Tuesday December 1st

Biggest Story of 2009: The Rise of the Virtual Newsroom

It was the biggest story of 2009. If you doubt, ask ACORN. Or Van Jones. Or the So We Might See campaign. You won’t need Time magazine’s once clout-filled “Man of the Year” issue to figure it out, either. Just take a look back at the bestseller lists, the ratings of Fox News or simply turn on your local AM radio dial. The single most important news event of 2009 was the emergence of The Virtual Newsroom. A newsroom run by a virtual army of conservative journalists famous and unknown, their individual and collective impact multiplied exponentially by millions of Internet users, radio listeners, readers and television viewers. [Best read of the day…ed]

O’s Window Dressing

In the art-auction world, the trick to selling a bad painting is to put it in a terrific frame. That’s the logic behind President Obama’s West Point speech tonight. Condemned by his own vacillation to sketching a picture repulsive to multiple constituencies, Obama will use the impressive frame of West Point to lend his remarks an illusion of glorious leadership. The event will be impressive: The US Military Academy does pomp and circumstance well. The cadets will be immaculate and perfectly behaved, applauding on cue (no Joe Wilson “You lie!” shout-outs from this hyper-disciplined bunch). Flags, formality and hallowed tradition will be at the service of a policy announcement that, by tomorrow morning, the establishment media will hail as rivaling the Gettysburg Address (to the journalistic herd, every Obama utterance is greater than the last — from Cairo to Fort Hood to West Point). [For an explanation of why Obama’s handlers chose West Point with its captive audience of future military officers who MUST support every word he says, read this…ed]

Five More Amateur Mistakes By the Obama Administration

Since he has been elected, Barack Obama has been like a four year old wearing water wings and desperately trying to reach the edge of the pool. In other words, he has been completely out of his depth. Who could have known that giving soaring speeches about “hope” and “change” while voting “present” on the tough issues wouldn’t be enough preparation for the most important job on Planet Earth — oh wait, millions of Americans knew that and pointed it out at every opportunity. Unfortunately, the media was too busy obsessing over Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and parody songs on the Rush Limbaugh show to actually consider whether or not a man whose biggest accomplishment was winning a Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton was qualified to be President. Of course, we can debate Obama’s ideological decisions all day. Does the country need socialized medicine? Should he have pursued that staggeringly expensive stimulus program? Has he been applying enough pressure on Iran? The answers to those questions are no, no, and no — but, there’s a more important question we need to consider: does Barack Obama know what he’s doing? [Normally one would say this nitwit, who’s resume could easily be printed double spaced on the head of a pin, is indeed a clueless boob floating aimlessly in the sea, unfortunately that would be the best case scenario for this country. Dangerously for the future of America, this guy knows exactly what he’s doing because the cretins who really call the shots are telling him when, where and how each and every day. Keep your powder dry and stock up accordingly folks…ed]

Anti-War Left Protests Obama’s Afghanistan War Strategy

The anti-war left is turning on the president it helped put into office, launching a counteroffensive against President Obama’s decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan. Activist groups are joining liberal members of Congress in condemning the president’s expected announcement on Tuesday that he will order roughly 30,000 more troops to the war zone as part of an overhauled strategy to finish what President Bush started eight years ago. Some are urging him not to go through with it — though the strategy apparently is set in stone, with Obama having issued his final orders to his generals Sunday evening. [I could never understand why in the hell a president would go on live TV and announce whatever military strategy decisions he has planned when he knows damn well the enemy is watching and listening. That said it is interesting it took so long for the code pink anti America pigs to begin their idiotic war protestations. After all Obama told EVERYONE he felt Afghanistan was ‘the necessary war” long before he was elected with the help of these asshats…ed]

White House Dismisses ‘Climategate’ Because ‘Most People’ Believe in Global Warming

As President Barack Obama prepares to travel to a global climate summit next week in Copenhagen, the White House is dismissing the “climategate” controversy that has arisen over the leak of email communications between top climate-change scientists that some skeptics say cast doubt on the legitimacy of the science behind the theory that human activity is causing global warming. Obama will be attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference on Dec. 9. The conference in Copenhagen comes soon after the emails released by a computer hacker has led one Republican U.S. senator to call for an investigation. Some global warming skeptics have referred to the e-mails–from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit in England–as “climategate.” But White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs dismissed the controversy on Monday, saying that most people don’t dispute global warming. [The Obama administration dismisses the revelation of the exploding climate change fraud because these hairballs are in on the scam to screw the American taxpayers in order to transfer huge amounts of wealth out of the country and into third world hellholes just to make things “fair”…ed]

Energy Update

Nearly half the nation’s voters still believe that global warming is caused primarily by long term planetary trends, not human activity. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 47% of voters blame global warming on planetary trends, while 37% of voters take the opposite view and blame human activity. Just 5% point to some other reason. Voters continue to believe the president holds the opposite view. Fifty percent (50%) say President Obama blames global warming on human activity, while only 20% think he blames planetary trends. But another 21% are not sure what the president believes. [Just thought I would help Baghdad Bob Gibbs with his facts about how the American public feels concerning this global warming bullshit…ed]

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Climate-cult con is hard to ‘bear’

When did global warming turn into a forced religion? My daughter came home from school re cently with a spring in her step and a song on her lips. With no foreshadowing — or time to call an exorcist — out came this chilling refrain:

” . . . You can hear the warning — GLOBAL WARMING . . . ”

By the time her father and I removed our jaws from the floor, we had learned that:

A) All the kids had been coerced into singing this catchy ditty, which we called “The Warming Song,” at a concert for parents.

B) Further song lyrics scolded selfish adults (that would be us) for polluting our planet and causing a warming scourge that would, in no short order, kill all the polar bears and threaten the birds and bees.

C) There was no deprogramming session on the menu. And no arguing allowed. [This is why private and home schooling has become such an attractive alternative for Americans who are sick and tired of the far left agenda that has infested our children’s public school errrr, indoctrination system…ed]

Meet Al Gore at Copenhagen, for $1,209

A fleeting few moments with a former vice president now goes for $1,209. “Meet Al Gore in Copenhagen.” An official announcement from this fair Danish city says all: the former vice president is getting star treatment when he arrives with an entire swarm of green-minded gadflies for the United Nation’s week-long global warming extravaganza that begins Dec. 7. “Have you ever shaken hands with an American vice president? If not, now is your chance. Meet Al Gore in Copenhagen during the UN Climate Change Conference,” notes the Danish tourism commission, which is helping Mr. Gore promote “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis,” his newest book about global warming in all its alarming modalities. [Hey Al, the word is out. Your global warming fraud has been exposed so give it up already. And $1,200 for a handshake with this fool? How about 12 benjies for a nut kick and throat punch instead?…ed]

71% Angry at Federal Government, Up Five Points Since September

Seventy-one percent (71%) of voters nationwide say they’re at least somewhat angry about the current policies of the federal government. That figure includes 46% who are Very Angry. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 27% are not angry about the government’s policies, including 10% who are Not at All Angry. Men are angrier than women, and voters over 40 are more angry than those who are younger. A majority of those over 40 are Very Angry. Only 25% of under-30 voters share that view. The data suggests that the level of anger is growing. The 71% who are angry at federal government policies today is up five percentage points since September. Even more stunning, the 46% who are Very Angry is up 10 percentage points from September. [The natives are growing increasingly pissed off at the fools in Washington DC but the fools don’t seem to be listening. Perhaps they will hear the American public in November 2010 when a bunch of them get thrown the hell out of office…ed]

Something Rotten in River City: The Gladney Beating and a Prosecutor’s Political Application of the Law

The symbol of our judicial system is the blind folded lady liberty holding the scales of justice in her hands. In St. Louis County it appears she may be peeking. On October 9th, 2000, Patricia Redington, a newly appointed St. Louis County Counselor showed such dedication to her job, that she opened the office on the Columbus Day holiday in order to file assault charges against Republican candidate Bill Federer. This is in contrast to the way she handles the, typical case and the way she is handling the case of Democrat SEIU members pounding a businessman. St. Louis area patriots smell a rat and show no signs of letting up until justice is served. Realizing that workers can lose their initial zeal for their jobs, we can understand why Counselor Redington now says that despite what she did for Federer, her typical time to get charges written up and filed is six to eight weeks. That is unfortunate for Federer who had an election in four weeks and might have appreciated a delay. He lost his election as voters had to choose between throwing out Gephart and voting in a guy under a legal cloud and media scrutiny. The respected author, historian and family man just might be mentally unstable considering he had in fact, been charged with a crime. Redington, by the way, is a Democrat. [This Democrat hack waited THREE MONTHS to file charges against union thugs who beat up a conservative black man while calling him a “nigger” and it turns out these goons will be merely facing “municipal ordinance” violations which are less serious than a damn misdemeanor. Where the hell are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Why aren’t the aggressors facing the much more appropriate assault charges since the victim was injured and had to go to the hospital for treatment?…ed]

Sarah Palin Uses Private Jet Between Stops on Cross-Country Bus Tour to Promote Book

It was billed as a bus tour, but Sarah Palin’s travels across the country to promote her new book have included several flights on an expensive private jet, her publisher told ABC News. The former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor, who sold off a private jet belonging to the state calling it “over the top,” has been getting around the United States to promote her book aboard a Gulfstream 2 private jet — at a cost of $4,000 per hour. It’s not unusual for politicians to regularly take planes on tours and then board a campaign bus to arrive at a stop, but in an era in which private jets carry a special sort of stigma, Palin may be vulnerable to criticism. [It took three morons working for abc/the Democrat National Committee to come up with this drivel? Let’s see, we have a PRIVATE CITIZEN flying in a PRIVATELY PAID FOR airplane. Wow, newsworthy indeed. I’m sure these same clowns will look real hard into and be reporting on Al Gore’s flying all over the world promoting his global warming scam or Obama flying the taxpayer funded Air Force One and it’s entourage of support aircraft and vehicles so he can go on all those dates with that felony ugly wife of his…ed]

Some toy drives check immigration status

They don’t claim to know who’s been naughty or nice, but some Houston charities are asking whether children are in the country legally before giving them toys. In a year when more families than ever have asked for help, several programs providing Christmas gifts for needy children require at least one member of the household to be a U.S. citizen. Others ask for proof of income or rely on churches and schools to suggest recipients. The Salvation Army and a charity affiliated with the Houston Fire Department are among those that consider immigration status, asking for birth certificates or Social Security cards for the children. The point isn’t to punish the children but to ensure that their parents are either citizens, legal immigrants or working to become legal residents, said Lorugene Young, whose Outreach Program Inc. is one of three groups that distribute toys collected by firefighters. [If those handing out these toys would simply don ICE hats and jackets and have a ready supply of plastic handcuffs on their belts they wouldn’t have to ask for proof of citizenship. By the way has anyone found Obama’s real birth certificate yet?…ed]

Arpaio visit to ASU cut short by singing protesters

An appearance by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication was cut short Monday night when a group of protestors [sic] broke into song. During a public “Meet-the-Press” style interview that began at 7 p.m. in the First Amendment Forum, Arpaio fielded questions from a panel of journalism professors. The event was preceded by a gathering of more than 100 protestors [sic] who chanted and held signs that read “Stop Arpaio” and others that read “We support Sheriff Arpaio.” [Typical tactic of the idiots on the left. Instead of listening to what someone has to say they exhibit their usual childish behavior to try and silence anyone who doesn’t agree with their anti American nonsense. We’ll see what kind of singing these morons will be doing when they grow up, get a job and have to pay 80% of their income in taxes including paying for illegal aliens…ed]

Crash duo had help from Defense Dept. pal

A top Pentagon official tried to help White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi secure a legitimate invite to the state dinner — and appeared to encourage them to attend, according to a published report. In e-mails to the couple, Michele Jones, the special assistant to the secretary of defense, led the couple to believe that they should dress up and be prepared to mingle with dignitaries when they went, The Washington Post said yesterday. Jones even hinted that the pair should then post snapshots of themselves hanging out with the elite DC crowd on their Facebook page, the paper said, citing sources familiar with the e-mails. It’s the latest twist in the unfolding mystery of how the two reality-star wannabes managed to get into a secure event and shake hands with President Obama. [The latest on this stupid story meant as a well timed distraction to Obama’s Afghanistan war mess. In a Republican administration this Michele Jones would be sent packing if this stuff turned out to be true but Jones did give her love to Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention so she won’t be going anywhere…ed]

On the Money Trail

Is ACORN engaged in a massive money laundering scheme? Although evidence abounds that the radical left-wing advocacy group-cum-organized crime syndicate is recycling funds mafia-style, government investigators and the media have paid scant attention to ACORN’s money trail. Red flags that appear to signal unlawful activities by ACORN are everywhere yet ACORN’s collaborators in the White House, Justice Department, and House Judiciary Committee, smugly ignore them. If senior executives at a troubled publicly traded corporation were to provide completely different accounts of their company’s financial standing, how long would it be before federal investigators stormed their offices? If federal authorities failed to act, how long would it be before the media and the public began to accuse the powers that be of complicity in their wrongdoing? [Why is it so many liberals, Democrat politicians and left wing groups accounting practices can be such a mess yet they never seem to get investigated? Perhaps we could make some serious inroads into reducing the federal deficit if we could get the IRS off their asses and get busy on these people…ed]

Outrage on Swiss minaret vote, but how do Muslim states handle churches?

Muslim reaction across the world to Sunday’s Swiss referendum banning the construction of further minarets for mosques in the tiny Alpine nation has been almost entirely negative. Indonesia’s Maskuri Abdillah, leader of the largest Muslim organization in the world’s most populous Muslim nation said the vote reflected Swiss “hatred” of Islam and Muslims. Egyptian Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, close to the regime of President Hosni Mubarak, said the ban was an attempt to “insult the feelings of the Muslim community in and outside Switzerland.” Yet the referendums outcome pales in comparison to restrictions on non-Muslims who aim to practice their faith in Muslim lands. In fact, the vote only brought Swiss legal practice closer to that of many majority Muslim states that also place limits on the construction of houses of worship. [While the Swiss people have VOTED to ban any further minarets in THEIR country at least muslims living there don’t have to worry about having their mosques burned to the ground or their heads cut off by people who regard Islam as an affront to their religion like Christians do in muslim countries…ed]

British Muslim woman lawmaker pelted with eggs [Thrown by muslim men]

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a Tory lawmaker and one of the most powerful British women politicians faced the ire of fundamentalist men when they pelted eggs on her, claiming she was not a proper Muslim. Warsi, a member of House of Lords of Pakistani origin, was confronted by the fundamentalist while she was campaigning in Luton, a London suburb who started shouting abuses at her, according to British Television reports. The protesters took objection and charged that the Baroness was not properly attired and that she supported the death of Muslims in Afghanistan. [It looks to me like the Swiss voters in the previously posted article had the right idea…ed]

Before World AIDS Day, Obama Administration Scores D+ from Global AIDS Groups

On the eve of World AIDS Day, and amidst criticism, administration officials today touted the “major accomplishments” made on combating HIV/ADS, but also noted that “much more has to be done.” (SNIP) “With new data showing that worldwide the number one killer of women of reproductive age is HIV, aggressive scale up of AIDS treatment is needed more than ever for the health of communities,” said Asia Russell, Health GAP Director of International Policy. “We are disappointed to report that on his first World AIDS Day in office, President Obama has not made good on his promises to increase funding for effective, life saving programs to fight AIDS around the world.” [I wonder how many of my fellow American taxpayers are getting sick and tired of footing the bill for the entire planet’s societal problems? I’ll tell ya what Asia Russell, try hitting up Europe for the money to teach people in the third world about the dangers of HIV and how to prevent the spread of the disease with responsible sex habits…ed]

Huckabee pardons himself re Washington

He was one of many. Some with catastrophic consequences. Maurice Clemmons, named a “person of interest” in the murder of four police officers in Washington state coffeehouse Sunday morning, was granted clemency from what amounted to a life sentence by then Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in 2000. He was subsequently paroled. Huckabee, whose presidential possibilities are sliding toward past tense, had HuckPAC issue an exculpatory statement. The blame-shifting takeaway is: [HuckaRINO is making the rounds trying to explain away his decision to commute the sentence of the murderer of four police officers in Seattle. Unfortunately for his now defunct political career he seems to have a bit of a history in releasing people who clearly should have been kept behind bars according to the sentences handed down by judges who actually sat through the trials…ed]

Baltimore’s Mayor Is Convicted

A jury convicted Mayor Sheila Dixon on Tuesday on one count of embezzlement for stealing gift cards that were meant for poor residents, but it acquitted her of three other charges, including the most serious felony theft charge. Ms. Dixon, whose conviction may force her from office, faced five theft-related charges, and the jury failed to reach a unanimous decision concerning one of the charges, which prompted the state prosecutor to say he was undecided on whether to refile that charge. “The city will still continue to move forward,” Ms. Dixon said as she left the courtroom after the verdict, adding that she was headed to City Hall to get back to work. “This city will continue to run.” [One would think after being convicted of a criminal charge of this nature the mayor of a major U.S. city would step down in shame. Not so with Democrats including this woman who stole from the very people who help put her in office, financially challenged black folks…ed]

Women ‘line up to claim affairs with Tiger Woods’

Tiger Woods was braced for new trouble tonight amid reports that at least two women are set to go public with claims that they had affairs with the world’s highest-earning sportsman. RadarOnline.com a celebrity news website, reported that several women had come forward claiming to have had sex with the billion-dollar golfer, including one who purports to have “explosive” answerphone recordings. Jaimee Grubbs, 24, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress, tells this week’s edition of Us Weekly magazine that she had a 31-month affair with Woods, starting in April 2007, and that she has more than 300 text messages — some of them described as “racy” — to prove it. [It looks like his sponsor Nike will soon be changing their name to Nookie…ed]

Quote of the day.

I’ve got a real problem about expanding this war where the rest of the world is sitting around and saying, ‘isn’t it a nice thing that the taxpayers of the United States and the U.S. military are doing the work that the rest of the world should be doing’?

-Bernie Sanders (Socialist-Vermont) commenting on Obama’s plans to send 30,000+ troops to Afghanistan.

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