Barack Hussein Obama Dissed Big Time In Saudi Handshake Line

Ah yes the good old handshake line. Here we get to watch as the apologist-to-muslims-in-chief, standing right next to Saudi King Abdullah, sticks his hand out over and over only to have several people not even bother to give him a glance let alone give his mitt a shake.

No worries Mr.Obama as I guarantee there are millions of people here right at home that would do the very same thing.

Don’t look for this one on msnbc, nbc, abc, cbs, cnn or any other left wing state run media outlet even though if the same thing happened to George W. Bush it would be on a never ending loop, played ad nauseam….for a month by those clowns.

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Hah…another one that looks just as screwy…

For all you left wing knuckleheads who missed the ‘satire’ tag, yeah I know Obama was sticking his hand out introducing people… and not to shake their mitts. Just having a little laugh here ya dopes.

Maybe some of you mentally vacuous moonbats wringing your hands and gnashing your teeth over this post can send your guy a tweet and tell him to try a different way of performing his little dog and pony show so it doesn’t look like he is running the gauntlet through the middle of the Cambridge Police Department’s briefing room.

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  2. MathMom says:

    Although I find O’Bambi to be a suitable subject for derision, I have to say that I think he’s introducing three members of his administration to King Abdullah. The woman, whose name escapes me, is definitely one of his homeys – why would she shake his hand? If you look at the video a different way, wouldn’t he be saying “and this is Bob (gestures to Bob), and this is Bill (gestures to Bill) and this is the woman whose name escapes me (gestures to the woman whose name escpes me).

    Believe me, I look forward to the day when someone disses O’Bambi like that. I would only hope it could be me.

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