Democrat Senator Ben Nelson's New Campaign Strategy: Show Me The Money Baby!

You may recall Nebraska Democrat Senator Ben Nelson provided the controversial and critical 60th vote in December to pass ObamaCare in exchange for a sweet deal from Senate Leader and Democrat Harry Reid. That deal? The state of Nebraska would never have to pay it’s share of the increased Medicaid costs in the bill that was dumped on every other state in the union. Needless to say there has been one hell of a backlash against Nelson for his “Cornhusker Kickback” even from Nebraska residents who would have benefited from the deal.

Now that he is taking a beating in the polls back home following his decisive vote on the ObamaCare bill that nearly two thirds of Americans do NOT want he is trying to backtrack as best he can while also attempting to save face with his Democrat supporters in Nebraska. A game of political Twister if you will.

Word on the street is Nelson has been working on a new campaign ad aimed at explaining to the voters what was on his mind when he allowed Reid to buy him off and I happened to come across a copy of it. Whether this will be the final product or not is apparently still up in the air but it’s worth spending a couple of minutes to check it out.

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