Tuesday November 24th

The Wilding of Sarah Palin

When I was in college, I read a book that changed my life. It was Susan Brownmiller’s tome, Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape, which explained rape as an act of power, not just lust. What I found particularly chilling was the chapter on war — how rape is used to terrorize a population and destroy the enemy’s spirit. While edifying, the book magnified the vulnerability I already felt as a female. Fear of rape became a constant dread, and I sought a solution that would help shield me from danger. The answer: seek safe harbor within the Democratic Party. I even became an activist for feminist causes, including violence against women. Liberalism would protect me from the big bad conservatives who wished me harm. [A reformed Berkeley uber liberal woman writes a brilliant piece. A must read AmericanThinker.com article of the day. Be sure to pass it on to all your lefty friends…ed]

“Climate Gate” Development: CEI Files Notice of Intent to Sue NASA

Today, on behalf of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, I filed three Notices of Intent to File Suit against NASA and its Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), for those bodies’ refusal – for nearly three years – to provide documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act. The information sought is directly relevant to the exploding “ClimateGate” scandal revealing document destruction, coordinated efforts in the U.S. and UK to avoid complying with both countries’ freedom of information laws, and apparent and widespread intent to defraud at the highest levels of international climate science bodies. [This is just the beginning of the end for the “climate change” fraudsters. While it is always appropriate to honestly research ways to reduce as many negative impacts man MAY have on our environment, researched based strictly on science not politics, the Al Gores of the world have turned this valiant concept into an absolutely corrupt scam…ed]

20 Advances to Be Thankful For

News about health often focuses on the negative: scary new flu viruses, incurable diseases, dashed hopes for miracle drugs. Maybe that’s because we have such high expectations that doctors and scientists can fix anything. But amid all that bad news—not to mention the acrimony over health-care reform—it’s easy to overlook how much progress has been made in recent years. Here are 20 health-care advances to give thanks for this Thanksgiving: [The free market system in the United States has given the WORLD tremendous medical advances that would be impossible under socialized government run government rationed healthcare. Perhaps this is why so many Americans are against what the liberals are trying to ram down our throats with ObamaCare…ed]

Lieberman Digs In on Public Option

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, speaking in that trademark sonorous baritone, utters a simple statement that translates into real trouble for Democratic leaders: “I’m going to be stubborn on this.” Stubborn, he means, in opposing any health-care overhaul that includes a “public option,” or government-run health-insurance plan, as the current bill does. His opposition is strong enough that Mr. Lieberman says he won’t vote to let a bill come to a final vote if a public option is included. Probe for a catch or caveat in that opposition, and none is visible. Can he support a public option if states could opt out of the plan, as the current bill provides? “The answer is no,” he says in an interview from his Senate office. “I feel very strongly about this.” [I can’t help but wonder what the motivation is behind Lieberman’s alleged resistance to his fellow Democrat’s plan to eventually take over the healthcare system in this country. While I would like to believe his is a principled stand, I know better. He’s angling for something here but it certainly isn’t the defeat of ObamaCare…ed]

GlaxoSmithKline Recalls H1N1 Vaccine in Canada Over ‘Life-Threatening’ Allergy Risk

The pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline says it has advised medical staff in Canada to not use one batch of swine flu vaccine for fear it may trigger life-threatening allergies. GlaxoSmithKline spokeswoman Gwenan White said Tuesday the company issued the advice after reports that one batch of the swine flu vaccine might have caused more allergic reactions than normal. [Odd. No mention of WHY this particular batch seems to have this problem…ed]

Rep. King accuses Conyers and Nadler of blocking ACORN probe

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) accused two Democratic committee chairmen of blocking an investigation into ACORN because of their ties to the organization. In an interview with Fox News, King took aim at House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) and Judiciary Constitution subcommittee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), whom he says have questionable connections to the organization. The conservative lawmaker, who sits on the Judiciary panel, said the liberal Conyers made him write a letter regarding the investigation after Conyers had already received a prior version. King also said Conyers told him he does not know where ACORN’s Detroit offices are, even though he spoke at the organization’s national convention in June. “It’s been a delay practice on his part,” King said. “It’s beyond an opinion at this point.” [Democrats running interference for their corrupt cohorts at ACORN…ed]

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PROBATION: ACORN worker gets deal

The brains behind an illegal voter-registration incentive program that led to felony charges against ACORN, a national grass-roots community organizing group, was sentenced Monday to three years of probation. Christopher Edwards pleaded guilty in August to two gross misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to commit compensation for registration of voters. As part of the plea deal, the state attorney general’s office dropped 13 felony counts of compensation for registration of voters against Edwards in exchange for his testimony against ACORN and co-defendant Amy Busefink. “I take responsibility for what I did,” Edwards told District Judge Donald Mosley. “I’m sorry. I truly am. It definitely will never happen again.” [ACORN is a criminal enterprise originally intended and developed to push a FAR left agenda in this country and get Democrats elected to assist in this endeavor all the while using your tax dollars to accomplish their mission…ed]

ACORN Document Dump: ACORN Throws Thanksgiving in the Dumpster

Since the first undercover ACORN video was released two months ago, ACORN’s few remaining defenders have fallen back on the talking point that, whatever the misdeeds of some of its employees, the organization provides important services to poor and low-income families. Without ACORN, we are told, many underprivileged families would lose an important voice for their needs. Really? Below is one family’s application for food stamp benefits that ACORN threw out with its trash, in advance of a visit from officers of the Attorney’s General office. [The slow steady stream of information from Andrew Breitbart exposing the crooks at ACORN over the next several months will be fun to watch…ed]

Free Speech Silenced at Columbia and Princeton

Nonie Darwish, the executive director of Former Muslims United and author of Cruel And Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law, was scheduled to speak at Columbia and Princeton University last week, but both events were canceled under pressure from Muslim groups on campus. Columbia, where Ahmadinejad was welcomed like a returning king. Just hours before Darwish was scheduled to speak at Columbia, the groups that had invited her to come to both universities, the Whig-Clio student debate Society and Tigers of Israel, succumbed to demands from student Muslim groups and canceled her speaking event. Tigers for Israel, my eye. Their name mocks them. The Whig-Clio Society is the oldest debating society in the U.S., founded by James Madison in 1765. These are the students who are supposed to be the leaders of the future. What a joke. [For an example of what this woman is concerned about, check out the next article…ed]

Terrorism that’s personal

We typically think of terrorism as a political act. But sometimes it’s very personal. It wasn’t a government or a guerrilla insurgency that threw acid on this woman’s face in Pakistan. It was a young man whom she had rejected for marriage. As the United States ponders what to do in Afghanistan — and for that matter, in Pakistan — it is wise to understand both the political and the personal, that the very ignorance and illiteracy and misogyny that create the climate for these acid attacks can and does bleed over into the political realm. [Caution: The pictures included with this article showing extreme violence against women in the name of Islam are very graphic and, for some, may be impossible to look at…ed]

Inspector General: Rhee visited me to intervene for Johnson

On June 27, 2008, Michelle Rhee, head of the Washington, D.C., school system, paid a visit to Gerald Walpin, who was inspector general of the government volunteer organization AmeriCorps. At the time, Walpin was investigating a California private school known as St. Hope, which was founded by Kevin Johnson, the former NBA star and friend of Rhee’s who was running for mayor of Sacramento. St. Hope had received about $850,000 in AmeriCorps money, and Walpin’s investigators were looking into charges that Johnson had misused those funds by assigning paid volunteer tutors to run errands for him and wash his car, as well as making them take part in political activities. In the course of the investigation, some young female AmeriCorps volunteers also charged that Johnson had made inappropriate sexual advances toward them and offered one of them $1,000 a month to keep quiet. [More in depth information showing Obama most assuredly intervened on behalf of a friend and political ally who has been accused of trying to get some from unwilling young females working for AmeriCorp…ed]

Despite Obama’s Repeated Claims That Enacting $787-Billion Stimulus Was Urgent, 78 Percent of Money Remained Unspent by End of Fiscal 2009 Says Federal Auditing Agency

After his election last November and until the $787-billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was passed in February, President Barack Obama repeatedly insisted that it was urgent for Congress to enact his economic “recovery” bill immediately. Yet, by the end of fiscal 2009 fully 78 percent of the federal spending authorized by that bill had not yet taken place, according to the Government Accountability Office. In the meantime, the national unemployment rate climbed 26 percent, from 8.1 percent in February to 10.2 percent in October. “As of September 30, 2009, approximately $173 billion of the $787 billion—or about 22 percent—of the total funds provided by the Recovery Act had been paid out by the federal government,” the GAO revealed in a report released November 19. Seventy-eight percent of the money remained unspent. [So have YOU figured out what the real plan for this money was? I have…ed]

Is Chris Matthews Turning on Obama?

It may be time for President Obama to worry. On Friday, the Gallup Poll reported that his approval ratings fell below 50 percent approval for the first time. That same night, perhaps not coincidentally, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews launched into a tirade against the president.
This marked a turning point – the first time Matthews had seriously questioned Obama’s presidency in any way other than a perfunctory one. [Chrissy Matthews has been hoping, praying and crawling on his elbows for a position within the White House since January 21, 2009 and that’s why he has been so unashamedly on his knees Lewinskying the president all these months. Perhaps he has now begun to realize all of his Obama knobbin’ was for naught…ed]

Obama Faces Liberal Rebellion Over Afghanistan Troop Surge

As opposition grows among his own base of liberal Democrats, President Barack Obama is bracing for a tough sell of his apparent decision to commit tens of thousands of new U.S. forces to the stalemated war in Afghanistan. Military officials and others expect Obama to settle on a middle-ground option that would deploy an eventual 32,000 to 35,000 U.S. forces to the 8-year-old conflict, according to the Associated Press. That rough figure has stood as the most likely option since before Obama’s last large war council meeting earlier this month, when he tasked military planners with rearranging the timing and makeup of some of the deployments. [Damn, Obama is just pissing everybody off. Little wonder why every poll shows his numbers tanking like a mofo…ed]

Cass Sunstein: Censor Hannity, right-wing rumors

Websites should be obliged to remove “false rumors” while libel laws should be altered to make it easier to sue for spreading such “rumors,” argued Cass Sunstein, Obama’s regulatory czar. In his recently released book, “On Rumors,” Sunstein specifically cited as a primary example of “absurd” and “hateful” remarks, reports by “right-wing websites” alleging an association between President Obama and Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers. He also singled out radio talker Sean Hannity for “attacking” Obama regarding the president’s “alleged associations.” Ayers became a name in last year’s presidential campaign when it was disclosed the radical worked closely with Obama for years. Obama also was said to have launched his political career at a 1995 fundraiser in Ayers’ apartment. [So this left wing radical, who has the ear of Barack Obama on a regular basis, wants to shut down opposition speech based on his supposition that the First Amendment only applies to the liberals and anything they don’t like will be considered “libelous” “absurd” and “hateful” huh? Good luck with that one chump…ed]

Palin book sells big in first week

Sarah Palin appears well on her way to becoming a million-selling author. “Going Rogue” sold 700,000 copies — a number that includes pre-orders — in its first week of release, according to a publishing official close to the former Alaska governor. The official was not authorized to release the sales figure and asked not to be identified. [America speaks out and Palin’s way up while Obama is sinking like a boulder…ed]

I traced my dad… and discovered he is Charles Manson

Like many adopted children, Matthew Roberts set about finding his biological parents with a mix of nerves and excitement. In particular, he hoped that discovering his father’s identity would help him to work out what made him the man he had become. But nothing could have prepared him for being told his dad was… serial killer CHARLES MANSON. (SNIP) “He’s my biological father – I can’t help but have some kind of emotional connection. That’s the hardest thing of all – feeling love for a monster who raped my mother. “I don’t want to love him, but I don’t want to hate him either.” [Damn, sometimes it’s best to just NOT know stuff…ed]

More attacks on redheads reported at Calabasas school

Three students reported being beaten up by about a dozen students at A.E. Wright Middle School. Authorities believe the attacks are linked to a Facebook group based on a 2005 episode of ‘South Park.’ At least three youngsters in Calabasas have fallen victim to violence by fellow middle-school students after a Facebook group urged people to beat up redheads, authorities said Monday. The first reported incident occurred Friday morning when a 12-year-old redheaded boy was kicked and hit by a dozen of his classmates at A.E. Wright Middle School, Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators said. [Classic example of why it’s important to begin taking your kids to karate classes at an early age. A redhead with a black belt would have put an end to this nonsense in a heartbeat…ed]

Quote of the day.

The revelation last year that a Somali-American became radicalized, traveled to Somalia, and carried out a suicide bombing was a wake-up call that violent Islamist radicalization is happening in our country.

-Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) who has evidently finally awoken to the fact that muslims have been and continue to be hell bent on attacking Americans within our own country. Better late to the party than never showing up I reckon.

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