Thursday January 7th

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Detroit attack: US border guards knew alleged terrorist was on flight

Officials from the Transport Security Administration discovered Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s name on the Customs and Border Protection database after he boarded his Northwest flight in Amsterdam and were waiting to question him upon landing in Detroit, according to senior law enforcement officials. The disclosure appears to show US intelligence was close to uncovering the terrorist plot, despite the barrage of criticism it has come under since Abdulmutallab, 23, failed to detonate a bomb aboard a Northwest airliner on Christmas Day. [I wonder if perhaps the FLIGHT CREW would have liked to have known they had this guy on board as they were flying over the expansive Atlantic ocean?…ed]

National security adviser: Airline bomber report to ‘shock’

White House national security adviser James Jones says Americans will feel “a certain shock” when they read an account being released Thursday of the missed clues that could have prevented the alleged Christmas Day bomber from ever boarding the plane. President Obama “is legitimately and correctly alarmed that things that were available, bits of information that were available, patterns of behavior that were available, were not acted on,” Jones said in an interview Wednesday with USA TODAY. “That’s two strikes,” Obama’s top White House aide on defense and foreign policy issues said, referring to the foiled bombing of the Detroit-bound airliner and the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, in November. In that case, too, officials failed to act when red flags were raised about an Army psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Hasan. He has been charged with killing 13 people. [Nothing coming from the Obama administration spin meisters will “shock” anyone who has been paying attention to what this “president” is deliberately doing to this country. This “account” is nothing more than an attempt to cover Obama’s ass and create another “crisis” that will cost Americans more of their liberties…ed]

The Butt Bomb

In the wake of the failed bombing attempt by Nigerian Al Qaeda operative Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, airport security experts are wringing their hands over how to stop the next underwear bomber. X-ray machines don’t detect the type of explosive, known as PETN, that Abdulmutallab carried. Only a careful pat-down around Abdulmutallab’s crotch, where the explosive had been sewn into his undies, would have detected his deadly cargo. (SNIP) Even a pat-down thorough enough to simulate foreplay, however, won’t protect us completely—not from a threat that sounds even more absurd than an underwear bomb and that is also more alarming: the butt bomb. The concept is simple. Rather than sew explosives into his underwear, a terrorist might actually plant a bomb, which can weigh as little as a pound, inside his anal cavity. [Perhaps the TSA can have Barney Frank head up the new Department of Anal Cavity Searches for Muslim Airline Passengers?…ed]

NCTC director Michael Leiter remained on ski slopes after Christmas Day airline bombing attempt

The top official in charge of analyzing terror threats did not cut short his ski vacation after the underwear bomber nearly blew up an airliner on Christmas Day, the Daily News has learned. Michael Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center since 2007, decided not to return to his agency’s “bat cave” nerve center in McLean, Va., until several days after Christmas, two U.S. officials said. “People have been grumbling that he didn’t let a little terrorism interrupt his vacation,” said one of the sources. [Yeah, so? Obama stayed in Hawaii, golfing, going to the zoo and picking up some shaved ice with the family while all this was going on. It took him FOUR DAYS to even comment on the near catastrophe and he didn’t even get back to Washington DC until three days ago…ed]

Fla. police: Man threatening Jews taken off flight

An airline passenger who yelled “I want to kill all the Jews” on a Detroit-bound plane was arrested on disorderly conduct and other charges, but authorities said Thursday the incident didn’t appear terrorism-related. Mansor Mohammad Asad, 43, of Toledo, Ohio, was arrested Wednesday night after a taxiing Northwest Airlines flight returned to a gate at Miami International Airport, Miami-Dade police said. After a confrontation with officers, Asad was charged with threats against a public servant, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence. [Sounds like a hate crime to me. After all if someone were to say “I want to kill all the homosexuals” or “I want to kill all the muslims” in the middle of a mall they would most certainly be facing “hate crime” charges…ed]

Danger Explosive Transported to Ireland After Failed Security Test in Slovakia

A quantity of danger explosives was brought into Ireland as result of failed security test in Slovakia. During the live security tests on Saturday, Slovak authorities planted eight special items, including the plastic explosives, in the luggage of unsuspecting passengers as they prepared to board international flights at Bratislava and Poprad airports. Seven items were detected by airport security, but the eighth one – 90g of research development explosive (RDX) – was lost and unwittingly transported to Dublin by 49-year-old Slovakian man in his luggage. [This stupidity easily sounds like something this country’s TSA clowns would get caught up in…ed]

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Poverty Does Not Cause Terrorism

The canard that poverty causes terrorism just won’t die. It was one thing when Nation writer David Corn and others connected the two back in 2002. The liberal default position is that poverty causes crime. It was an instant knee-jerk reaction after 9/11. But by now we all ought to know better. Except, the theory is still being peddled despite the lack of evidence to support it. On Monday the Times of London, citing analysts, reported: “‘Orchard of fighters’ grows out of poverty and mistrust in Yemen.” Last week, President Obama said of the Christmas bomber, “We know that he traveled to Yemen, a country grappling with crushing poverty and deadly insurgencies.” Yemen’s crushing poverty? Abdul Mutallab isn’t even Yemeni; he is Nigerian, and an affluent one, at that. [Someone please clue Hillary Clinton in on the fact that radical ideology is what motivates these crazy bastards to get involved in terrorism, not “poverty”…ed]

Development aid key to terrorism fight: Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an impassioned appeal Wednesday for greater US international development aid, saying it was vital to US and global security at a time of growing extremist threats. Development is a “strategic, economic and moral imperative,” the top US diplomat said in a speech at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. “We cannot stop terrorism or defeat the ideologies of violent extremism when hundreds of millions of young people see a future with no jobs, no hope, and no way ever to catch up to the developed world,” she said. [Typical moronic liberal blather. Take money from the productive and give it to those that are not. Hey Hillary, take a moment and read the previously posted article will ya?…ed]

Witch-doctors reveal extent of child sacrifice in Uganda

A BBC investigation into human sacrifice in Uganda has heard first-hand accounts which suggest ritual killings of children may be more common than authorities have acknowledged. One witch-doctor led us to his secret shrine and said he had clients who regularly captured children and brought their blood and body parts to be consumed by spirits. (SNIP) The Ugandan government told us that human sacrifice is on the increase, and according to the head of the country’s Anti-Human Sacrifice Taskforce the crime is directly linked to rising levels of development and prosperity, and an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich quickly. [Wait, WHAT? Rising levels of DEVELOPMENT and PROSPERITY have led this ass backwards country to terrorize their own children by using them for human sacrifices? Someone tell Hillary…ed]

Rubin, Oil Rally Predictor, Sees $100 Crude in 2010

Jeff Rubin, the former CIBC World Markets Inc. chief economist who accurately predicted oil’s surge during the last decade, expects crude to reach $90 a barrel this quarter and $100 by the year’s end. Accelerating demand in Asia and the Middle East will force consumers to rely on costlier non-conventional energy sources such as oil sands, said Rubin, who spent 20 years with the Toronto-based bank and last year published a book on energy economics, “Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller.” Rubin correctly forecast in 2007 that crude would reach $100. “It’s safe to say that we’ll see triple-digit oil prices by the fourth quarter of this year,” Rubin, 55, said in a telephone interview yesterday. [Maybe we should try drilling for all of the ample oil in THIS country to satisfy our needs and keep prices under control? Oh wait we can’t…ed]

Interior chief adds hurdles for drilling on public lands

Energy companies seeking to drill for oil and gas on public lands in the U.S. will face stiffer environmental scrutiny and new regulatory hurdles under changes announced Wednesday by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. The new policies limit the federal government’s practice of fast-tracking some drilling proposals by exempting them from detailed environmental studies. The changes also direct the Bureau of Land Management, which oversees more than 260 million acres of federal land, to conduct on-site assessments and seek expanded public input on proposed oil and gas leases. Salazar said the changes were designed to ensure a “thoughtful” approach to energy development on federal lands and represented a rejection of Bush-era policies that made “our public lands essentially the candy store of the oil and gas industry, who could walk in and take whatever they wanted.” [No, the Bush administration was doing what it could to reduce the dependence on imported oil from countries who hate ours while developing natural resources here in the U.S. and in turn providing good paying jobs for American citizens. The America hating Obama administration? Not so much…ed]

Uh-oh: The return of $3 gas

Baby, it’s cold outside! And that’s bad news for anybody who’s been to the gas station lately. The frigid temperatures across much of the United States so far this year are one reason why energy prices have recently spiked. Crude oil is now hovering around $82.50 a barrel, barely below a 14-month high. Even more troublesome for consumers, the average price of an unleaded gallon of gasoline nationwide is now nearly $2.71 a gallon, according to AAA. Gas prices have shot up 7 cents in just the past week and are now higher than they were during any point in 2009. [Ok, I’m going to sit back and wait for all of the same idiots who blamed Bush for $3 a gallon gas to come out of the woodwork and now start shouting at Obama. Any minute now. Seriously, they’ll start yelling any second…ed]

White House budget director ditched pregnant girlfriend for ABC News gal

President Obama’s budget guru has a secret love child — with the woman he jilted before hooking up with his hot new fiance, The Post has learned. White House budget director Peter Orszag’s ex, shipping heiress Claire Milonas, gave birth to little Tatiana Zoe in New York Nov. 17. That was just six weeks before Orzsag and ABC news babe Bianna Golodryga gleefully announced their engagement on national TV and in the press. Orszag and Milonas, the daughter of New York-based Greek shipping magnate Spiros Milonas, were a serious item when he met the stunning Golodgryga at the White House correspondents’ dinner. [This Obama administration dork, who couldn’t get laid in a men’s prison shower full of slippery bars of soap, embroiled in a love child scandal? What next? Find out Barack is a switch hitter?…ed]

The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Democrats

This past week, I was having lunch at a restaurant in midtown Manhattan when my colleague noticed Al and Tipper Gore dining across the room with another couple. It was a frigid day, with record-breaking temperatures keeping most people indoors, and we were the last two tables in the restaurant. As the Gore party started walking out of the room, my colleague called out, “Hey, Al, how’s all that global warming working out for you?” Gore turned around and stared at us with a completely dumbfounded look on his face. He was speechless. With a smile, my colleague repeated the question, again to a hapless look of dismay. Finally, Gore mumbled under his breath, “Wow, you sound awfully angry.” I responded with a thank you, explaining to him that we were actually extremely amused. The encounter concluded with Gore’s friend mouthing a very animated “f— you” at us, and they skulked away. [A terrific post of the day and it isn’t just about the hoaxster Al Gore…ed]

Riding high a year ago, Democrats now fear disaster ahead

What a difference a year makes. Last January, Democrats were streaming into Washington eager to celebrate not just the inauguration of Barack Obama as president, but also their party’s ascendancy from coast to coast. They’d gained ground in once-Republican turf such as the Mountain West and the Border South, added to their majorities in Congress and topped it all by seizing the presidency. “Yes, we can,” a triumphant Obama trumpeted, and the country seemed to cheer in agreement. Now, the country seems to be yelling back, “No, you can’t,” and putting the Democrats on the defensive heading into next fall’s elections, when the entire House of Representatives, 37 seats in the Senate and 39 governor’s offices are up for election. [That’s what happens when you misunderstand what the voters are saying and overreach to the point that both your arms have popped out of their sockets at the shoulder. Bye bye a whole bunch of you ‘Rats come November…ed]

Conservatives Finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group

The increased conservatism that Gallup first identified among Americans last June persisted throughout the year, so that the final year-end political ideology figures confirm Gallup’s initial reporting: conservatives (40%) outnumbered both moderates (36%) and liberals (21%) across the nation in 2009. More broadly, the percentage of Americans calling themselves either conservative or liberal has increased over the last decade, while the percentage of moderates has declined. [I have a sneaking suspicion many people who consider themselves liberal don’t really know what today’s liberal is all about. I’m not referring to the loony leftists, I’m talking about your average joe/jane on the street who say they are “liberal” because all the “cool” people claim the same. When you describe an issue and ask the alleged “liberal” where he/she stands you find out the so called liberal is in reality, a conservative….ed]

Pearl Harbor Day erased! Happy Islamic New Year

Explosive outrage is being unleashed on a popular supermarket chain after it published a 2010 calendar marking the date of Dec. 7 with the Islamic New Year, while eliminating any mention of Pearl Harbor Day, commemorating the 1941 attack on the U.S. by Japan. Joyce Kaufman, a talk-show host on WFTL Radio in South Florida, made the “date which will live in infamy” the centerpiece of her broadcast today, expressing outrage at Publix Supermarkets for its calendar omission. “We have guys that are fighting Islamic fundamentalists right now in Afghanistan and guarding them from ruining what little freedom they have achieved in Iraq,” said Kaufman. “And now I gotta celebrate their new year over here in my country when they’re getting on airplanes and trying to blow up planes out of the sky in Detroit? I gotta have their New Year’s Day on my calendar and not Pearl Harbor Day? We’ve lost our minds!” [What in the world was the upper management at Publix Supermarket thinking when they approved this calendar?…ed]

Pro-Life Advocates Plan to Protest Opening of Largest Abortion Clinic in U.S.

A coalition of pro-life advocates and religious leaders plan to gather in Houston on Jan. 18 to oppose what is expected to be the largest abortion clinic in the country. Planned Parenthood is renovating a former bank, turning it into a 78,000 square foot facility that will include a surgical wing equipped to provide late-term abortions. “It’s an abortion super center,” Lou Engle, founder of the pro-life group The Call to Conscience, which is organizing the rally, told [Just thought the good people of Houston would like to know what was going on in their backyard…ed]

Quote of the day.

A little rebellion now and then is a good thing and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.

-Thomas Jefferson 1787.

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