Tuesday October 20th

Dictator Obama and Reaching the Point of No Return

As very few of our Congressional elected officials—Democrats AND Republicans—are taking any actions or exhibiting any desire to stop the Obama Dictatorship and We-the-People are now being completely left out of any and all legislation that directly affects us, I can only surmise that we as the Nation of the United states of America may have reached the point of no return in our rapidly forced descent into totalitarianism. From the anti-American and anti-human recently-passed Congressional bills, I have also concluded that—as these self-same elected officials no longer care what their constituents think—our attempts to stop the insanity of government officials summarily stripping us of our own money and our Constitutionally guaranteed liberties via peaceful means may have now come to an end. They haven’t worked. [Be sure to read this one and pass it along to everyone you know…ed]

Justice concludes black voters need Democratic Party

Voters in this small city decided overwhelmingly last year to do away with the party affiliation of candidates in local elections, but the Obama administration recently overruled the electorate and decided that equal rights for black voters cannot be achieved without the Democratic Party. The Justice Department’s ruling, which affects races for City Council and mayor, went so far as to say partisan elections are needed so that black voters can elect their “candidates of choice” – identified by the department as those who are Democrats and almost exclusively black. The department ruled that white voters in Kinston will vote for blacks only if they are Democrats and that therefore the city cannot get rid of party affiliations for local elections because that would violate black voters’ right to elect the candidates they want. [Imagine the OUTRAGE if a Republican administration tried to pull this shit!…ed]

VFW National Commander Urges Decisive Action in Afghanistan

The national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is concerned that the intense debate in Washington over the assessments and recommendations by the U.S. military commander in Afghanistan is posing a direct threat to troops as well as to the nation’s defense. In a statement, Thomas J. Tradewell Sr., a Vietnam veteran from Sussex, Wis., said, “In battle, weaknesses are exploited and attacked, which proved to be the case during the Vietnam War. North Vietnam correctly perceived that the United States government did not possess the political will to complete the mission, and that perception became reality. Their strategy revolved around the fact that U.S. political interests trumped important military decisions, which resulted in a lengthened war and more U.S. casualties. “In Afghanistan, the extremists are sensing weakness and indecision within the U.S. government, which plays into their hands, as evidenced by the increased attacks in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan. I fear that an emboldened enemy will now intensify their efforts to kill more U.S. soldiers. “President Obama’s primary responsibility is that of Commander-in-Chief, and he has a obligation to ensure his commander’s advice takes precedence over opinion polls and politics. [Sorry Mr. Tradewell, the current CIC could care less about our men and women putting their lives on the line for our country. He has an agenda handed down by the Maurice Strong, George Soros, David Rockefeller one world government cabal and he is more than willing to perform as their little puppet and follow their orders in exchange for him getting to play president…ed]

U.S. decision can’t wait for Afghan legitimacy: Gates

The United States cannot wait for problems surrounding the legitimacy of the Afghan government to be resolved before making a decision on troops, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said. Gates, speaking to reporters on board a plane traveling to Tokyo, described the situation in Afghanistan as an evolutionary process that would not improve dramatically overnight, regardless of what course is taken following the country’s flawed August election. “I see this as a process, not something that’s going to happen all of the sudden,” Gates said. “I believe that the president will have to make his decisions in the context of that evolutionary process.” [Gotta watch how you state that Obama needs to pull his head out there Secretary Gates before you find your ass thrown under the bus with General McChrystal…ed]

Excuses wearing thin for Obama, media pals

Have you heard the news? President Obama inherited an economic mess from the Bush administration. You say that’s hardly news? But it’s been the message sounded over and over by the White House. Top Obama adviser David Axelrod said on one of the Sunday news shows, “He walked in the door, we had the worst economy since the Great Depression.” In San Francisco, Obama talked of being “busy with our mop.” White House heavy hitter Rahm Emanuel used the worst-economy-since-the-Depression line on a public TV news show. You’d think it’s October 2008, the final month in the Obama presidential candidacy, rather than October 2009, nine months into the Obama presidency. Yet the Obama White House is in full campaign mode — maybe because it needs to mask the shortcomings of the Obama presidency. [Ouchy. One of Obama’s home town newspapers calls the community organizer out for the miserable failure, for America, he has been in the nine months he has been occupying our White House and flying around in our aircraft…ed]

Media Wars: White House Crosses the Line

Every White House complains about its press coverage. A contentious relationship between the Executive Branch and a free and independent media is part of America’s DNA. Always has been. But this White House seems to feel they’re different. It’s not just that the current occupant of the Oval Office has a particularly thin skin when it comes to criticism – which is especially ironic given that he’s been the recipient of more glowing press coverage than possibly any candidate or president in modern American history. But not since Nixon conjured up an “enemies list” have we seen the full weight of the Office of the Presidency brought to bear in such a targeted and deliberate effort to delegitimize a media organization critical of the President. (SNIP) It’s actually quite brazen when you think about it. The two most senior members of the Obama White House – men who control all the information and access to the Executive Branch, the lifeblood of most news organizations – went on national television and suggested that ABC, CNN and other networks follow the White House’s lead and join in its war to marginalize a competitor because it takes a “perspective” that displeases the President. [This Obama administration game plan is right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” but unfortunately for these Chicago political goons most Americans aren’t buying the brand of socialism they are selling. That’s why Fox News is KILLING the Obama loving media and will continue to do so as long as the juvenile behavior from the White House keeps up…ed]

Hume Defends Fox Again: Asks How CNN, Others ‘Like Being Patted on the Head and Given the Seal of Approval by the White House’

After another round of attacks from the White House, this time from higher levels of the Obama administration, Brit Hume, a senior political analyst for Fox News, went to bat for his network. On the Oct. 19 broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report with Bret Baier,” Hume gave his best effort to rationalize why White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Obama Senior Advisor David Axelrod used two Sunday morning news show appearances to beat up on the highly rated news channel. According to Hume, it was because they disapproved of the stories his channel broke over the last few months. (SNIP) “So the president’s aides appear on other news channels to say that Fox, unlike those outlets, is really not a news organization but an arm of the Republican Party. One wonders how our colleagues at CNN and elsewhere like being patted on the head and given the seal of approval by the White House. [What good does it do to lick the Obama administration’s boots and bat your eyes admiringly at the sound of “The Won’s” name if nobody watches your idiotic non-news Democrat party talking points programs?…ed]

Fox News Reaches Across Party Lines

s Fox News “an arm of the Republican Party” as White House Communications Director Anita Dunn says? Democratic and independent voters beg to differ. A national survey conducted for the League of American Voters by the Global Marketing Research Center during last week shows that 46 percent of those who watch Fox News “just about every day” are Democrats or independents as are 50 percent of those who watch it “several times each week” or more. Overall, the survey showed that 21 percent of all American voters watched Fox News every day and 18 percent watched it several times each week. So, combined, 39 percent watched the station several times each week or more.

• Among Democrats, 17 percent watched it several times each week or more

• Among Independents, 46 percent watched the station several times each week or more

• And among Republicans, 55 percent watched it several times each week or more

The survey indicated that 11 percent of all American voters watched CNN “just about every day” and 20 percent watched several times each week or more. Combined, 31 percent watched CNN several times each week or more. [Golly, it looks like Fox News really isn’t the press relations arm of the Republican Party like Anita Dunn, Rahm Emanuel and David Axlerod say it is huh? But off course we all KNOW for a fact cnn, msnbc, nbc, abc, cbs et al is in the tank for Obama and the liberal Democrat Party agenda…ed]

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Somali rebels say bra un-Islamic, whip women

Somalia’s hardline Islamist group al Shabaab has publicly whipped women for wearing bras they say violate Islam by constituting a deception, north Mogadishu residents said on Friday. (SNIP) Residents said gunmen had been rounding up any woman seen with a firm bust and then had them publicly whipped by masked men. The women were then told to remove their bras and shake their breasts. [Boy I’ll tell ya, those wacky muslims sure do know how to have a good time huh? Imagine the fun when their brand of “religion” starts to really creep into our culture!…ed]

‘They Tried to Steal an Election,’ N.Y. Voter Fraud Case Heats Up

Brian Suozzo voted with an absentee ballot in the Working Families Party primary on Sept. 15 because, as his application stated, he was “at home recovering from medical procedure.” Jessica Boomhower’s application said she would be attending a “work conference in Boston.” Michael Ward couldn’t vote in person because he was “taking care of elderly parent.” Kimberlee Truell was on a “Bus trip to casino,” as was Miguel Vazques. The only problem with these absentee ballot records at the Rensselaer County Board of Elections in Troy, N.Y., is that they’re phony, voters and investigators say — and they’ve prompted what’s being called an unprecedented investigation of suspected voter fraud. Thirty-eight forged or fraudulent ballots have been thrown out — enough votes, an election official admits, to likely have tipped the city council and county elections in November to the Democrats. [Whoa! Democrats rigging an election? Surely this can’t be I mean we all know these hairballs would never do anything untoward when it comes to getting their candidates elected, don’t we?…ed]

Reid’s political box keeps shrinking on health care

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is caught between a divided Democratic caucus and swing voters in his home state of Nevada as he tries to balance the health care reform fight with his bid for a fifth term. So far, his political juggling act is not going well. Pollsters have moved Reid’s Senate seat to the “toss up” column as he fends off attacks from the left and right. And political observers agree that if Reid is unable resolve the intraparty difference over the bill and shepherd through some kind of reform, his re-election prospects will likely be doomed. [I cannot understand how this absolute zero of a man has managed to get reelected three times let alone rise to Senate Majority Leader. People of Nevada wake up and save the country from this mealy mouthed nitwit come 2010!…ed]

Katrina victims move ahead with their global warming suit against energy companies

Mississippi Gulf Coast property owners who suffered property damage during Hurricane Katrina have won an appeal in their efforts to sue energy, fossil fuel and chemical companies for their greenhouse gas contributions to global warming. (SNIP) I’m not a lawyer, but that will be a difficult sell in a courtroom. The country’s leading hurricane scientists, from both sides of the debate, agree that there’s not an overwhelming case one way or the other for the present impact of global warming on hurricanes. [Odd timing for this ruling in favor of the perpetual victims of Katrina since it is being reported that there is a pretty good chance this will be a normal or below normal hurricane season. If this global warming scam is responsible for Katrina I wonder how will the plaintiffs address this issue?…ed]

Major Auto Dealer, Who Has Been Longtime K.C. Chiefs Season Ticket Holder, Gives Up on NFL Over Treatment of Limbaugh

Mark Muller — a husband, father, businessman, and football fanatic — is giving up on the game he loves, he said, because the National Football League let him down. Muller, a fan of conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, said he will never attend another NFL game, because the league did not stand up for Limbaugh when Limbaugh’s recent attempt to purchase part of the St. Louis Rams’ franchise came under fire from critics. [Unfortunately someone standing on their principles is a rare breed these days. Sadly, he will miss the NFL much more than the league will miss him…ed]

Amherst mulls resolution welcoming Guantanamo detainees

The western Massachusetts university town of Amherst is mulling a resolution urging the Congress to release cleared Guantanamo Bay detainees into the United States and calling for the town to welcome those detainees into the community. The town’s Select Board voted 2-1 Monday night to endorse a warrant article titled, “Resolution to Assist in the Safe Resettlement of Cleared Guantanamo Detainees.” “The United States has a long history of being a place of refuge and asylum for persecuted people. There’s nothing new about this,” said Gerry Weiss, one of the two selectmen supporting the resolution. “This is the tradition of the United States.” [There is no end to the stupidity of left wing nutjobs. I say go for it you morons after all a few less Democrat voters, with their heads detached from their bodies by these newly released terrorists, couldn’t really be a bad thing can it?…ed]

MoveOn demands that Democrats stay off Fox News

A reader just sent this fresh missive from the Fox News Deranged-foot soldiers at MoveOn:

From: Noah T. Winer, MoveOn.org Civic Action moveon-help@list.moveon.org
Subject: Stay off FOX
[Recipient name redacted]
Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 2:05 PM

Dear MoveOn member,

All year, FOX has worked 24/7 to block President Obama’s agenda—repeating lies about “death panels,” promoting Tea Party protests, and whipping up fake political scandals.1

Now, President Obama is fighting back. The White House communications director said FOX is a “wing of the Republican Party…let’s not pretend they’re a news network.”2 To draw attention to its biased coverage, President Obama will not appear on FOX for the rest of this year.3

It’s about time Democrats stood up to FOX! Can you sign this petition asking Democrats to support President Obama’s stance by staying off FOX as long as he does? We’ll deliver it to Sen. Lautenberg and Sen. Menendez. [The George Soros funded MoveOn crowd tries to get their lamebrained followers to get all whipped up over Fox News. Pass the popcorn please, this outta be fun to watch…ed]

Obama passes Bush campaign stat

Knoller Nugget — from CBS’s Mark Knoller: President Obama’s two fundraising events Tuesday night in NYC will bring to … 22 the number of fundraisers he has done since taking office. President George W. Bush did six political fundraisers during his first year in office. [No wonder this idiot can’t get anything productive accomplished. Between golf, bashing America, basketball, vacations in France, golf, dinner dates in Chicago, six thousand appearances on TV, golf, a trip to Copenhagen to ensure Chicago wouldn’t get the next Summer Olympics, golf and these 22 fundraising parties who would have time to show up for their day job?…ed]

Ending death penalty would save U.S. millions: study

The death penalty should be put to death for financial reasons, a new study argues. Even when executions are not carried out, the death penalty costs states hundreds of millions of dollars a year, depleting budgets in the midst of economic crisis, the study released Tuesday found. “It is doubtful in today’s economic climate that any legislature would introduce the death penalty if faced with the reality that each execution would cost taxpayers $25 million, or that the state might spend more than $100 million over several years and produce few or no executions,” argued Richard Dieter, director of the Death Penalty Information Center and the report’s author. [Perhaps we could save lots of money if we actually EXECUTED people who were convicted of death penalty eligible crimes instead of allowing them to simply die of natural causes 25 years down the road…ed]

Obama Admin: Cap And Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 A Year

The Obama administration has privately concluded that a cap and trade law would cost American taxpayers up to $200 billion a year, the equivalent of hiking personal income taxes by about 15 percent. A previously unreleased analysis prepared by the U.S. Department of Treasury says the total in new taxes would be between $100 billion to $200 billion a year. At the upper end of the administration’s estimate, the cost per American household would be an extra $1,761 a year. [See today’s quote of the day…ed]

Quote of the day.

No one making less than $250,000 under Barack Obama’s plan will see one single penny of their tax raised, whether it’s their capital gains tax, their income tax, investment tax, any tax.

-Joe Biden. I feel so much better now that I re-read (the lying) Mr. Biden’s reassuring words spoken during the last election campaign.

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