Monday February 8th

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The Green Police…Hilarious!

White House announces televised health meet

President Barack Obama is planning to host a televised meeting with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders on health care reform. The Feb. 25 meeting is an attempt to reach across the aisle but not a signal that the president plans to start over, as Republicans have demanded, a White House official said. (SNIP) In a statement, the official said, “What the president will not do is let this moment slip away. He hopes to have Republican support in doing so — but he is going to move forward on health reform.” [The Democrat plan is a mess and they themselves can’t agree on what to do with this pig that’s why, thankfully, Obama can’t get the thing to his desk. This is such a transparent set up for the Republicans. The GOP has tried for months to get their ideas heard but Democrat Congressional leaders and Obama have simply locked them out of the discussion up to this point. Let Obama and his buddies in Congress try and shove this thing through on their own since the overwhelming majority of Americans DO NOT want ObamaCare…ed]

Real Healthcare Reform: Kill the Lawyers

Now that a stake has been driven through the heart of the omnibus healthcare bill proposed and drafted by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Axis (with an assist from Henry Waxman), we can get down to real reform. The President has stated that he wants to work with Republicans. Then let’s start with the most obvious cost control factor – malpractice/tort reform. There is some truth to Democratic claims that several of the proposed reforms are interlocking and thus to address one specific issue might be difficult to accomplish. However, this in no way justifies their ridiculous proposal, including its huge growth in the federal government and its invasive government panels. Unfortunately, the Democrats ignored the biggest opportunity for cost reduction: eliminating spurious lawsuits and getting ambulance-chasing lawyers out of the medical malpractice business. It is also clear that this reform is not interdependent on other reforms. [Step one…ed]

75% Are Angry At Government’s Current Policies

Voters are madder than ever at the current policies of the federal government. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 75% of likely voters now say they are at least somewhat angry at the government’s current policies, up four points from late November and up nine points since September. The overall figures include 45% who are Very Angry, also a nine-point increase since September. [The other 25% work FOR the government…ed]

Obama Hits Lowest Approval Mark

Independent voters see Pres. Obama in a negative light by a nearly 2-1 margin, according to a new Marist College survey, while almost half of voters say he has failed to meet their expectations. The poll, conducted Feb. 1-3, showed just 44% of registered voters approving of Obama’s job as president. 47% disapprove. But among indie voters, Obama’s approval rating sits at a terrible 29%, while his disapproval rating is at 57%. Obama’s 44% job approval rating is the lowest he has scored in any non-internet poll since moving into the WH, according to a review of data compiled by [Maybe he should just quit and turn this gig over to someone who knows what the hell they’re doing…ed]

President Obama the scold

For a president who ran on uplifting themes like change and hope, Barack Obama spends an awful lot of time scolding Americans about how he hopes they’ll change. He has advised parents to “replace that video game with a book and make sure that homework gets done.” He has urged members of Congress not to read blogs or watch 24-hour cable news. And he’s challenged lobbyists, lawmakers, bankers, journalists, insurance companies and other heads of state to do a better job. He’s prodded people to get off the couch, eat healthier and exercise more. He’s even suggested Americans buy stocks, U.S.-made cars and energy-efficient light bulbs, while cautioning them not to max out their credit cards. [This country didn’t hire a nagger-in-chief or a king 15 months ago, we hired a president. A president who answers to the people not the other way around. It’s time for this arrogant man to shut his damn pie hole and open those big ass ears of his and listen to US about how we want OUR country governed…ed]

But He Was the Harvard Law Review Editor!

The chattering class was entranced with candidate Barack Obama. So literate. So polished. So cool. We were assured that his lack of executive experience was irrelevant. After all, he ran a campaign. And then there were his years as a community organizer and Harvard Law Review editor, which showed… well… it showed something about his magnificent intellectual skills. But it turns out he lacks some key abilities — executive leadership, decisiveness, deal-making prowess, flexibility, and basic people skills — that are essential to a successful presidency. (SNIP) His floundering is not surprising, considering that Obama never ran a state, a city, or a business, and during his brief time in the U.S. Senate, he was never front-and-center in any significant legislative undertaking. Yes, he’s touted as an author, and he won the presidency (beating two flawed candidates who ran awful campaigns). But it turns out that all this was insufficient preparation to be chief executive and commander in chief. [Obama, all hat no cattle. Not a SINGLE review written as president of the Harvard Law Review. No executive experience whatsoever. No business experience whatsoever. Everyone knows he has gotten through life based strictly on skin color. He is the most unaccomplished man to ever occupy our Oval Office by a long shot…ed]

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Census Super Bowl ad flops

The U.S. Census Bureau’s “Snapshot of America” Super Bowl 44 ad has met with harsh criticism from television writers, media pundits and the Kellogg School of Management, which gave the Census ad an “F” grade — the lowest of any commercial that ran during Sunday’s game. Television critics charge that the Census ad, which cost $2.5 million and was directed by independent filmmaker Christopher Guest (whose comedies include “Best in Show,” “For Your Consideration” and 1984’s seminal mockumentary “This Is Spinal Tap,” ), was dry and uninformative. [Two and a half million for this stupid thing? The Obama administration has established one hell of a track record for pissing away our money…ed]

The NYT’s Big David Paterson Bombshell Will Break Soon, Governor’s Office Denies Resignation In Works

We spoke with a member of Governor Paterson’s communications team who denies that the governor is planning to resign. The official confirmed that a New York Times story is in the works but says it will not run Monday. Gawker got an on-the-record comment from Paterson’s deputy communications director Marissa Shoenstein, who said: “There is absolutely zero truth to these rumors. The governor is not resigning.” She also denied that there’s anything particularly scandalous in the NYT story: [Well let’s see here. Last year Obama did “ask” Governor Paterson to not seek reelection and we know the New York Times is in the tank for the prez so this kinda looks like good old fashioned Chicago politics to me…ed]

Africa-Gate? U.N. Fears of Food Shortages Questioned

The U.N.’s controversial climate report is coming under fire — again — this time by one of its own scientists, who admits he can’t find any evidence to support a warning about a climate-caused North African food shortage. The statement comes from a key 2007 report to the U.N., and asserts that by 2020 yields from rain-fed agriculture could be reduced by up to 50% in some African countries thanks to climate change. But this weekend, a key author of the team behind that report told The Sunday Times that he could find no evidence to support his own group’s claim. The revelation follows the retraction by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of a claim that the Himalayan glaciers might all melt by 2035, dubbed ‘Glaciergate’ by commentators. [Look, another day another article exposing the massive global warming hoax that has been perpetrated on the planet…ed]

Climate bill backers pick up jobs theme

Backers of climate-change legislation are making an extra push to link clean energy with job growth as the administration and congressional Democrats look for ways to lower unemployment. One group released a study on Thursday that found mandating more renewable energy use, a provision included in climate legislation in Congress, would create thousands of jobs. The study, conducted by Navigant Consulting for the Renewable Electricity Standard Alliance, said a renewable electricity standard (RES) that required 25 percent of electricity come from renewable sources like wind and solar power would create 274,000 jobs. The RES-Alliance is a group of businesses and trade groups in support of a renewable energy mandate. Clean energy advocates say a cap on carbon, plus tax breaks and other incentives for renewable energy development, would create even more jobs. [Yeah that green jobs crap worked out real well for the leftist government in Spain didn’t it? They now sit at over 20% unemployment (“Green jobs” cost the Spanish taxpayers over a quarter million dollars EACH. In addition for each “green job” two jobs in the private sector were eliminated.) and are very quietly backing away from this nonsense while exporting a bunch of their dismantled alternative energy equipment…ed]

Residents steamed over high electric bills

Leticia Ochoa has lived in her 1,600-square-foot Killeen home for almost 10 years. While she said her electric bills have always run her a monthly average of $200, she opened her mailbox this month to find one charging her $865 – more than three times the amount she’d spent each month to heat her home. Experiences like Ochoa’s have every party in the electric bill equation – retail electric providers, the city, the consumer and electric deliverer Oncor – looking for an explanation. “It’s a new meter,” said Cheryl White of Copperas Cove. White said her bill jumped from $346 to $733 this month. “There is no way we’re using that much electricity. It’s no different than how we’ve lived in this house. Our usage is the same.” [Smart meters huh? Yeah smart for the power companies installing them. Something nefarious going on here with these things…ed]

China’s debt bomb

‘He who pays the piper calls the tune”: That old saying captures perfectly America’s growing dependence on our No. 1 creditor in the world, Communist China. By their carelessness Congress and the Obama administration are steadily handing over control of America’s economic and financial future to a handful of Chinese officials and generals in Beijing. Those who think the Chinese won’t use that control if they feel they have to are ignoring history — and the Chinese. The ancient military strategist Sun Tzu said that the best strategy was to render an opponent’s army helpless even before the battle began. America may still have the biggest and best military in the world. But many at the Pentagon are starting to realize that, thanks to our growing fiscal irresponsibility, we may be surrendering control of America’s destiny to a rival superpower — and all without a shot being fired. [Federal government deficit spending should be ILLEGAL in this country. Case closed…ed]

Alcohol Restrictions, Curfew Lifted In King

Authorities lifted curfew and alcohol restrictions in King on Sunday, but said a state of emergency declaration remained in effect until Monday. Authorities said the state of emergency declaration would continue until Monday 9 a.m., barring any unforeseen circumstances or severe changes. (SNIP) Other restrictions included a ban on the sale or purchase of any type of firearm, ammunition, explosive or any possession of such items off a person’s own premises. [A little snow in North Carolina justifies the suspension of the Second Amendment?…ed]

Man arrested after Detroit airport security breach

A portion of a terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Airport was evacuated Monday after a man walked through a passenger screening checkpoint and refused to obey security officers, officials said. The passenger failed to stop about 7:45 a.m. at the McNamara Terminal, the Transportation Security Administration said. The man was arrested by airport police and was being questioned, airport spokesman Mike Conway said. “The Transportation Security Administration asked him to stop and he didn’t comply,” Conway said. [I wonder why these people who are constantly probing our airport/airplane security are almost never identified by name?…ed]

Arrested Tulsa police officer bonds out of jail in 2 hours

A Tulsa police officer who was arrested early Saturday after reportedly brandishing a gun and threatening to kill a security guard bonded out after two hours, jail records show. As first reported Saturday night on, officer Thomas Fees, 33, was booked on complaints of pointing a dangerous weapon and carrying a firearm while intoxicated at 3:58 a.m. He posted a $40,000 bond at 5:54 a.m. Fees had allegedly been drinking cocktails at Oscar’s Gastro Pub, 1738 S. Boston Ave., when about 1:15 a.m. Saturday, he allegedly began grabbing a woman, witnesses said. After being repeatedly asked by the woman’s boyfriend to stop, the officer cursed at the man and identified himself as a police officer, witnesses said. [Keep reading, it gets worse for this soon to be ex-cop…ed]

Dallas officer accused of pulling gun at bar

An off-duty police officer is accused of hitting two bar workers and pulling a gun on them because they refused to let him back inside after closing. Sgt. Hector Roa, 37, was charged Sunday with two counts of aggravated assault, Dallas police said. Police said Roa, a 14-year veteran currently assigned to central patrol, has been placed on administrative leave pending criminal and administrative investigations. Matthew Kirchmeyer, a bouncer at the bar, said they were closing about 2 a.m. Sunday when Roa, who had been at the bar, tried to get back inside. He said Roa was in plain clothes and didn’t identify himself as a police officer. [Perhaps it’s time for police officers to leave their guns at home when they decide to go out and get drunk on their asses?…ed]

Anger over alphabet ends in arrest

A man is accused of holding his 4-year-old daughter’s head under the water in the kitchen sink at their Yelm home Sunday night because she would not recite the alphabet, according to police and court papers. The Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office filed a charge of second-degree assault of a child against Joshua Ryan Tabor, 27, on Tuesday. His arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 16. According to court records: Yelm police responded to a disturbance Sunday night after Tabor’s girlfriend reported that Tabor, a Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier, “was irate, intoxicated and walking around the neighborhood with his Kevlar helmet threatening to break windows.” [May this man’s time in prison for this crime be as horrible and terrifying as it was for his daughter to have her head held underwater…ed]

Cleveland Taking Down Red Light Cameras

Cleveland city officials said red light cameras in the city seem to be effective, but the company furnishing the cameras has asked that the cameras come down. Accordingly, they will be removed at the end of March. The firm that supplied the cameras said both it and the city have been losing money on the operation. (SNIP) “On Feb. 1 the city received a letter from Traffipax, Inc., requesting the
removal of cameras at each location. Therefore, the red light cameras will be decommissioned by March 31, 2010.” [A clear admission that these things really are all about the money…ed]

Quote of the day.

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

-Thomas Jefferson

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