Wigger Rap: Obama Gotz A Peace Prize

Nobel_medal - Copy

This is one of the finest wigger rap videos you’ll ever see addressing the well deserved Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the president of the United States, Mr. Michelle Obama, who to date has accomplished absolutely nothing to have actually earned the silly thing.

Steven Crowder errr….MC Crowbar, take it away mang:

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Bonus feature: The lyrics!

“I Got’s A Peace Prize”

I heard it today, Barack got a prize

Seems they’re dishin’ peace prizes left and right

If you wanna prize, you can do it to

Theres just a few thangs that you gotta do

I’m mowing the lawn
I got a peace prize

Doing the laundry
That’s a peace prize

I’m grooming my dog
Peace prize

He seems to like it
Thats a peace prize

You, get a peace prize

He, gets a peace prize

I, get a peace prize

Everybody, gets a peace prize

They gave a peace prize, to a president
He’d only been prez for two weeks by then

The same time he takes to dust his smokes
Some people call this Nobel prize a joke

But remember y’all, Big O gives us hope
More hope for all man even for the pope

This award ain’t for anything he did
But for things he promises that he will

The first man to win a peace prize for hope
Bankrupt America the man is dope

Obama wants change see it in his eyes
If you do too you’ve earned yourself a prize

I’m in the hot tub
That’s a peace prize

I’m doing some dips
Peace prize

Showing potential
That’s a peace prize

Being a black guy
Gets a peace prize

I’m making a sandwich
That’s a peace prize

She’s eating the sandwich
Peace prize

It’s delicious
Heres a peace prize

HUH, peace prize

The Nobel prize ain’t given to fools
The whole committee went to greater schools

They thought Barack was Nobel worthy
They decided to look at his story

He was voted to be our president
Then they closed the books said the man is in

His name will go down with other cool cats
Al Gore, Carter, Yasser Arafat

The prize ain’t always given to the best
Its got to be politically correct

Thats why it’s not everybody wins
For what not to do take a look at him

Liberate Iraq
You get no peace prize

Curb AIDS in Africa
No peace prize

Your last name is Bush
You get no peace prize

Ha, no peace prize

Obama, gets a peace prize

Automatic, peace prize

Huh, peace prize

Everybody, peace prize


Desmond Tutu ain’t got nuthin on me…

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