Friday January 29th

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Genealogist: Obama, Mass. Sen.-elect Brown related

It was bad enough that President Barack Obama lost his filibuster-proof margin in the U.S. Senate to a Republican. Now it turns out he also lost it to a relative. Genealogists said Friday that the Democratic president and the newly elected senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, are 10th cousins. The New England Historic Genealogical Society said Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and Brown’s mother, Judith Ann Rugg, both descend from Richard Singletary of Haverhill, Mass. [Somehow all of Obama’s supporters will twist this little nugget to say that the election of Republican Scott Brown was indeed a vote by the citizens of Massachusetts for him and his policies…ed]

Obama Faces New Pressure to Try Terror Suspects in Military Tribunal

As the Justice Department searches for a new venue to hold the trial of confessed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, critics are pouncing on the Obama administration’s steadfast refusal to consider a military tribunal to bring the terror suspect and his four alleged accomplices to justice. The administration’s critics say moving the trial to a different venue isn’t the solution. They maintain that the terror suspects, who were captured on foreign soil and are being held at the military prison in Guantanamo, shouldn’t be brought to the U.S. at all. “They belong in a military installation — Guantanamo would be an ideal location,” Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. said of Mohammed and his four alleged accomplices. “… there is no community in the country that should have this foisted upon them,” King told Fox News. “I said then, I say now, the president’s decision, the attorney general’s decision to hold these trials in New York … was the most irresponsible decision any president has ever made.” [Obama’s challenge will be to order the moving of this trial to a military installation like Gitmo where it should have taken place anyway, then try and convince everyone it was his brilliant idea to do so while leaving his AG Holder hanging in the wind…ed]

White House Panic Week Yields No Change in Direction

Barack Obama’s Panic Week has come and gone, but did his White House learn anything from the historic repudiation of his leftist agenda? Putting the question another way, has Obama made the necessary course corrections or is he still refusing to hear the message that America is sending him so loudly and clearly? Given the Democratic Party’s stunning defeat in Massachusetts, its November losses in New Jersey and Virginia and its increasingly bleak 2010 electoral prospects, one would think Obama has no choice but to follow the route Bill Clinton took to the right sixteen years ago when he stared down similar circumstances. With the exception of passing his so-called economic stimulus bill, Obama has been unable to get any major legislation through the U.S. Congress – this despite the presence of a sizeable Democratic majority in the House and (until recently) a filibuster-proof Democratic super-majority in the Senate. [The real danger to this country is not Barack Obama but a voting citizenry willing to trust someone like him with the most powerful position in America if not the world. As a country we CAN survive this arrogant marxist and his merry band of like mined whackjobs. What does threaten America’s survival is this insane group of people willing to enthusiastically vote others just like him into office…ed]

Where Clinton Turned Right, Obama Plowed Ahead

When President Bill Clinton faced a Republican uprising and a nation that turned deeply skeptical about his agenda, he used the 1996 State of the Union address to declare that “the era of big government is over.” That move to the middle — arguably more rhetoric than reality — stopped Newt Gingrich’s Republican Revolution in its tracks. So why did President Barack Obama go a different route on Wednesday night, giving little ground and declaring that the problem was not his agenda but a deficit of trust in government and of pragmatism? If there was a defining line in Mr. Obama’s speech, it might have been “Let’s try common sense,” to which he ad-libbed, “a novel concept.” [He not only plowed ahead but showed up as a guest at the Baltimore area Republican retreat and chewed their asses for not going with the program!…ed]

President Obama rumbles with House GOP

President Barack Obama on Friday accused Republicans of portraying health care reform as a “Bolshevik plot” and telling their constituents that he’s “doing all kinds of crazy stuff that’s going to destroy America.” Speaking to House Republicans at their annual policy retreat here, Obama said that over-the-top GOP attacks on him and his agenda have made it virtually impossible for Republicans to address the nation’s problems in a bipartisan way. “What happens is that you guys don’t have a lot of room to negotiate with me,” Obama said. “The fact of the matter is, many of you, if you voted with the administration on something, are politically vulnerable with your own base, with your own party because what you’ve been telling your constituents is, ‘This guy’s doing all kinds of crazy stuff that’s going to destroy America.’ ” [The Republicans handed Obama a stack of proposals that they have tried to introduce in Congress only to have the Democrat leaders ignore them. Naturally this arrogant narcissist will take the suggestions and do the same very thing. He could care less what those who oppose his agenda have to say and if you aren’t on board with the program you are merely the enemy in his eyes…ed]

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Illinois, new Massachusetts setback for Obama?

If the Massachusetts special election was a kick in the shins for President Barack Obama, the political turmoil in Illinois, his home state, is a pain in the neck that never seems to go away. His former Senate seat, already stained by an ethics scandal, is a major takeover target for Republicans. So is the governor’s office. Going into Tuesday’s Illinois primary, the first of the 2010 campaign season, Democrats are in disarray, with no political heavyweights in their lineup for the Senate seat that Obama gave up for the White House. Losing it would be a bigger personal embarrassment for the president than Republican Scott Brown’s upset victory in Massachusetts, which took away the late Edward M. Kennedy’s Senate seat. [Rest assured the ACORN/SEIU fraud machine is well oiled and ready to get busy in Illinois to avoid an even larger embarrassment to Obama than losing the seat Kennedy held for 47 years. This will be fun to watch however…ed]

Generic ballot polls suggest possible epic party disaster for Dems

The Real Clear Politics average on the generic ballot now shows Republicans ahead 46%-42%. This is historically unprecedented. Except for a single CNN/USA Today poll conducted right after the Republican National Convention, September 5-7, 2008, which seems to have been an outlier, Republicans didn’t take the lead on the generic ballot—which party’s candidate will you vote for in House races—until March 9-15, 2009, in Rasmussen polling (which samples likely voters and whose results have therefore leaned more Republican than those of other pollsters since Barack Obama’s inauguration). Republicans since took a lead in the NPR poll (July 22-26), Gallup (November 5-8), Bloomberg News (December 3-7), Battleground (December 6-10), CNN/Opinion Research (January 8-10) and Democracy Corps (January 7-11). (SNIP) The Massachusetts special Senate election result has given Democrats an early warning that is really hard to ignore—although some Democrats seem to be trying to brush it off. Including, perhaps, Barack Obama in his State of the Union address. Nonetheless, what we have here are the makings of an epic party disaster. Whether it comes to pass is still uncertain. But it certainly could. [Simple message to the GOP, don’t let up. All kinds of bogus numbers will come out of this administration leading up to the November elections in an effort to make it appear the Democrats have turned the ship around and these figures will not be questioned by the lamestream media. Don’t forget 2/3 of that 787 billion dollars hasn’t been spent yet and many suspect the real goal of those funds was to assist Democrats all over the country in their reelection efforts…ed]

Trusting Fox. Another poll confirms that Americans trust it more than other media outlets.

Fox News is Americans’ most trusted source of news: That’s what Public Policy Polling reported earlier this week. ABC’s director of polling disputed the poll’s findings largely because of its use of “robopolling.” But now a second poll using a different methodology — and human callers — has reached a similar conclusion. In a poll commissioned by National Review Institute [PDF], McLaughlin & Associates found that Fox News was the top response from likely voters who were asked what source of news about politics and government they most trusted. Thirty-six percent of respondents picked Fox News, compared to 20 percent who picked CNN and 6 percent who picked MSNBC. NBC and ABC each got 6 percent, too, and CBS 5. [Ooops, another poll puts Fox NEWS on top by a wide margin. Naturally Obama and his cronies say Fox NEWS is not a legitimate news station because on the planet they live on “legitimate news” means msnbc’s “left wing propaganda”…ed]

House Democrats Scold No-Show Homeland Security Secretary: ‘Where the Hell is Secretary Napolitano?’

Top Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee publicly scolded Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for failing to show up at a Wednesday hearing where the committee examined the attempted Christmas Day suicide bombing of Northwest Flight 253. One Democrat on the committee said he wanted to know “where the hell” Napolitano was. That evening, Napolitiano did prominently show up at the Capitol to attend President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. But earlier in the day, she dispatched Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Jane Holl Lute to testify on her behalf in the Homeland Security Committee on what went wrong in the homeland-security process that allowed would-be suicide-bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board a plane bound from Amsterdam to the Detroit. [Perhaps she was simply too busy rolling around under the covers with Rosie O’Donnell?…ed]

Class War: How public servants became our masters

In April 2008, The Orange County Register published a bombshell of an investigation about a license plate program for California government workers and their families. Drivers of nearly 1 million cars and light trucks—out of a total 22 million vehicles registered statewide—were protected by a “shield” in the state records system between their license plate numbers and their home addresses. There were, the newspaper found, great practical benefits to this secrecy. “Vehicles with protected license plates can run through dozens of intersections controlled by red light cameras with impunity,” the Register’s Jennifer Muir reported. “Parking citations issued to vehicles with protected plates are often dismissed because the process necessary to pierce the shield is too cumbersome. Some patrol officers let drivers with protected plates off with a warning because the plates signal that drivers are ‘one of their own’ or related to someone who is.” [Read this entire article to see just how badly we’ve been had and how it’s only gonna get worse…ed]

Man convicted of murdering Kan. abortion provider

Jurors swiftly convicted an abortion opponent of murder Friday for shooting to death one of the only doctors to offer late-term abortions in the U.S., a killing the gunman claimed was justified to save the lives of unborn children. The jury deliberated for just 37 minutes before finding Scott Roeder, 51, of Kansas City, Mo., guilty of premeditated, first-degree murder for putting a gun to the forehead of Dr. George Tiller on May 31 and pulling the trigger. Defense attorney Mark Rudy described his case as helpless and hopeless. “I’ve never seen anyone lay himself out as much as Mr. Roeder did,” Rudy said after the verdict, referring to his client’s confessions. [This guy obviously thought the anti abortion crowd would come out of the woodwork and loudly defend his defenseless actions. That said, had Roeder kicked in the door of Tiller’s clinic moments before he was scheduled to suck the brain out of a late term viable human being and capped his ass the outcome of this trial may have been much different though he likely would still be headed to prison on a lesser charge…ed]

‘Bin Laden’ blames US for global warming

A new message said to be from al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has blamed global warming on the US and other big industrial nations. The audio tape, broadcast on al-Jazeera TV, urges a boycott of the US dollar “to free humankind from slavery”. “All industrial nations, mainly the big ones, are responsible for the crisis of global warming,” the latest tape says. “This is a message to the whole world about those who are causing climate change, whether deliberately or not, and what we should do about that.” [LMFAO! The global warming whackjobs are really getting desperate when they try and recruit ‘Obama’ Bin Laden into their cause. Al Gore, is that you? After all we haven’t seen your bloviating ass in quite some time!…ed]

4th quarter’s fast economic pace likely to wane

The burst of economic growth at the end of 2009 — the fastest in more than six years — is likely to fade. The economy expanded at an annual rate of 5.7 percent in the fourth quarter, the second straight quarter of growth. But analysts warn it’s unsustainable. Consumer spending, chilled by double-digit unemployment and scant wage gains, remains weak. And the benefits of government aid and higher company output to feed stockpiles will dwindle. Many analysts predict gross domestic product will expand at a rate closer to 2.5 to 3 percent in the current quarter and 2.5 percent or less for the year. That won’t be enough to significantly reduce the unemployment rate, now 10 percent. In fact, most analysts expect the rate to keep rising for months and to remain close to 10 percent through year’s end. To drive down the jobless rate by just 1 percentage point this year, the economy would have to grow by 5 percent for the whole year. No one thinks that will happen. [Bank on these GDP numbers from this administration, which will be getting downgraded again after the weak buzz dies down, mean absolutely nothing to the millions of unemployed Americans. Here is a another take on this GDP bounce…ed]

Stewart: Matthews Is ‘One Scotch Away From Being Ron Burgundy’

Comedian Jon Stewart Thursday mocked MSNBC’s Chris Matthews for his absurd comment about having forgotten President Obama was black during the previous night’s State of the Union address. “If you watched the speech, and afterwards just wanted to have your mind blown, you gotta stick with Chris Matthews,” teased the “Daily Show” host. After showing the video of Matthews’ foolish remark, Stewart quipped, “You know what else you might have forgotten? You’re miked!” [Hilarious!…ed]

Study: Cell phone bans don’t reduce accidents

A new study suggests laws banning the use of hand-held devices while driving have not reduced the rate of accidents in three states and the District of Columbia. In addition to the nation’s capital, the report by the Highway Loss Data Institute reviews insurance claims in New York, Connecticut and California. It also compares the data to other areas that do not have cell phone bans. “The laws aren’t reducing crashes, even though we know that such laws have reduced hand-held phone use, and several studies have established that phoning while driving increases crash risk,” said Adrian Lund, president of the Highway Loss Data Institute. [Cell phones don’t cause vehicle wrecks, inattentive morons behind the wheel do. Of course government officials are more interested in the revenue stream than they are with factual data so this study isn’t gonna amount to a hill of beans…ed]

Quote of the day.

The Supreme Court just predetermined the winners of next November’s elections.

-Democrat NY Sen. Chuck Schumer commenting on the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold our Constitution’s First Amendment and allow American corporations to participate in our election process.

[In reality Schumer it’s your disastrous president and your fellow left wing nutjobs who have predetermined the outcome of the midterm election in November whether you choose to believe reality of not is completely up to you chump. BTW folks, this sleazeball is teaming up with Maryland Democrat Rep. Chris van Hollen to write legislation which will attempt to essentially undo the court’s decision and hopefully get it rammed through Congress long before November. …ed]

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