Friday December 4th

Al-Qaida Kills Eight Times More Muslims Than Non-Muslims

Few would deny that Muslims too are victims of Islamist terror. But a new study by the Combating Terrorism Center in the US has shown that an overwhelming majority of al-Qaida victims are, in fact, co-religionists. In the battle against unbelievers, can one also kill Muslims? Even the terror network al-Qaida is troubled by this question. A leading al-Qaida ideologue for the terror network, Abu Yahya al-Libi, has developed his own theologically-based theory of collateral damage that allows militants to kill Muslims when it is unavoidable. (SNIP) But even as such apologetic communiqués from al-Qaida show the terror network stylizing itself as a defender of the true faith wrestling with religious concepts, they also make it look as though any dead Muslims are regretful but isolated cases. The facts, though, tell a different story. [Interesting considering Obama’s rules of engagement are designed to place our soldiers in mortal danger so as to not kill or injure muslim “civilians.” This story reminds me of the serious problem of black on black crime here in this country…ed]

Unemployment rate falls to 10 percent

The U.S. unemployment rate edged down to 10 percent in November from 10.2 percent the month before, suggesting that the economy is stabilizing and starting to claw its way back from the deep recession. Non-farm payrolls fell by just 11,000, the Labor Department said Friday, a sign that companies are starting to hang on to workers. In October, 111,000 jobs had vanished, and analysts had expected a much higher number of jobs had been lost in November — as many as 130,000 or more. “The numbers are a lot better than we expected,” said David Wyss, chief economist of Standard & Poor’s. “We’re still looking at unemployment rates that are going to be highest since the postwar record in 1982, but this is encouraging. . . . Small negatives are better than big negatives. Flat is the new up.” [Before we get all giddy and start slappin’ each other on the ass, over 3.5 MILLION jobs have gone poof since this anti capitalist Obama administration took over in January. It’s a no-brainer, at some point companies simply RUN OUT of jobs to cut as they struggle to stay in business! In addition new, temporary jobs are always added during the Christmas season but the vast majority of those usually disappear in short order. We are looking at a long term high unemployment trend in this country into the foreseeable future as long as these Democrats have firm control of the White House AND Congress…ed]

The American Left in Context

The current Left — or the Socialists — in Europe were born out of the fire of revolution and war. They came from a determination to change a historical and implacable social order, a drive to ensure that causes of two devastating continental wars in the twentieth century never recurred. The Left in the United States, while professing commonality with their European counterparts, has evolved out of peace, economic prosperity, and a determination to impose a rigid social order under the guise of classless society. European Socialism, while desirous of guaranteeing equality of outcome and opposed to unfettered capitalism, nonetheless recognizes the essential role that free enterprise plays in the economic well-being of the people by providing jobs and the funds needed to support government programs. The American Left understands that unbridled capitalism is the engine that assures and promotes individual liberty and freedom. Therefore, free enterprise must ultimately be overthrown and replaced by a state-controlled economy if the Left is to create a social utopia. [The liberals in America are all about absolute domination and control with themselves as the permanently empowered elitists at the top with no way for the citizens to remove them through the electoral process. They will stop at nothing to attain this goal including creating phony messiahs out of thin air such as Barack Hussein Obama, outright and blatant lying about manufactured crisis such as global warming and massive election fraud with the well coordinated help from radical leftist groups like ACORN and the SEIU thugs. What these tools may have underestimated is the number of patriots ready willing and able to defend this country and her Constitution with the cartridge box if these bastards don’t stop screwing with the ballot box…ed]

Gun registrations in Hawaii on record pace

Hawai’i residents have registered guns at a record pace for each of the past four years, and appear headed for a new high again this year, preliminary figures show. Nearly 26,000 firearms — an annual record — were registered with the four county police departments during 2008. Yearly gun registrations in Hawai’i have marched steadily upward for most of the past decade — from about 13,600 in 2000 to 25,996 in 2008 — said Paul Perrone, chief of research and statistics for the Hawaii Department of the Attorney General. Hawai’i firearms dealers and Hawaii Rifle Association officials say the rise in gun ownership here is in line with a similar trend across much of the Mainland. [Obama, “Gun Salesman of the Year.” Nice to see my relatives on the islands are getting with the program but guns without ammo are nothing but close quarter combat clubs and the anti Second Amendment creeps in the Obama administration and all around the country are scheming as we speak to address “this issue”…ed]

CSU student board votes in favor of guns on campus

Only a few universities in the country allow students to carry guns on campus, and one of them in Colorado is considering a change. At Colorado State University in Fort Collins, public safety experts and the president’s cabinet support a gun ban. Before the decision is made, however, the school wants to hear what students think. Wednesday night, the student governing body voted 21-3 in support of keeping CSU a conceal-and-carry campus. Five student senators were absent or did not vote. The student leaders will now submit their resolution to the CSU president for consideration. Author of the bill, CSU Junior Cooper Anderson said, “We wrote this bill because we felt that a student should have the right to self defense on campus. We don’t believe that crime stops at a campus’ borders.” [Nobody should have the ability to tell anyone else if, how and whether they can chose to arm themselves for self defense and preservation. Deranged idiots with murder on their minds ALWAYS go to so called “gun free zones” because they KNOW they can commit maximum damage with little fear of being stopped before the body count starts to pile up…ed]

Tancredo rouses gun rights advocates

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo, best known for his tough stand in Congress against illegal immigration, has taken up a new cause since his retirement from the House last year: defending American gun owners against international treaties. The Obama administration is moving forward on two treaties that Mr. Tancredo and other gun rights advocates see as a threat to the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. His response is a 2010 ballot initiative that would direct elected officials in his home state of Colorado to oppose any such agreements. (SNIP) Gun rights advocates went on red alert in October after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reversed Bush administration policy by throwing her support behind the convening of a U.N. conference to discuss a treaty to regulate the international transfer of arms. Mrs. Clinton argued that “a strong international standard” is needed to tighten worldwide security measures on arms transfers to “rogue states, terrorist groups, and groups seeking to unsettle regions.” [Obama and his gang of Second Amendment haters plan on using the U.N. to make an end run around our Constitution to get firearms and ammunition out of the hands of American citizens. We MUST stay vigilant on this stuff folks…ed]

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Assessing Pre-Blame for Climate-Change Summit

Next week’s Copenhagen summit on climate change already seems doomed to failure, and voices on both sides of the global-warming debate are trying to pin the blame on Climategate. Republicans on Capitol Hill are trying to use Climategate to scuttle the Democrats’ cap-and-trade legislation. Even the Saudis — who like fossil fuels even more than Tiger Woods likes the ladies — are getting in on the act, saying the scandal casts the entire case for global warming in doubt. “Climategate,” aka Warmerquiddick, aka the CRUtape letters, aka the Mother of All Publicity Disasters, refers to the leaking of vast numbers of e-mails and other documents from a leading British global-warming outfit, the Climatic Research Unit. The e-mails show, depending on your outlook, anything from sloppiness, pettiness, and dishonesty to outright fraud among some of the world’s leading climate scientists. (SNIP) Here is one simple, inconvenient truth: No developing country with significant and remotely accessible stocks of fossil fuels will agree to leave the stuff in the ground. “Ten countries ruled by nasty people control 80 percent of the planet’s oil reserves — about 1 trillion barrels, currently worth about $40 trillion,” writes energy expert Peter Huber in City Journal. “If $40 trillion worth of gold were located where most of the oil is, one could only scoff at any suggestion that we might somehow persuade the nasty people to leave the wealth buried. They can lift most of their oil at a cost well under $10 a barrel. They will drill. They will pump. And they will find buyers. Oil is all they’ve got.” [Goldberg makes some excellent points in this article. Man made climate change? BS, it’s all about the leftists’ global politics and some really big money…ed]

Take back Al Gore’s Oscar, two Academy members demand in light of Climategate

No, it wouldn’t do anything for the environment. But two Hollywood conservatives (yes, there are some) have called on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to rescind the prestigious, profitable gold Oscar statuette that it gave ex-Vice President Al Gore two years ago for the environmental movie “An Inconvenient Truth.” Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, both Academy members, are among a small, meandering pack of known political conservatives still believed to be on the loose in the liberal bastion of movie-making. In 2007, the Academy sanctified Gore’s cinematic message of global warming with its famous statue, enriched his earnings by $100,000 per 85-minute appearance and helped elevate the Tennessean’s profile to win the Nobel Peace Prize despite losing the election battle of 2000 to a Texan and living in a large house with lots of energy-driven appliances. Chetwynd and Simon were prompted to make their hopeless demand this week by the … [May as well grab this fraud’s Nobel Prize while we’re visiting Mr. Man Made Global Warming’s 10,000 square foot mansion where his own utility bills tend to run some $30,000 A YEAR…ed]

Houston braces for about 2 inches of snow

Houston this morning broke a record with the earliest snowfall ever recorded in the city’s history. Forecasters are still hedging their bets on the amount, but say the most likely scenario is 1 to 2 inches of widespread snowfall through the day. Some areas could get up to a half a foot. Light snow already was falling downtown and in other areas before 8:30 a.m. Other forms of precipitation — such as rain, freezing, rain, sleet and hail — also have been reported. Houston’s main weather recording station at Bush Intercontinental Airport reported at trace of snow at 8 a.m., meaning Dec. 4 will go down as the new record. But emergency management officials say snow isn’t the biggest concern — it’s icy roads. A 12-hour freeze period is expected to begin after sundown today, continuing into Saturday, which could cause hazardous driving conditions. [Yeah, this is Houston TEXAS! No wonder Al Gore chickened out on his appearance December 16 at the global warming suckfest in Nopenhagen…ed]

Coburn, Vitter want to force Congress into public health plan

Two of the Senate’s most ardent opponents of a public health program, Sens. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and David Vitter (R-La.), are preparing an amendment to force members of Congress into any plan that is passed. As the Senate formally takes up the healthcare reform bill this month, Coburn and Vitter are drafting legislation that mimics a resolution Vitter unsuccessfully offered in August that would have required lawmakers to join any public option plan. The current amendment would go further — not only barring members of Congress from exempting themselves from a public plan, but actually forcing them into it. Vitter is also considering proposing banning physician services currently available to legislators at the Capitol as well as special privileges they are allowed at military hospitals. Specifically, members of Congress receive taxpayer-subsidized medical care at Bethesda Medical Center and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. [Good for Coburn and Vitter even though we know damn well this will go nowhere. Why in the hell should members of Congress be exempt from the very legislation they (well really the lawyers and lobbyists) create then force upon an unwilling American public?]

Remember December 3

Remember December 3. It’s a date that will pop up in many campaign ads next year when they roll those votes (Sen. Bill # 9999) with the date (in this case December 3) to show voters that the candidate’s opponent really did cast a vote on a given day. The vote yesterday was to cut $500B from Medicare. To be more exact, as Politico reports: The Senate voted to keep nearly $500 billion in Medicare spending cuts in the bill, rejecting an amendment from Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) to send the legislation back to the Finance Committee with orders to strip it out. The measure would have eliminated the major funding source for the bill. All 40 Republicans joined Ben Nelson and Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) to support the McCain amendment, which failed 42-58. That’s right: 58 Democrats voted to slash half a trillion from Medicare. And those who are up for re-election next year will hear about it over and over again. [Senior citizens take note, all but TWO Senate Democrats voted to YANK 500 BILLION dollars from Medicare while EVERY Republican demanded the money be reinstated and you can rest assured the numbers in the House are just as lopsided. The most prolific voting bloc in the country will certainly remember December 3 come November 2010…ed]

McCain Urges Seniors to Abandon AARP

Sen. John McCain is urging senior citizens to cut up their AARP membership cards and mail the pieces back to the organization, claiming AARP has betrayed them. Citing AARP’s past opposition to proposed cuts in Medicare, McCain expressed dismay Thursday that the senior group has suddenly changed its position to support $460 billion in cuts to the program proposed by Democrats to help pay for health care legislation. “Shame on AARP,” McCain, R-Ariz., said Thursday on the Senate floor. “Take your AARP card, cut it in half and send it back. They’ve betrayed you.” “If we’re talking about Medicare cuts alone as a way of financing health reform, we would fight that with all of our strength,” he added. “We’ve gone as far as we can down that road.” [McCain is a has been RINO tool who will more than likely lose his job in 2010 but his advice concerning the socialist AARP is spot on. After you rip up your AARP go here and sign up for the conservative alternative…ed]

Study: Americans are tired of handling the world’s problems

As U.S. President Barack Obama rallies public support for his decision to send reinforcements to Afghanistan, isolationist currents are being felt in opinion polls on a scale not seen in a number of years. According to a poll commissioned by the Pew Research Center, 49 percent of Americans think the U.S. “should mind its own business” in its dealings with world affairs and “to let others get along on their own.” The figure represents an increase from 30 percent in December 2002. Just 32 percent of respondents expressed support for the president’s decision to deploy more forces to Afghanistan, while 40 percent agreed that the president should begin to wind down the U.S. military presence in the country. In addition, 46 percent said the Afghan government needs to prove itself capable of neutralizing the threat posed by radical Islamists. [On the contrary, Americans are not isolationists, we’re just sick and tired of carrying the human and economic costs of the entire planet on our backs and wallets. European countries spend next to nothing on their military forces because they know the US will always come to the rescue when their asses are in a sling. We’ve proven that with the lives of millions of Americans and billions of our dollars time and again this last century. Instead of maintaining expensive armies other countries can piss away billions on social programs thereby indoctrinating their citizens from birth that the government is their real mama. We’ve had it!…ed]

Taxes, taxes everywhere

Speeders doing more than 85 miles per hour in Georgia will soon pay an additional $200 in fines. Racehorse owners in New York now must fork over $10 to enter their steeds in events. And Massachusetts started charging a 5% tax on broadcast satellite service. These measures are part of a record $23.9 billion in tax and fee hikes and $7.7 billion in other revenue increases enacted by states in fiscal 2010, according to a report released this week. This is a massive jump over the $8.1 billion in revenue hikes instituted the previous year. “These are the highest tax increases ever,” said Scott Pattison, executive director of the National Association of State Budget Officers, which co-produced the semi-annual report with the National Governors Association. And more taxes increases are likely on the way, experts said. [At what point will the productive hard working people in this country finally say they’ve had enough?…ed]

How effective? Just 1 Asian carp found during fish kill

The silver glint of tens of thousands of dead fish dotted the brown water of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal on Thursday. But among those fish, officials found just one Asian carp — the dreaded invasive species that the state’s largest fish kill was designed to root out and destroy. “If there aren’t any Asian carp, we still believe it was an essential operation,” John Rogner, assistant director of the Illinois Natural Resources Department, said before the lone 22-pound fish was found. [Three MILLION taxpayer dollars to kill ONE %$#@&# fish of the species these guys were after and they are gonna do this all over again in six months. Meanwhile our taxes will continue to go through the roof with no end in sight…ed]

Asian students under attack at S. Phila. High

Zhihua Tian traveled thousands of miles from his native China earlier this year to profit from the treasures of the American education system. Unfortunately, he landed at South Philadelphia High School, where the number of violent incidents often overshadow student achievements. Tian, 19, of South Philly, and five other students who are recent immigrants are staying home today because they were among 26 Asian students who were attacked by a gang of other students throughout the day yesterday, said Xu Lin, of the Chinatown Development Corporation, who works with victimized students. [I read this piece twice because I thought I may have missed the mention of the race of the kids attacking the Asian students. Oddly the author declined to include that information. Utilizing circumstantial evidence, (south Philly, principal LaGreta Brown and the writer/editor’s deliberate decision to withhold pertinent information etc) I must surmise we are talking about a gang of black thugs here because we all know if Caucasians were involved their race would have been shouted out in the headline and throughout the article…ed]

Judge: State can take, keep newborns’ data

A judge in Minnesota has ruled the state can routinely collect, analyze, store and retrieve biological samples that include DNA from all newborns even though a state law specifically requires prior written authorization. The decision from Hennepin County District Judge Marilyn Rosenbaum dismissed a case brought by members of nine families who alleged the state was going beyond what it was authorized to do. Although not part of the lawsuit, Twila Brase, president of the Citizens’ Council on Health Care, has been monitoring the dispute since its beginning, battling the state Department of Health, which reportedly has been taking and warehousing newborns’ genetic makeup for years but not following “written consent requirements.” The group has cited a number of cases in which the state’s genetic privacy act law apparently was ignored, or there was an attempt to ignore it. [I doubt many American citizens are aware this is going on not only in Minnesota but in several other states as well…ed]

Prop. 8 backers likely to win disclosure fight

A federal judge probably violated the Constitution when he ordered backers of Proposition 8, the initiative that banned same-sex marriage in California, to give their campaign strategy documents to opponents trying to overturn the measure, an appeals court said Thursday. The Ninth U.S. Circuit of Appeals in San Francisco suspended the order that Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker issued in October against backers of Prop. 8, which state voters approved in November 2008. Walker said lawyers for two same-sex couples and a gay-rights group were entitled to see internal memos and e-mails between Yes on 8 strategists to look for evidence that the campaign had sought to exploit anti-gay bias. Such evidence would strengthen the plaintiffs’ claim that the ballot measure was discriminatory and thus unconstitutional. [An activist judge ignoring the Constitution because of his /her own biases and agenda? Wow, never heard of that happening before. It must have killed the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals to have to overturn this knucklehead…ed]

ABC’s Adam Lambert blacklisting continues, as 2 more TV appearances canceled

The hits just keep coming for Adam Lambert, and not in a good way. The “American Idol” runner-up confirmed on his Twitter Wednesday night that ABC has cancelled two more of his appearances. “Yes, sadly friends, ABC has cancelled my appearances on [Jimmy] Kimmel and [Dick Clark’s ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’],” Lambert tweeted. “Don’t blame them. It’s the FCC heat.” (It should be noted that the Federal Communication Commission does not monitor programming after 10 o’clock. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” airs at 12:05.) [No Lambert, it isn’t heat from the FCC keeping you off the public airwaves it’s the American consumer that, while tolerant, doesn’t appreciate over the top disgusting homosexual acts being performed during prime time TV shows especially when their kids are watching. Fade into obscurity where you belong loser…ed]

Quote of the day.

Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter Barack Hussein Obama loses his.

-Ronald Reagan (with a little help from yours truly)

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