Wednesday December 23rd

Why Does Interpol Need Immunity from American Law?

You just can’t make up how brazen this crowd is. One week ago, President Obama quietly signed an executive order that makes an international police force immune from the restraints of American law. Interpol is the shorthand for the International Criminal Police Organization. It was established in 1923 and operates in about 188 countries. By executive order 12425, issued in 1983, President Reagan recognized Interpol as an international organization and gave it some of the privileges and immunities customarily extended to foreign diplomats. Interpol, however, is also an active law-enforcement agency, so critical privileges and immunities (set forth in Section 2(c) of the International Organizations Immunities Act) were withheld. (SNIP) Steve Schippert has more at ThreatsWatch, here. [Don’t expect to see this reported anywhere in the lamestream media! Because of Obama, foreign agents are free to do their business on our soil unbound by our laws and Constitution but U.S. soldiers fighting on behalf of our country in other lands are subject to prosecution for not granting enemy combatants their “Constitutional rights.” This friends is the beginning of the end as our sovereignty and freedom are being stripped away by this America hating president…ed]

The Communists Behind Obama’s Health Care Goals

The polls have been clear for quite some time: By a substantial margin, Americans oppose the efforts of Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats to enact a massive overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system, one that would greatly expand the federal government’s role. Significantly, the President’s deeply held positions on healthcare were derived largely from the influence of a politically aggressive group of longtime Marxists whose worldviews were consistent with those Obama had already developed from other radical influences in his life. (SNIP) Barack Obama did not conceive of socialized medicine on his own. His acceptance of such a system was cultivated and nurtured by the same types of Marxist revolutionaries with whom he has surrounded himself throughout his entire adult life – and who are now shaping the major policy agendas of his administration. [This article is a brutally eye opening expose into the scumbags who have influenced Obama and helped him develop what he hopes will be his plans for our country. This one will get you seething…ed]

Senators Cite New Budget Letter to Argue Health Care Bill Will Hike Deficit

Republicans, emboldened by a new letter from the Congressional Budget Office, accused Democrats on Wednesday of “Bernie Madoff accounting” for double counting the savings from Medicare as a means to pay for the Senate health care bill. As the Senate prepares for a crucial vote before final passage of a massive overhaul bill that Democrats argue will reduce the deficit by $132 billion over 10 years, Sen. Jeff Sesssions, R-Ala, said the nearly $500 billion in cuts to Medicare actually will add $300 billion to the deficit. “The real score on this legislation is that it would cause the deficit to increase, and not be a surplus as the president has promised,” Sessions told Fox News. “And a lot members of our Congress have said I won’t vote for this bill unless it’s deficit neutral. It’s not deficit neutral. It will add to the debt. That’s clear today.” [I don’t mean to beat this bogus healthcare scam being rammed through Congress by the Democrats to death but they have been lying about this piece of crap from day one and we MUST stay on top of truthful information as it comes out…ed]

Merry Christmas: Obamacare Slaps $15,000 Annual Fee on Middle Class Families

The Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the final Senate health care bill indicates it would slap a mandatory annual fee of about $15,000 on middle-class families that earn an annual income greater than 400 percent of the federal poverty level ($88,200 for a family of four) and are not provided with health insurance by their employer. On Dec. 19, the CBO sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) analyzing the fiscal impact of the bill the Senate is poised to vote on before Christmas. The CBO analysis cites five basic facts about the bill that acting together would deal a devastating financial blow to many middle class families if the bill is enacted and enforced as written. Here are these facts: [Obama, Pelosi and Reid are hoping the vast majority of the American public is too busy trying to stay employed to notice how they are getting ready to bend us over and drive this Obamacare home without any lubricant. Fortunately (?) millions of citizens are out of work since Obama took office and have a lot more time on their hands enabling them to stay on top of what these filthy rotten anti American bums are up to…ed]

Health Care Bill Could Face String of Legal Challenges

Organizations and lawmakers opposed to the health care reform package are getting their legal briefs in a bunch, threatening to challenge the constitutionality of the sweeping overhaul should it make its way to President Obama’s desk. Republicans have agreed to allow the Democratic-led Senate to move up the time for a final vote to 8 a.m. Thursday so that lawmakers and their staff can go home for Christmas. But GOP supporters aren’t backing down on their threats to put a stop to the legislation using whatever legal means possible. [It’s high time conservatives quit being nice and polite while getting rolled every time we turn around. Obama, the Democrat controlled Congress and liberals throughout this country are hell bent on destroying our Constitution and our country as we know it. When we get a chance to see what’s really in this monstrosity let the lawsuits start flying…ed]

Obamacare sparking 10th Amendment rebellion, action in seven states

Looks like the steadily growing list of constitutional, ethical and political outrages that constitute the Harry Reid version of Obamacare is sparking a rebellion in the states, as AP reports South Carolina’s attorney general plans to investigate the vote-buying that surrounded the proposal in the Senate majority leader’s office. According to AP, South Carolina’s Henry McMaster is being joined by the attorneys general of Michigan and Washington state in a suit to determine the constitutionality of the Obamacare proposal. Their initiative was prompted by a request from South Carolina’s two senators, Lindsay Graham and Jim DeMint, both Republicans. Attorneys-general in at least four other states are also considering joining McMasters, according to AP. A move by a group of states to challenge the constitutionality of Obamacare could reinvigorate the efficacy of the 10th Amendment, which reserves to the states or the people all rights not specifically granted to the federal government. [The federal government, under BOTH parties, has been running roughshod over states’ rights and the Tenth Amendment for decades and we are quickly approaching the tipping point where the people simply aren’t going to take it any more…ed]

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Bush bashing gets old

President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and their minions on the far left open every speech and press conference with some cheap shot, blaming the Bush administration for the problems they are supposedly dealing with. The Democrats have owned majorities in the Senate and House since January 2007, meaning they have every committee chairmanship and a majority on every committee. Obama has been in power nearly a year. It is past time for Democrats to take responsibility for their own actions rather than continuing to blame Bush for every ill known to mankind. The current economic woes started with the housing crash created by the financial insolvency of mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The two men most responsible for this fiasco are U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd, chairman of Senate Banking Committee, and U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of House Finance and Banking Committee. They pushed for risky lending practices while fighting Bush proposals for more regulation of these lenders. [The Democrats will continue to use the anti Bush rhetoric as long as their public relations cronies in the lamestream media continue to give credence to their bullshit. That said, polls show that the American public is clearly coming around to the realization they’ve been had by Obama and the Democrats in Congress and are poised to make some real changes come November 2010…ed]

Barack Obama’s Top Ten Foreign Policy Follies

This has hardly been a stellar year for the projection of American global power. Weakness, rather than strength, has been the hallmark of US foreign policy under Barack Obama, from the Iranian nuclear crisis to dithering over the war in Afghanistan. Instead of strong American leadership, the White House has all too often offered humiliating apologies for America’s past and embarrassing gaffes. Here is a list of the ten biggest foreign policy follies of Barack Obama’s first year in office. [Obama hasn’t committed any “gaffes” when it comes to foreign policy. He was brought in to deliberately knock our country down several notches in the eyes of the world and he has done a remarkable jobs doing so in the 11 months he has stunk up our White House. Only three more years to go with this guy but by then we’ll be viewed as on a par with say Zimbabwe by the rest of the planet. The Kenyan can then proudly declare “Mission Accomplished!”…ed]

Obama the party crasher: Foreign leaders were avoiding the president in Copenhagen

Barack Obama is not used to being the guy not invited to a party. At the Copenhagen global warming conference, however, he found that not everyone wanted to hang with him. Our president can’t take a hint. (SNIP) “We were told they were at the airport,” a senior administration official said. “We were told delegations were split up. We were told they weren’t going to meet.” So imagine Mr. Obama’s surprise when he arrived for the bilateral powwow and found all four leaders in the room already in deep discussion. “Are you ready for me?” he said with an “uncharacteristic edge” to his voice, according to a CBS News report. “We weren’t crashing a meeting,” an Obama flack later explained defensively. “We were going for our bilateral meeting.” But that didn’t stop him from walking in where he wasn’t invited. [First Obama was told all the other players were at the airport getting ready to go home (a deliberate lie) then he stumbles onto this same group having serious discussions and discovers he wasn’t invited. If this happened to Bush the lamestream media would have been all over it. Since this humiliation happened to Obama, not so much…ed]

Skeptics dominate hearing on Guantanamo detainees in Illinois

Federal and state officials faced a vociferous public and skeptical state legislators here Tuesday at a public hearing on the proposal to transfer Guantánamo Bay detainees to the Thompson Correctional Center in northwest Illinois. Three issues dominated the debate: whether or not the state will lose money in selling the correctional center to the federal government, whether giving up an underused facility was wise given the overcrowding in the state’s prisons, and finally, whether the safety of Illinois residents is at stake in housing terror suspects in their backyards. “We’re talking about bringing terrorists to Illinois,” said state Sen. Bill Brady (R). He was one of several who chastised state officials such as Illinois Department of Corrections Director Michael P. Randle with “doubletalk” in suggesting the state prison was at average capacity while at the same time endorsing an early release program for 200 prisoners to shore up bed space. [I’ll bet a large beer the liberals living in Illinois thought closing Gitmo “to raise our standing around the world” and moving the terrorists to the U.S. was a terrific idea …. until they learned that their state would be home to these animals. Heh heh heh…ed]

We Interrupt this Socialization of Medicine to Bring You an Abdication of Our National Defense

Quite intentionally, the Obama administration is making so many radical moves on so many different fronts simultaneously that it’s difficult to stay on top of them all, much less give them the attention they deserve. But while we argue health care and Iran policy and a civilian trial for KSM and the decision to transfer enemy combatants to a U.S. prison, it’s important to notice how dangerously irresponsible the administration’s obsession to close Gitmo has become, and how tawdry the Justice Department is allowing itself to appear. (SNIP) And then there is the appearance of impropriety. As Tom Joscelyn explains, the Justice Department has taken the lead role in making release determinations — the military command at Gitmo has “zero input” and “zero influence,” in its own words. DOJ is rife with attorneys who represented and advocated for the detainees, and, in particular, Attorney General Holder’s firm, represented numerous Yemeni enemy combatants. [In a nutshell the U.S. Attorney General worked for a law firm that defended captured terrorists against charges brought by the United States and now Eric Holder’s Justice Department is releasing very dangerous terrorists back to countries owned and operated by al-Qaeda. Another day, another middle finger to America from this administration …ed]

Domestic Terror Incidents Hit a Peak in 2009

You may not have noticed because most of the plots were foiled, but 2009 saw an unprecedented surge in terror “events” on U.S. soil. When analysts tally these events, they refer to anything from a disrupted plot to U.S. citizens traveling abroad to seek terror training or a lone gunman running amok in the U.S. And by the calculations of Rand Corporation expert Brian Jenkins, more terrorist threats were uncovered in the U.S. during 2009 than in any year since 2001. “There appears to be an increase in [terrorist] activity in the U.S.,” warns Jenkins, who calculates that there have been 32 terror-related “events” on these shores since 9/11, and that 12 of those occurred in 2009. [Shockingly those involved in these domestic terrorist events were all muslims. Who could have ever predicted that?…ed]

Griffith faults Pelosi for switch

Democratic Rep. Parker Griffith announced Tuesday that he’s switching parties – saying he can no longer align himself “with a party that continues to pursue legislation that is bad for our country, hurts our economy and drives us further and further into debt.” “Unfortunately there are those in the Democratic Leadership that continue to push an agenda focused on massive new spending, tax increases, bailouts and a health care bill that is bad for our healthcare system,” Griffith said in a statement. “I have always considered myself to be an independent voice and I have tried to be that voice in Congress – but after watching this agenda firsthand I now believe that the differences in the two parties could not be more clear and that for me to be true to my core beliefs and values I must align myself with the Republican party and speak out clearly on these issues. [Welcome home Griffith. Now get to work on some of your former colleagues and bring them over to the right side of life…ed]

Politically Correct in ’09

Of the many self-inflicted problems that face our country, none is as dangerous to the survival of our nation as the curse of political correctness. Political correctness is a cancer that many Americans, government institutions, businesses and even many individual citizens have willfully embraced and now serve as hosts who intentionally spread this horrible disease. Let me be clear: political correctness is a form of cowardice that leads to brain damage. It concerns itself with feeling good instead of thinking clearly and actually doing good. It masks the truth because the truth is too uncomfortable for the intellectually and spiritually weak in our society. To others, political correctness serves as a useful smokescreen. Political correctness is ultimately about stepping on the throat of common sense and strangling the life out of it. Logic be damned. [Ted Nugent/Joe Arpio 2012. ‘Nuff said…ed]

After Complaint About a Star, an Order to Remove Religious Symbols

It was the week before Christmas when Irv Sutley, a former warehouse worker, first saw the offending ornament in a government building in Sonoma County, just north of here. “I was turning around in the lobby, and I noticed the tree,” Mr. Sutley said. “And then, I noticed the angel.” Mr. Sutley, an atheist, said he then went to the office of the county Board of Supervisors. “And there was a star,” he said. Technically, neither stars nor angels belong to any particular religion. But to the mind of Mr. Sutley, 65, a veteran who has fought to keep religion out of public meetings and buildings, the symbolism was clear. [I wonder if this professional whiner would have the balls to be offended over a state worker wearing a burqa while standing behind the counter at his local DMV office?…ed]

Quanell X criticizes, PAPD Chief responds

The leader of the New Black Panther Party criticized Port Arthur Police for the way the department is investigating the death of 7-week-old Jashawn Keller, but Police Chief Mark Blanton says he will do his job and won’t bow down to what he calls unwarranted pressure. An autopsy shows the baby died December 15 from burns he received when he was placed next to a humidifier, with a sheet covering him and a heater nearby. The family says it was part of a breathing treatment it has used for generations. Police Chief Mark Blanton says the attack on his department is unwarranted and won’t prevent officers from doing their jobs. [Maybe this was an accident, maybe it was homicidal negligence but the police and prosecutors are paid by the citizens to do their job and figure out what happened. This Q-tip punk thug can go pound sand and if he gets in the way of the investigation, throw his fat ass in jail…ed]

November new home sales sink 11 percent

Sales of new homes plunged unexpectedly last month to the lowest level since April, a sign the housing market recovery will be rocky and heavily dependent on the generosity of Uncle Sam. The 11 percent slump from October’s pace shows that consumers are taking their time following an extension of a deadline for first-time buyers to qualify for a tax credit. The incentive was set to expire at the end of November, but Congress pushed back the date to April 30 and expanded the program to include current homeowners who relocate. “They don’t have to act today,” said David Crowe, chief economist at the National Association of Home Builders, who called the results “pretty awful.” New home sales data, released Wednesday, are a better indicator of future real estate activity than sales of previously occupied homes, but capture a smaller slice of the market. [This was unexpected? By who, a Democrat sponsored focus group of preschoolers? There are currently eight bazillion foreclosed properties available for purchase with prices in the basement. Who in their right mind is going to pay full pop for a brand new house they’ll be upside down with in three months?…ed]

Political activist pleads guilty in window-smashing

Activist Maurice Joseph Schwenkler, 24, pleaded guilty Monday to a second-degree misdemeanor for smashing windows at the Colorado Democratic Party headquarters last summer. He received one year of probation and was ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution for the Aug. 25 incident at the party headquarters at West Eighth Avenue and Santa Fe Drive, according to the Denver district attorney’s office. (SNIP) Initially, Democratic Party officials blamed conservative opponents of health care reform for stoking animosity directed at Democrats. Then it became known that Schwenkler had previously worked for a Democratic candidate. [Epic fail but yet another weak ass example of leftists committing crimes in the hopes the media will join them in blaming conservatives…ed]

Pakistan court orders brothers’ noses, ears cut off

A Pakistani court has ordered that two brothers should have their noses and ears cut off after they were found guilty of doing the same to a woman who refused to marry one of them, a government prosecutor said on Tuesday. The judge at an anti-terrorism court in the eastern city of Lahore handed down the sentences on Monday in line with the Islamic law of Qisas. The law was introduced in Pakistan during the military rule of General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq in 1979. It stipulates punishment equal to the crime, akin to an eye-for-an-eye, unless the culprit is pardoned by the victim or the victim’s family. [Islam, the religion of pieces. Think these barbarians will ever move out of the seventh century and join the modern world?…ed]

Quote of the day.

There is no distinctly American criminal class – except Congress.

-Mark Twain

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