Obama Hits New Low Over At Rasmussen

Barack Hussein Obama has hit a new low over at Rasmussen today, -15 on the “Presidential Daily Tracking Poll.

Rasmussen takes the percentage of probable voters who strongly approve of the commander in chief’s job performance then subtracts the percentage of those who strongly disapprove resulting in a figure which provides us with a fairly accurate representation of how America feels about the direction our country is headed under the leadership of this man.

Frankly, the mood is getting worse by the moment and this is the tenth day in a row he has been in double negative numbers proving his recent trip to Asia was a complete bust, certainly not helped by his subservient bows to the Japanese Emperor and the Chinese Prime Minister and his pushing of his signature healthcare takeover legislation is not going over well with a lot of people who actually pay attention to what the hell is going on in this country.


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While Rasmussen’s daily presidential tracking poll does provide a quick snapshot of the mood in America what is really telling is the strongly approve/disapprove trend since he became president. Note Mr. Obama has not been on the positive side of the tracks since June 29th! For the calendar challenged out there, thats nearly FIVE STRAIGHT MONTHS of negative polling numbers in this particular category of voters who feel strongly about Obama’s performance one way or the other.

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Judging by the hard left direction Obama and his cohorts in the Democrat dominated Congress keep trying to pull this very unwilling country I think it’s a safe bet we’ill see a continuation of this trend all the way through to November 2012.

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