Thursday November 5th

Notes left behind: The heartbreaking messages a six-year-old cancer victim hid for her family to find after she died

These are the heartbreaking notes a six-year-old cancer victim hid for her family to find after she died. Elena Desserich was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer when she was just five years old. During her nine-month struggle with the illness, Elena, from Wyoming, hid hundreds of notes between the pages of books, in cupboards, drawers, bags, and clothes stashed away for the winter. She died in August 2007 – but her parents Keith, 34, and Brooke, 35, and her younger sister Gracie, who was five at the time, say they have been finding the notes and drawings she left behind ever since. [Try and get through this story without getting choked up. Thank goodness her mother didn’t decide to abort this child or we never would have had the opportunity to read about this remarkable little girl…ed]

12 Soldiers Killed and 31 Wounded in Fort Hood Shooting

Twelve people have been killed and 31 wounded in a shooting spree at a Texas military base by what officials believe was possibly carried out by an Army officer. The suspected gunman was identified by ABC News as Major Malik Nadal Hasan. The shooter was killed and two other suspects, who are also soldiers, have been apprehended, Lt. Gen. Robert W. Cone said. The gunman used two handguns, Cone said. He wasn’t sure if the shooter reloaded the weapons during the attack. [Note the name of the dead guy who started this killing spree. Still waiting for the names of the other two…ed]

In U.S., Majority Now Say Obama’s Policies “Mostly Liberal”

A majority of Americans now see President Barack Obama as governing from the left. Specifically, 54% say his policies as president have been mostly liberal while 34% call them mostly moderate. This contrasts with public expectations right after Obama’s election a year ago, when as many expected him to be moderate as to be liberal. [The “no shit Sherlock” post of the day…ed]

Speaker Pelosi’s Government-Run Health Plan Will Require a Monthly Abortion Premium

Health care reform should not be used as an opportunity to use federal funds to pay for elective abortions. Health reform should be an opportunity to protect human life – not end it. Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi’s 2,032-page government takeover of health care does just that. On line 17, p. 110, section 222 under “Abortions for which Public Funding is Allowed” the Health and Human Services Secretary is given the authority to determine when abortion is allowed under the government-run plan. The Speaker’s plan also requires that at least one insurance plan offered in the Exchange covers abortions. What is even more alarming is that a monthly abortion premium will be charged of all enrollees in the government-run plan. It’s right there on line 16, page 96, section 213, under “Insurance Rating Rules.” The premium will be paid into a U.S. Treasury account – and these federal funds will be used to pay for the abortion services. [If only Nancy Pelosi’s mother had made the choice to abort her perhaps we would not have this kind of garbage showing up in unconstitutional legislation…ed]

The Madness of Queen Nancy

It’s one thing to be serene under fire, it’s another to be delusional. More than a few Democrats in Congress are perplexed and worried that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is insisting on ramming through a 1,900-page health care bill on Saturday, just days after her party took heavy losses in Tuesday’s elections. “It reminds me of Major Nicholson, the obsessed British major in the film ‘Bridge on the River Kwai,'” one Democrat told me. “She is fixated on finishing her health care bridge even as she’s lost sight of where it’s going and what damage it could cause to her own troops.” Indeed, the Speaker’s take on Tuesday’s off-year elections struck some of her own members as delusive “happy talk.” “From our perspective, we won last night,” a cheerful Ms. Pelosi told reporters, citing her party’s pick-up of a single House seat in a New York special election and retention of another strongly Democratic seat in California. [Clearly Democrat leaders missed the message voters sent out the other night in New Jersey and Virginia and their continuing to push forward a very unpopular agenda will certainly cost the party dearly in 2010 and probably 2012 as well. Cool…ed]

Democrats’ Plan to Help ‘Uninsurables’ Requires 6-Month Wait

You’re afraid your cancer is back, and a health insurance company just turned you down. Under the health care bills in Congress, you could apply for coverage through a new high-risk pool that President Barack Obama promises would immediately start serving patients with pre-existing medical problems. Wait a second. Read the fine print. You may have to be uninsured for six months to qualify. “If you are a cancer patient and have cancer now, you can’t wait six months to go into a plan because your condition can go from bad to death,” said Stephen Finan, a policy expert with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. He called the waiting period in the Senate bill “unacceptable.” [More info on “the fine print” the Democrats certainly don’t want us to know about. It’s time to scrap this whole thing and start from scratch!…ed]

‘Permanent Democratic majority’ begins to unravel

America’s “permanent Democratic majority” ran smack into the economy’s apparent “new normal” of high unemployment and big deficits. Score one for the economy — and for Republicans. Now the Democratic spin on losing the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey is this: All politics are local. A weak candidate in one state, an unpopular governor in the other. Plus voters are cranky about the economy. No broader conclusions should be drawn. Now let’s move forward and go pass healthcare, OK, America? But the political reality is not nearly that sunny for Democrats’ political fate or the Obama domestic agenda. Jon Corzine lost in deep-blue New Jersey — a state Candidate Obama won by nearly 15 percentage points — despite outspending Republican opponent Chris Christie by some three to one. And not only did Republican Bob McDonnell lead a GOP landslide sweep of major offices in swing-state Virginia, his 344,000-vote victory came against an opponent he defeated by just 360 votes in 2005 for attorney general. [The Democrat Party has been taken over by far left lunatics and it took all of about 10 seconds for them to overreach once they had the White House and both houses of Congress. The majority of the American people do not want what these socialist/marxist rats are selling and the revolt is just beginning…ed]

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Sen. Burris Cites Unwritten Constitutional ‘Health’ Provision to Justify Forcing Americans to Buy Health Insurance

When asked by what specific part of the Constitution authorizes Congress to mandate that individuals must purchase health insurance, Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) pointed to the part of the Constitution that he says authorizes the federal government “to provide for the health, welfare and the defense of the country.” In fact, the word “health” appears nowhere in the Constitution. “Well, that’s under certainly the laws of the–protect the health, welfare of the country,” said Burris. “That’s under the Constitution. We’re not even dealing with any constitutionality here. Should we move in that direction? What does the Constitution say? To provide for the health, welfare and the defense of the country.” James O’Connor, Burris’s communications director, later told that although the word “health” does not appear anywhere in the Constitution, the senator was referring to the Preamble of the Constitution which says the following: [These Democrats think the Constitution means what ever they want whenever they want. Funny how they have such a difficult time understanding the clear meaning of the Second Amendment though…ed]

The Greatest Scam on Earth

In 2000 Al Gore was a failed Presidential candidate with a paltry 2 million dollars to his name. Not a lot of money for a guy whose lavish mansion gobbles up almost a 150,000 dollars in electric utilities annually alone, and that of course is before property taxes and all the other costs of owning a home in Belle Meade, which has one of the region’s highest costs of living. But besides growing a beard and lecturing college students on journalism, a hobby he had last practiced in the 70’s, Al Gore didn’t have much of a career plan. But Gore didn’t starve on the streets either, and eight years later, despite not having much in the way of a job, the former Vice President is worth over a hundred million dollars. Expanding your net worth by %2500 percent sounds like the Madoff investment plan, but the scam that Al Gore invested in is one that makes Madoff look like a piker… because Gore invested in The Greatest Scam on Earth. [I don’t know, I still think this Obama guy is the biggest scam this planet has ever seen but Al Gore’s phony climate change racket IS right up there with the best of them…ed]

Angry words as timetable for climate deal starts to slip

Green groups and activists for the developing world on Thursday accused rich nations of tiptoeing away from vows to seal a binding, far-reaching UN treaty on climate change in Copenhagen next month. Their bitter response came after European Union (EU) negotiators in Barcelona spelt out the likelihood that the much-trumpeted pact would be concluded in 2010, not at the December 7-18 meeting as planned. [As the political capital of Barack Obama continues it’s decline nearly as fast as the dollar the globalist lefties see their shot at some serious wealth transfer beginning to slip away and they aren’t happy about it at all. Boo freakin’ hoo…ed]

Number of newly laid-off workers falls

The number of newly laid-off workers filing claims for unemployment benefits last week fell to the lowest level in 10 months, evidence that job cuts are easing as the economy slowly heals. Still, companies are reluctant to hire and economists expect the unemployment rate will tick up to 9.9 percent when October’s figure is reported Friday. The jobless rate hit a 26-year high of 9.8 percent in September. The Labor Department said Thursday that first-time claims for jobless benefits fell by 20,000 to a seasonally adjusted 512,000. That’s better than economists’ estimates of 523,000. [The state run media continues it’s spin on these jobless numbers. Has it dawned on these freakin’ dolts that the reason the numbers are start to fall slightly is because this country is RUNNING OUT OF JOBS TO LOSE??…ed]

Gay leaders blame TV ads, Obama for loss in Maine

Stunned and angry, national gay rights leaders Wednesday blamed scare-mongering ads — and President Barack Obama’s lack of engagement — for a bitter election setback in Maine that could alter the dynamics for both sides in the gay-marriage debate. Conservatives, in contrast, celebrated Maine voters’ rejection of a law that would have allowed gay couples to wed, depicting it as a warning shot that should deter politicians in other states from pushing for same-sex marriage. “Every time the citizens have voted on marriage, they have always sided with natural marriage,” said Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, a Florida-based Christian legal group. “Maine dramatically illustrates the will of the people.” Gay activists were frustrated that Obama, who insists he supports their overall civil rights agenda, didn’t speak out forcefully in defense of Maine’s marriage law before Tuesday’s referendum. The law was repealed in a vote of 53 percent to 47 percent. [Evidently the homosexual lobby didn’t pay much attention to the election results from Tuesday night. You see, the candidates Obama campaigned for in New Jersey and Virginia lost and the guy in New York that he stayed away from won. Had Obama pushed vigorously for homosexual marriage in Maine the thing probably would have gone down in flames by 20 points instead of six…ed]

Analysis: For Clinton, Tough Talk But Few Results

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tense exchanges with Pakistani civilians and Arab diplomats over a harrowing week of foreign stops exposed the confining limits of her office. On her most ambitious and contentious overseas trip as secretary of state, Clinton had to resort to damage control after she appeared to mangle the Obama administration’s message on frozen Mideast peace talks. And while she scored points back home by standing up to angry Pakistanis who confronted her about drone-launched U.S. missile strikes, her blunt questioning of the resolve of Pakistan’s government exposed American impatience with the country’s incremental steps against terrorists. In each case her extraordinarily public approach to diplomacy – for better or worse – reflected not only her personal style but also President Barack Obama’s promise to reach out openly to friend as well as foe. What remains less clear is whether Clinton’s hot-button politician’s persona works any better at producing international results – let alone clarity – than a more classic diplomat’s cooler tact. [No word on whether or not Her Thighness chucked glass ashtrays at anyone’s head on this little trip…ed]

Will the Left Try a Kamikaze Rush?

Dick Morris thinks Mob-O-Care is dead after the Democrat electoral fiascos in the last week. I sincerely hope that Morris is right, but I’m not so sure. The trouble is that Obama and the Democrats have no other game plan — their other ideas, like the suicidal Carbon Tax, are even more likely to get them tossed out of office. Obama’s power has peaked — and judging by the Clinton backlash of 1994, when the GOP won the House for the first time in forty years, it’s downhill from here on out. Nothing in politics is certain, and Obama will certainly try to recover power, as Bill Clinton did in the ’90s. But Obama and his dead-enders have to reckon with the likelihood that they will never have more power than right now. [The post of the day…ed]

Avoid foreclosure: Rent your own home

Giving troubled borrowers yet another way to avoid foreclosure, Fannie Mae said on Thursday it would allow eligible homeowners to rent their own homes. The Deed for Lease program lets homeowners transfer the deed back to their lender and then sign a lease to remain in the home. The effort is aimed at borrowers with mortgages owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae who do not qualify for or cannot sustain a loan modification. Borrowers must live in the home as their primary residence and must be released from any subordinate liens. The program aims to reduce the number of foreclosed properties being abandoned because they often fall into disrepair and hurt the surrounding homes’ values. Also, it keeps a roof over troubled borrowers’ heads and a steady stream of income coming from the property. [So what is to stop people from flaking out on the RENT payments?…ed]

Senate blocks census US-citizenship question

Senate Democrats have blocked a GOP attempt to require next year’s census forms to ask people whether they are a U.S. citizen. The proposal by Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter was aimed at excluding immigrants from the population totals that are used to figure the number of congressional representatives for each state. Critics said Vitter’s plan would discourage immigrants from responding to the census and would be hugely expensive. [The Democrats have racked up a record deficit since Obama moved into the White Crib and now they’re worried about how expensive it would be to find out if someone responding to a census inquiry is a US citizen? Spare me the BS. It won’t be long and the liberals will be pushing to allow illegal aliens to vote, for Democrats of course…ed]

PBS Apologizes for Sesame Street ‘Pox News’ Skit

The ombudsman for PBS apologized Thursday for a “Sesame Street” skit in which the world-famous muppets mocked “Pox News” – a clear attack on the Fox News Network. In the episode, which aired Oct. 29, one of Sesame Street’s creations, the Grouch News Network, hosted by muppet “Oscar the Grouch,” is discussing GNN’s dedication to “all grouchy, all disgustin’, all yucky” news. But another character feels that the Grouch is not grouchy enough and threatens to switch to “Pox News, now there’s a trashy news show,” she says. [The leftists at the taxpayer funded PBS are forced to walk back on their lame attempt to trash, in front of an audience of small children, the number one rated cable news company Fox NEWS…ed]

Beck Struck By Appendicitis Attack

Premiere Radio Networks host and FOX News Channel personality Glenn Beck unexpectedly left his national radio show early today, saying he was not feeling well. Regular show contributor and longtime Beck associate Pat Gray stepped in to finish the last couple of hours of the show and NTS MediaOnline Today has since learned that Beck suffered an appendicitis attack. [Glenn Beck off the air while recovering from appendicitis surgery…ed]

Racial disparity: All active ethics probes focus on black lawmakers

The House ethics committee is currently investigating seven African-American lawmakers — more than 15 percent of the total in the House. And an eighth black member, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), would be under investigation if the Justice Department hadn’t asked the committee to stand down. Not a single white lawmaker is currently the subject of a full-scale ethics committee probe. The ethics committee declined to respond to questions about the racial disparity, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus are wary of talking about it on the record. But privately, some black members are outraged — and see in the numbers a worrisome trend in the actions of ethics watchdogs on and off Capitol Hill. “Is there concern whether someone is trying to set up [Congressional Black Caucus] members? Yeah, there is,” a black House Democrat said. “It looks as if there is somebody out there who understands what the rules [are] and sends names to the ethics committee with the goal of going after the [CBC].” [Since the Democrats run Congress does this mean the party is filled with racist white people or does it mean black Democrat legislators are a bunch of unethical crooks? So many questions, so few answers…ed]

Timeline: The secret history of swine flu

Six months ago, swine flu emerged as a massive threat to global health. It seemed to come out of nowhere, but our timeline explains how the origins of the H1N1 pandemic go back more than a century. [Interesting…ed]

Quote of the day.

Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.

-Thomas Paine. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and the rest of the conservatives in this country GET IT.

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