be able to locate Mr. Murray soon so we can get to the bottom of this situation and if he did indeed threaten the life of Obama then hammer the guy. We certainly don’t need this kind of approach when it comes to our political differences here in America.

That said I do hope Obama is able to get through his presidential term without some foreign film maker putting together a movie about his assassination, while he is still in office, like some idiot did with George W. Bush, much to the delight of the left wing nutjobs running around this country.

Held up by a secret service bodyguard in his dying moments after being shot in the stomach, this is President Bush being assassinated.

Surrounded by a crowd of panicking onlookers, the American leader is pictured just seconds after being gunned down by a sniper following an anti-war demonstration.

But rather than a repeat of JFK’s shooting or Ronald Reagan’s attempted assassination, this shocking image is part of a new Channel Four show.

The dramatic scene, which has caused outrage among Americans, has been created by a British film company for a programme about the effect of the War On Terror.

In Death Of A President, which will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival later this month (SEPT)before being shown on Channel 4’s satellite channel More4 in October, the assassination is a starting point for a retrospective fictional documentary about what happened next.

This scene, which was created by putting the President’s face onto an actor with digital wizardry, shows him being gunned down just hours after driving past an anti-war demonstration while doing a talk in Chicago.

The two hour drama, in which events are ‘re-created’ by the use of footage and interviews, shows the media storm around the War on Terror as Muslims are fingered as the culprits before there is any evidence.

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