Friday January 8th

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What’s Islam? Don’t Ask Google

Type a few words into the search field on Google’s home page and the engine automatically returns a helpful list of popular, similar searches for the words you’ve typed in so far — a convenient way to find the right information. Enter “Christianity is” and you’ll find results that, while offensive, at least indicate common discussions on the Internet. Likewise, type “Judaism is” and Google suggests other, potentially offensive searches such as “Judaism is false” and “Judaism is not a race.” But type “Islam is” into the search engine and Google’s auto-results pane mysteriously vanishes, leading some to conclude that Google, whose mantra is “don’t be evil,” is censoring its search results. [It’s OK. The loony leftists at Google say it’s just a software glitch that gives these results and I’m sure they’re working diligently to get to the bottom of it…ed]

Officials: Anti-Muslim images are protected speech

Two Minnesota prosecutors say they won’t file charges against a man who investigators say admitted posting anti-Muslim images in front of a mosque, a Somali-owned store and other spots. They say the cartoons are protected under the First Amendment. The posters put up last month in the St. Cloud area depicted images such as the Prophet Muhammad engaged in bestiality and an Islamic crescent with a swastika inside it. [If muslims don’t like our Constitution’s First Amendment they are free to pack their crap and move back to the armpit they came from…ed]

Judge tosses out most evidence on Gitmo detainee

A federal judge has tossed out most of the government’s evidence against a tarrorism [sic] detainee on grounds his confessions were coerced, allegedly by U.S. forces, before he became a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay. In a ruling this week, U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan also said the government failed to establish that 23 statements the detainee made to interrogators at Guantanamo Bay were untainted by the earlier coerced statements made while he was held under harsh conditions in Afghanistan. However, the judge said statements he made during two military administrative hearings at the U.S. detention center in Cuba, where he was assisted by a personal representative, were reliable and sufficient to justify holding the detainee. Musa’ab Omar Al Madhwani allegedly engaged in a 2 1/2-hour firefight with Pakistani authorities before his capture in a Karachi apartment in 2002. [A harbinger of things to come, comes to mind. If you don’t think Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to divert a bunch of these terrorists away from military tribunals and into civilian courts then you sure don’t know the Kenyan very well…ed]

Obama Funder ‘Jodie Evans’ In White House Visitor Log days after Code Pink Hamas Trip

The name of Obama funder and terrorist sympathizer Jodie Evans turns up twice in recently released White House visitor logs. The logs show that a ‘Jodie Evans’ met with Buffy Wicks, the Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement (OPE) on June 19, 2009. The meeting came just days after Evans’ group, Code Pink, visited the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza from May 28th to June 14th and was given a letter by Hamas to deliver to President Barack Obama. On December 30th, the Obama administration released 25,000 records of visitors to the White House complex from the latter half of September. Mixed in those records were visits from other dates, including two by ‘Jodie Evans’ in June. [Keep in mind Code Pink is a George Soros funded group dedicated to undermining this country every chance they get and one of the founders has direct access to Barack Hussein Obama inside of OUR White House…ed]

Lehman: Clueless Obama

After watching President Obama’s remarks on national security this afternoon, John Lehman, the secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration and a member of the 9/11 Commission, tells National Review Online that, “frankly, I’m pissed off.” “President Obama just doesn’t get it,” says Lehman. “I don’t think he has a clue. It’s all pure spin. He’s ignoring key issues and taking respectable professionals like John Brennan and turning them into hacks and shills. It’s beyond contempt.” “The president has ignored the 9/11 Commission’s report,” says Lehman. “This whole idea that we can fix things by jumping higher and faster is ridiculous. The fact is that the system worked just like we said it would work if the president failed to give the Director of National Intelligence the tools he needs: it’s bloated, bureaucratic, layered, and stultified.” [Obama “clueless?” No, I don’t think so. Deliberate and unflinching in his quest to destroy the U.S. in every way possible? Absolutely…ed]

Obama Unveils Green Jobs Plan After Economy Loses 85,000 Jobs in December

President Obama announced Friday that he’ll create jobs of the future by building a “robust clean energy sector” following news that the unemployment rate remained stuck at 10 percent in December. Figures released Friday showed that employers shed a more-than-expected 85,000 jobs last month as hundreds of thousands of people stopped looking for work altogether, reversing the slight gains from the month before. Obama said the government would provide more than $2 billion in tax credits already approved by Congress to add some 17,000 green jobs for 183 projects to develop solar and wind power and energy management technologies. [2.3 BILLION tax dollars comes in somewhere around $135,294 per non-sustainable “job” in this stupid phony “green jobs” nonsense and that doesn’t even take into account the interest we’ll have to pay. This is INSANITY not hope and change…ed]

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Glenn Beck: African-American ‘a bogus, PC, made-up term’; ‘not a race’

Glenn Beck may have stepped in it again. Sort of. The radio host and Fox News Channel commentator has folks in a minor uproar for even questioning the term African-American on his syndicated radio show Thursday. “African-American is a bogus, PC, made-up term,” Beck said, in a discussion about the new Census forms. “That is not a race. Your ancestry is from Africa, and now you live in America. Okay, so you were brought over, either your family was brought over in the slave trade, or you were born here and your family immigrated here, or whatever. But that is not a race.” [What’s the “controversy?” He’s absolutely correct, “African American” is not an ethnicity. That got me to thinking of what the letters of the black people’s advocacy group, the NAACP, stands for. So where’s the “outrage” over that?…ed]

Economist Was Under Contract With HHS While Touting Health Reform Bill

MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, one of the leading academic defenders of health care reform, is taking heat for failing to disclose consistently that he was under contract with the Department of Health and Human Services while he was touting the Democrats’ health proposals in the media. Gruber, according to federal government documents, is under a $297,600 contract until next month to provide “technical assistance” in evaluating health care reform proposals. He was under a $95,000 HHS contract before that. But while he was being paid to provide his services to HHS, he was also fending off health care reform critics in the media. Gruber was one of the prominent analysts to rebut an insurance industry report from PricewaterhouseCoopers in October saying premiums would shoot up if a health care bill passes. And he has recently written columns defending specific provisions in the House and Senate bills, particularly the “Cadillac tax” on high-cost insurance plans. [Remember the name Armstrong Williams? Sure you do, it was front page news for weeks. The left wingers went nuts! I wonder if the media and the liberals will be just as upset over this Gruber revelation?…ed]

CDC: Swine flu now widespread only in 1 state

Swine flu infections continue to drop and only one state — Alabama — was reporting widespread cases last week. Four states had widespread cases the previous week. The number has been dropping since late October, when nearly all states had widespread flu reports. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also reported Friday that there are no signs of seasonal flu right now, only the swine variety. [Golly, sure am glad I was able to resist the Obama administration fueled hysteria over this so called swine flu “pandemic” sweeping the nation. I wonder if the whole thing was just a ruse to try and convince Americans we needed the government to take over our health care system at the time the Democrats were trying to ram the legislation through Congress?…ed]

Truckloads Of Unused Swine Flu Vaccines

After months of fear, media coverage and government warnings there wasn’t as much demand for the swine flu vaccine in New York state as expected. Truckloads of swine flu vaccines are being returned by counties that say the expected demand for the shots never happened. When the state’s H1N1 vaccination program kicked off in the fall there were fears that there wouldn’t be enough of the new vaccine to go around. The flu strain has not spread as wide as feared and some people were also unsure of pumping a quickly developed vaccine into their bodies. [I’m sure the fear of slamming a quickly developed unproven vaccine into one’s body overcame the silly over the top hyped up nonsense over the pig flu for most folks…ed]

Democrats Trapped In A Vicious Circle

In the world of economics, a virtuous circle is created when a series of positive events triggers a self-perpetuating pattern of other good occurrences — a positive feedback loop, in other words. A vicious circle, of course, is just the opposite and appears to be what Democrats are caught in these days. Over the past five weeks, four House Democrats in difficult districts have announced their intention to retire and a fifth switched to the GOP; then, in a single day, news broke that three more Democrats, Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, and Gov. Bill Ritter of Colorado, have decided not to seek re-election and that Michigan Lt. Gov. John Cherry, who had been expected to be the party’s gubernatorial nominee, has opted out of the race. (SNIP) But if Democrats suffer much more erosion in their “Solid” and “Likely” columns, control of the House will suddenly be up for grabs. [November is gonna be a political bloodbath for the Democrats. Bet the farm on it…ed]

What the GOP Can Learn from a Pizza Chain

This is one of those rare moments when the conventional wisdom in Washington is right. The Democrats are poised to have a bad year; the only argument is over how bad it will be. And that question rests on whether or not the Republican party crafts an agenda voters will support. So far the GOP has shrewdly been the “party of no.” Since I disagree with so much of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda, I happen to think that “no” is the correct position on the merits. But that’s not the point. Saying “no” has worked because that’s what most Americans say, too. (SNIP) Now comes the hard part: seizing the opportunity. Fortunately, I’m not a political consultant. But if I were giving my two cents — and whaddya know? I am! — I’d tell the GOP to look not to Reagan in 1980 or Gingrich in 1994, as so many pundits suggest. I’d look to Domino’s in 2010. [I think Goldberg is onto something here as conservatives have just about had it with the gang of RINOs stinking up Congress…ed]

Global Warmists’ Mouths Frozen Shut

After the climate hoaxers and extortionists quietly slunk home after their utter failure in Copenhagen, one might have expected a barrage of “the end is nigh” press releases by Al Gore and friends, explaining how the refusal of governments to kneecap their economies will lead to us all being slowly convection baked to death in a never-ending trend of man-made global warming. But apparently the alarmists have gone into hibernation…perhaps because world-wide record breaking cold would expose errors so great that even the “mainstream” news would have to call them out as full of (much needed) hot air. As often seems to happen around big “global warming events”, Copenhagen was hit with extremely cold weather during the “climate conference,” including a blizzard on December 17…in a country which hasn’t had a white Christmas since 1995. In a bit of “God must have a sense of humor” irony, the cold weather followed President Obama home, dumping record snowfalls in and around Washington, D.C. two days later. [I’m guessing wind farms and solar panels wouldn’t be doing much good for the people freezing to death all over the planet right now…ed]

Quote of the day.

While legislation can stimulate and encourage, the real creative ability which builds up and develops the country, and in general makes human existence more tolerable and life more complete, has to be supplied by the genius of the people themselves. The Government can supply no substitute for enterprise.

-Calvin Coolidge 1924.

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