Obama Transparency: Allows All Of One Hour Healthcare C-Span Coverage

(A 2500 page takeover by the government of our healthcare system and Obama says he will “allow” all of one hour of televised coverage of the negotiations conducted solely by the Congressional Democrats. What a guy. I’m pretty sure this is how they do stuff in communist North Korea.)

This C-Span/Healthcare/Barack Hussein Obama/Transparency thing has really blown up in the embattled president’s face here the last couple of days with no signs of the criticism from all sides letting up anytime soon.

C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb made a radio appearance with liberal talker Bill Press and claimed his company was simply “used as a political football” during the presidential campaign. Even uber lefty Press seemed to be disappointed in the lack of transparency with the Obama administration.

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Shockingly even the lapdog White House media corps kinda sorta jumped into the fray, grilling an obviously flustered and annoyed Robert “Mr. Family Guy” Gibbs over Obama’s campaign lies about full transparency during the healthcare negotiations.

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