Monday February 15th

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Texas Congressman Ted Poe makes some great points about the so called White House party crashers. Go Ted!

Evan Bayh will not seek reelection

Sen. Evan Bayh will not run for re-election, a decision that will shock Democrats and Republicans alike in Indiana. In prepared remarks, Bayh, 54, cited excessive partisanship that makes progress on public policy difficult to achieve as the motivation for his decision. “After all these years, my passion for service to my fellow citizens is undiminished, but my desire to do so in Congress has waned,” he said. “My decision was not motivated by political concern,” he added. “Even in the current challenging environment, I am confident in my prospects for re-election.” Bayh had never lost an election, from his first win in 1986 as secretary of state, his wins for governor in 1988 and 1992 and his election to the U.S. Senate in 1998 and 2004. [The latest Democrat to see what’s coming in November jumps off the sinking ship Obamatanic…ed]

Democrats exiting the sinking ship?–Part 22: Massachusetts

Democrat Bill Delahunt has represented the 10th congressional district of Massachusetts since 1996. Since his first election he has never had significant opposition. He won the seat 54%-41% in 1996 and received between 64% and 70% of the vote in general elections from 1998 to 2006. In 2008 he had no Republican opponent at all. This year looks different. In the January 19 special Senate election Republican Scott Brown carried the 10th district 60%-40%. Now the Boston Globe reports that Delahunt is considering retiring rather than running for reelection. [His connection to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and the last paragraph of this article sums up nicely why this Democrat will make the wise decision to just go home and hang out in front of the fireplace…ed]

‘Oddball’ portrait of Amy Bishop emerges

As authorities searched for clues into what could have sent a University of Alabama neurobiology professor on an alleged killing spree, friends and family yesterday described Braintree native Amy Bishop as an awkward introvert on the brink of losing her teaching job. Bishop’s husband, James Anderson, told the Herald his wife had been fighting the university for over a year about a tenure denial, and several months ago received a final decision. She was upset, but not overly emotional, approaching her appeal “like a game of chess,” he said. Police in Huntsville, Ala., charged Bishop, 44, with capital murder after she allegedly opened fire on six colleagues at a faculty meeting Friday, killing three. Afterward, she calmly called her husband and asked him to pick her up as if nothing had happened, said police Chief Henry Reyes. (SNIP) Bishop acknowledged at the time being questioned in the bombing attempt of a Harvard medical doctor evaluating her on doctorate work, a professor with whom Bishop was known to quarrel, Fluckiger said. Reyes confirmed he is working with the FBI to learn more about why Bishop was a suspect in the attempted bombing of Dr. Paul Rosenberg, who received a double-pipe bomb in the mail on Dec. 19, 1993. [This is the woman, a far left moonbat who was OBSESSED with Obama, Democrat congressman from Massachusetts Bill Delahunt declined to press charges against when she shot and killed her brother. Read the police report here…ed]

New White House communications strategy: More retorts to Republicans, more ‘high-profile’ Obama events

Good news! According to the Washington Post, the White House is retooling their communications strategy:

White House officials are retooling the administration’s communications strategy to produce faster responses to political adversaries, a more disciplined focus on President Obama’s call for “change” in Washington and an increasingly selective use of the president’s time.

The messaging adjustments are the result of an end-of-the-year analysis in which White House advisers said the president’s communications team had not taken the initiative often enough and had allowed drawn-out debates in Congress, and relentless criticism by Republicans, to drown out his message.

“It was clear that too often we didn’t have the ball — Congress had the ball in terms of driving the message,” communications director Dan Pfeiffer said. “In 2010, the president will constantly be doing high-profile things to be the person driving the narrative.”

There are no words for how insane this all sounds. So the White House feels they need to respond to criticisms more aggressively then they already have? In fact, the White House has been so aggressive on this front they look defensive and petty. [Yeah, keep digging that hole Obama administration. I keep hearing of people who think Obama was born in Kenya but I’m starting to think he was actually hatched out of a foil packet because if his skin was any thinner it would have a reservoir tip at the end…ed]

Senator: VP comments ‘insulting’

Sen. Scott Brown thinks Vice President Joe Biden was “off base” when he suggested Sunday that the Massachusetts Republican get his facts straight on the legal procedures for military tribunals. “It was insulting,” said Brown, who frequently jabbed the administration during his Senate campaign for giving suspected terrorists legal representation. On CBS’s “Face the Nation” last weekend, Biden shot back that he doesn’t “know whether the new senator from Massachusetts understands: When you get tried in a military tribunal, you get a lawyer, too.” (SNIP) Brown said he is particularly incensed by Biden’s remarks because he’s served in the Massachusetts Army National Guard for more than 30 years and is currently the Guard’s top defense attorney in New England. “I know the military rules and regulations and procedures from A to Z,” Brown said. [This is a teachable moment for the rest of the GOP. The Obama administration’s new approach to take on Republican criticisms quickly blows up in their faces thanks, once again, to this moron Joe Biden. Way to go Senator Brown, don’t take any crap from these clowns…ed]

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U.S. hunts for English-speaking bombers

U.S. and allied counterterrorism authorities have launched a global manhunt for English-speaking terrorists trained in Yemen who are planning attacks on the United States, based on intelligence provided by the suspect in the attempted Christmas Day bombing after he began cooperating. U.S. officials told The Washington Times that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, facing charges as a would-be suicide bomber, revealed during recent cooperation with the FBI that he met with other English speakers at a terrorist training camp in Yemen. Three U.S. intelligence officials, including one senior official, disclosed on the condition of anonymity some details of the additional bomb plots. [I hope the government has better luck tracking down these people than they have been tracking down all the illegal aliens in this country…ed]

Kyl: Dems have already decided how to force health bill through

Senate Republican Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona on Sunday threw more cold water on the chances that his party would cooperate with a Feb. 25 healthcare reform summit at the White House, protesting that Democrats already seem poised to force a bill through Congress. Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Kyl echoed a claim that congressional Republicans have made for the past week, that President Barack Obama and House and Senate Democrats intend the summit as a public display and not a genuine dialogue. He quoted a recent Wall Street Journal article that asserted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has “set the stage” for using reconciliation to pass the bill. That controversial legislative tactic could allow the bill to pass the Senate with 51 votes instead of 60 as usually required to break a filibuster. [Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly. Seems like the Republicans have figured out they are about to be set up by the president who has no intention of working with the GOP on anything…ed]

Trial lawyers to Obama: Don’t deal on tort reform in healthcare negotiations

President Barack Obama wants a bipartisan deal on health reform, but trial lawyers don’t want him to deal on a top Republican priority: tort reform. Trial lawyers defeated President George W. Bush’s push for medical liability reform and successfully lobbied to water down tort reform provisions in healthcare reform bills this Congress. But the battle is far from over. And in an odd twist, a longtime ally of the trial lawyers could be the one to resurrect the idea — President Barack Obama. “I would hope this would be an area we just don’t go,” said Linda Lipsen, vice president for public affairs at the American Association for Justice, the trade group for trial attorneys. Lipsen said. “The last thing Congress should be doing is eliminating people’s rights when the real issue is safety in hospitals.” [The lawyers could care less about the the “elimination of people’s rights.” What they really want is to protect their multi billion dollar medical malpractice business and they contribute almost exclusively to the Democrat party…ed]

Why You Should Worry About the Census

Did you know that the census does not distinguish between illegal immigrants and U.S. citizens? It does not, which raises questions such as: Should Arizona win more seats in the House of Representatives because it harbors a large number of illegal aliens? Or, should people who can’t vote decide how many electoral college votes California is awarded? If you thought that the decennial nose-count was a $14 billion frivolity I have news for you: the 2010 census is generating the same kind of grass-roots organizing – and with many of the same participants — who carried Barack Obama into the White House. Why the excitement? The census will determine not only the number of seats each state holds in the House of Representatives but also the distribution of some $400 billion in federal program monies. It will also guide the infamous redistricting by which state legislators redraw voting districts so as to bolster their power base. In other words, the stakes are high. What’s new this year is that the Obama administration is pushing the Census Bureau to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to reach minority communities that have been “undercounted” in the past. Reporting higher numbers of residents in poor black or Hispanic neighborhoods will attract more federal (needed) funding, and more importantly, will boost the regions’ House seats, which will likely be filled by Democrats. It’s a cozy arrangement. [There is absolutely NO reason to be counting people in this country who are here illegally except that the Democrats know it will benefit their party. Retaining political power at any cost is more important to these people than the sovereignty of our nation that so many brave men and women have given their lives for…ed]

UN global warming data skewed by heat from planes and buildings

Weather stations which produced data pointing towards man-made global warming may have been compromised by local conditions, a new report suggests. The findings are set to cast further doubt on evidence put forward by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which claims the science supporting rising temperatures is unequivocal. The report co-written by Anthony Watts, an American meteorologist and climate sceptic, shows photographs of weather stations near heat-generating equipment which could be distorting their readings. Some are next to air-conditioning units or on waste-treatment plants, while one sits alongside a waste incinerator. A weather station at Rome airport was found to catch the hot exhaust fumes emitted by taxiing jets. Rising temperatures around the stations, which have been in use for 150 years, could also have been caused by urbanisation, the study claimed. One weather station at Manchester airport, which was built when the surrounding land was mainly fields, is now surrounded by heated buildings. [The global warming hoax continues to unravel before our very eyes. Yay!…ed]

Trump cool to global warning

Donald Trump is not a big believer in global warming. “With the coldest winter ever recorded, with snow setting record levels up and down the coast, the Nobel committee should take the Nobel Prize back from Al Gore,” the tycoon told members of his Trump National Golf Club in Westchester in a recent speech. “Gore wants us to clean up our factories and plants in order to protect us from global warming, when China and other countries couldn’t care less. It would make us totally noncompetitive in the manufacturing world, and China, Japan and India are laughing at America’s stupidity.” [The Donald to Al Gore, “YOU’RE FIRED!”…ed]

IPCC Corruption Included Ignoring Facts and Science

Phil Jones, disgraced and dismissed Director of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU), granted BBC reporter Roger Harrabin an interview. Why Harrabin? His reporting has shown bias on all the IPCC and CRU activities. Leaked emails showed the CRU gang used friends in the BBC and that apparently continues. Prevarication, evasion, half-truths continue in Phil Jones’ answers. Despite this there are stunning admissions from Jones. “There is a tendency in the IPCC reports to leave out inconvenient findings, especially in the part(s) most likely to be read by policy makers.” (SNIP) Jones only concedes some points but they are enough from the high priest of the CRU and IPCC to completely destroy its credibility. What will the sycophants and exploiters like Gore and the Mainstream Media do now? What about politicians who based positions and policy on environment and energy on the IPCC? What about the massive scams of Cap And Trade? What about the extreme environmental groups who have bullied and preached from the moral high ground? What about the scientists who took vehement positions without understanding? It is a very sad day for science, the people and the world. [This scam never was about science or weather or climate change or global warming. It has always been about control, making a small number of people very wealthy off the backs of the rest of us and the transfer of money from productive nations to the U.N. and third world countries. This hoax has been busted wide open…ed]

Palin plays politician around Daytona 500

Sarah Palin took a break from the snow and played politician on stock car racing’s biggest stage. Pretty important place on the political landscape, too. The former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor sped around Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, shaking hands and taking photos with drivers and fans alike before what she called the “all-Americana event.” Palin said she was “having fun and not thinking about the politics of this,” but didn’t miss the chance to energize her base in one of the most critical regions of the largest swing state. “This is awesome,” she said. “It’s all-Americana event. Good, patriotic, wonderful event that’s bringing a whole lot of people together. I think this is good for our country.” [The more the loony left and liberal media attack her the more popular Sarah Palin becomes…ed]

Former CIA Director Hayden: Thiessen’s ‘Courting Disaster’ a must-read

Marc Thiessen begins his new book, “Courting Disaster,” with something of a disclaimer: For reasons of security and classification, he says, he should not have been able to write it. He’s right. He shouldn’t have been able to write it. But I’m glad he did. Thiessen jumps into the once murky (and once highly classified) world of the CIA’s detention and interrogation program with zeal and energy. And he puts fresh light on a story that up until now seems to have been taken to the darkest corner of the room at every opportunity. I opposed the release of the Office of Legal Council memos on the CIA interrogation program last April. I opposed the release of additional memos and the report of the CIA inspector general on the interrogation program last August. But whatever their release did to reveal American secrets to our enemies, it did inject something into the public debate on this program that had been sorely missing—facts. [Looking for a new book to read?…ed]

Single mother-of-six finds £2m mansion on the net… and then gets YOU to pay £7,000 a month rent

A single mother-of-six is getting more than £80,000 a year from the taxpayer to live in a £2million mansion in an exclusive London suburb. Essma Marjam, 34, is given almost £7,000 a month in housing benefits to pay the rent on the five-bedroom villa just yards from Sir Paul McCartney’s house and Lord’s cricket ground. She also receives an estimated £15,000 a year in other payouts, such as child benefit, to help look after her children, aged from five months to 14. (SNIP) Miss Marjam said: ‘I moved here at the beginning of the month as I’m entitled to a five-bedroom house.’ [More insanity coming out of England. This is what liberal politicians want, people completely dependent on government for everything. These people then turn around and claim they are ENTITLED to whatever it is they want in order to make their lives comfortable without working for it. By the way this woman has a son named JIHAD!…ed]

Oldest death-row inmate in U.S. dies in Florence prison

The oldest death-row inmate in the United States, who spent most of his life behind bars, has died of natural causes at age 94. Viva Leroy Nash died late Friday at the state’s prison complex in Florence, said an Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman. Nash was still on death row, but spokesman Barrett Marson said Sunday that he did not know if Nash died in his cell or in a medical facility at the prison. Nash had been imprisoned almost continuously since he was 15 and was deaf, mostly blind, crippled, mentally ill and had dementia, said his attorney, Thomas Phalen. State prosecutors were appealing a federal ruling that Nash might not be competent to the U.S. Supreme Court at the time of his death, Phalen said. [This man was sentenced to death in 1983 but dies of natural causes 27 years later? I wonder how much all of his appeals, medical care etc cost the taxpayers while keeping this useless human debris alive all this time?…ed]

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