Wednesday October 14th

Tentative Inspection Program Would Allow Russia to Visit U.S. Nuclear Sites

Russia and the United States have tentatively agreed to a weapons inspection program that would allow Russians to visit nuclear sites in America to count missiles and warheads. The plan, which Fox News has learned was agreed to in principle during negotiations, would constitute the most intrusive weapons inspection program the U.S. has ever accepted. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said publicly Tuesday that the two nations have made “considerable” progress toward reaching agreement on a new strategic arms treaty. The 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, expires in December and negotiators have been racing to reach agreement on a successor. Clinton said the U.S. would be as transparent as possible. [Outrage!! Allowing this communist country the most access to our nuclear facilities they have ever had is unbelievable. Need more proof this Obama guy and his minions are ready to sell America down the river?…ed]

Russia to allow pre-emptive nukes

A top Russian security official says Moscow reserves the right to conduct pre-emptive nuclear strikes to safeguard the country against aggression on both a large and a local scale, according to a newspaper interview published Wednesday. Presidential Security Council chief Nikolai Patrushev also singled out the U.S. and NATO, saying Moscow’s Cold War foes still pose potential threats to Russia despite what he called a global trend toward local conflicts. [This fits in perfectly with the previous article. The Russians are laughing their asses off at the naive knucklehead of a president of the once mighty United States…ed]

Liberals’ Violence Warning Comes a Year Late

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman recently attracted major attention when he dramatically warned, as Rep. Nancy Pelosi had done earlier, that malicious words can lead to life-threatening violence. Yet both were silent about the wave of political violence that reached its peak a year ago this month in a series of crimes that were not deemed especially newsworthy, because they were committed by supporters of presidential candidate Barack Obama. [The American post of the day…ed]

Unions Spurn White House to Oppose Senate Health Bill

Twenty-seven U.S. labor unions defied White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and announced their opposition to the $829 billion health-care measure passed yesterday by the Senate Finance Committee. The unions say in a full-page newspaper advertisement today that lawmakers need to make “substantial” changes to the bill or they will urge their members to seek its defeat on the Senate floor. Emanuel asked organized labor not to go public in opposition, said Gerald McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. [I wonder if this isn’t just some big ruse to make Americans think this healthcare legislation really can’t be that bad if these left wing union thugs are opposed to it?…ed]

In major flip, House Dems now represent richest regions

Democratic members of the House of Representatives now represent most of the nation’s wealthiest people, a sharp turnaround from the long-standing dominance that Republicans have held over affluent districts. A USA TODAY analysis of new Census data found that Democrats represent a far different constituency today than they did in 2005, when they were the minority in the House, or in 1990, when they were the majority. The Democratic-controlled House is now an unusual combination of the richest and poorest districts, the best and least educated, and the best and the worst insured. The analysis found that Democrats have attracted educated, affluent whites who had tended previously to vote Republican. Democrats now represent 57% of the 4.8 million households that had incomes of $200,000 or more in 2008. In 2005, Republicans represented 55% of those affluent households. [We’ll see how long these wealthy people continue to support the Democrat party when these politicians come after their wallets and assets then turn it over to lazy bums and illegals aliens in order to gain their future votes…ed]

The Obama Fiasco, Failure all around.

The whole Obama era to date has been wasted in a historic, amateurish botch of the health-care issue. This began as a crusade for social justice — to cover the uninsured, whose numbers were suitably exaggerated, as most of them are people changing jobs from one health-insuring employer to another, or foreigners resident in this country, legally or otherwise, or the indigent, who are eligible for Medicaid. It wasn’t clear from this rationale, however, why Obama was also trying to take over the insurance of those already covered. He therefore pressed on to the need to take over health care to save money (by nationalizing it). The Congressional Budget Office blew that up, so the president moved crisply on to revenue-neutral health-care reform for its own sake. The corresponding promises of cost reductions proved to be shortchanging elderly Medicare recipients of hundreds of billions of dollars and chasing Washington’s oldest and most elusive will-o’-the-wisp, the last refuge of 220 years of desperate public officials, the ever-popular “waste and fraud.” And the “reforms” themselves are just aggravations of long-established mistaken practices. [Mr. Black gives a biting but highly accurate review of the abject failure Barack Hussein Obama has been since his inauguration…ed]

Rangel probe taking its toll

For years, Charles Rangel has been a visible, vital presence in the Capitol, bantering with reporters or booming gravelly-voiced greetings to well-wishers who yell “Charlie!” at him in the Rotunda. But last week — just before the Republicans’ third attempt to punish Rangel — the Harlem Democrat appeared visibly tired and thinner than usual, and he barely spoke above a whisper when a reporter approached to ask a question. [This man is a career criminal who has been safely ensconced within the protective cocoon of the federal government for decades. Someone amassing millions of dollars of wealth on a House of Representative’s salary SHOULD be intensely investigated especially when it is discovered he has been cheating on his taxes for years but alas Rangel’s fellow scumbag Democrats will always have his back…ed]

The Senate reform fraud

THE Senate Finance Committee yesterday voted on a fraud: Sen. Max Baucus’ “re sponsible” health-reform bill is actually a recipe for fiscal disaster — and the Congressional Budget Office report that supposedly bolstered the bill actually exposes it. As others have noted, Baucus used all manner of budgetary gimmicks to oblige the CBO to give him the headlines he needed — a supposed pricetag of “just” $829 billion over 10 years, with enough other spending cuts and tax hikes to avoid adding to the federal deficit. But the CBO exposed the truth by taking the rare step of calculating what the bill would cost in its second 10 years. In its second decade alone, the CBO projects, the bill’s costs would triple — to $2.8 trillion. The taxes and fines it levies would also triple — to $1.8 trillion. And its cuts to Medicare and related federal health programs would quadruple — to $1.9 trillion. In its first two decades combined, the bill would cost $3.6 trillion and would raise taxes by $2.3 trillion. [The devil is always in the details and there is plenty of evil in this Democrat healthcare legislation. Note that your taxes will begin to immediately increase even though this mess is not scheduled to kick in fully for many years…ed]

Obamacare Means $1,700 More in Insurance Premiums for a Typical Family

Will a young, healthy, childless individual or couple buy health insurance costing 7.5 percent of their income as required by Obama’s health legislation? Not until they get sick. Then, they can always buy the insurance — and the Obama bill requires the insurance companies to give it to them. And, if the premiums come to more than 7.5 percent of their income because they are now sick, no problem. Obama will subsidize it. Instead, young, healthy, childless people will likely opt to pay the $1,000 fine (a.k.a., slap on the wrist) mandated in the bill. After all, even if they make as little as $50,000 a year, the fine is a lot cheaper than 7.5 percent of their income (or $3,500 a year)! [I’d like to see where in our Constitution the federal government has been given the ability to force us to purchase health insurance or be fined for not doing so…ed]

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‘Hate’ hysteria

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which President Obama plans to sign soon, is named after two men who were murdered in 1998. Shepard, a gay college student, was beaten to death in Wyoming. Byrd, a black hitchhiker, was dragged to death behind a pickup truck in Texas. Bigotry seemed to play a role in both crimes. Here is something else Matthew Shepard and James Byrd have in common: Their killers were arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison or death — all without the benefit of hate-crime laws, state or federal. [Four black guys brutally raped and murdered a young white couple in Tennessee yet their crime was not prosecuted as a hate crime. This seems to be the pattern whenever a “minority” assaults a white person yet every time a caucasian takes the life of a “minority” racism is virtually always taken into account no matter the circumstances…ed]

Okay, Prove You Didn’t Say It!

For some reason, Rush Limbaugh’s mooted purchase of a sports franchise has prompted CNN and others to distribute far and wide what appear to be entirely fabricated racist quotes by Rush. As Tim Blair points out: Bizarrely, nobody running these career-killing “quotes” seems to question why they weren’t of previous interest. Just so. What’s the theory here? He said these things on the air in 2006 and nobody noticed? 2001? Maybe 1995, back when Clinton was blaming him for Oklahoma City? Hey, let’s not get hung up on details. Just because nobody can find any evidence anywhere of Rush saying these “quotes” doesn’t mean he didn’t say ’em. As someone called Jason Whitlock says: Limbaugh doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt on racial matters. [The leftist media could care less about truth or accuracy in their reporting and you can rest assured this smear campaign against Rush Limbaugh and his desire to be part of a group that is looking into purchasing the St. Louis Rams comes directly from the White House…ed]

Rush’s Rams

For all the fuss over Rush Limbaugh’s attempt to buy the NFL’s St. Louis Rams franchise, you’d think he’d been torturing dogs or accidentally firing pistols in nightclubs. Oh, wait: those are the players. All Rush Limbaugh has done is work hard for decades to build his personality and radio empire to dominate conservative talk radio. Yet, less than three months after the NFL conditionally reinstated a convicted felon, some of its associates and fans are complaining because Limbaugh wants to buy the Rams. [Who cares if it’s the players who are so often busted for drugs or much more serious crimes after all it’s really Rush who is the scary boogey man here…ed]

Michelle: $373 million in stimulus money for better vending machine food

First Lady Michelle Obama visited the headquarters of the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington Tuesday. She devoted much of her talk to “the growing threat of obesity, particularly childhood obesity” in the United States, and she touted HHS’s recently-announced plan to spend $373 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on plans to, among other things, improve the healthfulness of foods in vending machines. (SNIP) This includes $373 million announced last month that would be available for communities that put together comprehensive plans to reduce obesity –- $373 million — and that would include everything from incentivizing grocery stores to locate in underserved areas; it could include improving meals at school; to getting more healthy, affordable foods into vending machines; to creating more safe, accessible places for people to exercise and play; and a whole lot more.” [More liberal lunacy which will cost taxpayers a ton. Oh and Michelle Obama, who has quite a bit of “junk in her trunk” as it is, the reason stores don’t do business in “underserved” (read ghetto) areas is because the profit margins are slim enough in that business without having to worry about robberies, assaults and through the roof insurance costs…ed]

What Soros Wanted, Obama Delivers

In January 2004, George Soros proclaimed to the world, “I have made rejection of the Bush doctrine the central project of my life.” To which he added, “America, under Bush, is a danger to the world. And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.” Soros then waged a nearly one-wallet war against Bush, put more than $25 million of his own cash into Kerry’s election bid and came out of the whole gambit with a tattered I-Voted-for-the-other-guy t-shirt. [Just had to toss in another article today. That said I keep wishing for the day that Soros gathers his entire family together for a nice little vacation and their plane goes down in the middle of the Atlantic never to be heard from again…ed]

McChrystal: More U.S. Troops May Not Prevent Afghanistan From Falling to Terror Haven

Rampant government corruption might derail the fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan even if as many as 80,000 additional U.S. troops were sent to the war, the top military commander there has concluded, according to U.S. officials briefed on his recommendations. The conclusion by Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal is part of a still-secret document that requests more troops even as he warns that they ultimately may not prevent terrorists from turning Afghanistan back into a haven. [Too bad we didn’t consider the massive corruption that has forever been a way of life in this country’s government before we started bringing our kids home in body bags…ed]

Student Who Brought Camping Utensil to School Has Suspension Lifted

A Delaware first-grader who was facing 45 days in an alternative school as punishment for taking his favorite camping utensil to school can return to class after the school board made a hasty change granting him a reprieve. The seven-member Christina School Board voted unanimously Tuesday to reduce the punishment for kindergartners and first-graders who take weapons to school or commit violent offenses to a suspension ranging from three to five days. [Fox News has been beating this story to death but it looks like a few thousand calls from pissed off Americans to the school’s administration demanding some common sense be used in this case paid off handsomely for the little tyke…ed]

Why I Hate Obama’s America

According to the left, I am now a member of a treasonous group. I cheered when President Obama and his newly made-over milquetoast wife made asses of themselves in Copenhagen while attempting to wheedle the Europeans into granting Chicago the 2016 Olympics. And I gnashed my teeth when the Nobel Prize Committee decided to fete Obama with the Peace Prize. So, that makes me an America-hater. (SNIP) No, Eugene, that isn’t the problem for us. Here’s our problem: President Obama seeks an America that resembles modern France far more than the free and prosperous America our forefathers fought and bled and died for. President Obama’s America is not America: It is the United Nations writ large, with socialist redistribution at its center and moral relativism at its core. I root against President Obama’s America because I don’t want to see it become a reality. And the only way it will become a reality is if President Obama is able to make it a reality. And so I root for events that drain away Obama’s political capital. [This article is right on the money. Using each and every opportunity to strip away as much political capital from this one world government America hating street level rabble rouser so as to grind his radical left wing agenda into dust will prove to be a good thing for this country…ed]

Apple, Nike and the U.S. Chamber

The recent corporate resignations from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have played in the media as a case of enlightened corporate stewardship vs. blinkered old businesses. But there’s far more to this story—not least the way that Apple and Nike are putting green political correctness above the long-term interests of their own shareholders. The Chamber needs “a more progressive stance on this issue” of climate change, declared Apple Vice President Catherine Novelli in a letter of resignation from the business lobby on October 5. (SNIP) Both companies may figure they can afford a U.S. carbon tax because most of their manufacturing is done outside the U.S. Apple has an enormous “carbon footprint” of some 10 million annual tons of emissions to make and use its power-hungry gadgets. But nearly all of those products are made in China and other Asian countries where there are no carbon limits and aren’t likely to be any time soon, if ever. According to calculations based on Apple’s emissions figures, were the company to manufacture in the U.S., the Boxer-Kerry bill pending in the Senate would hit Apple with carbon taxes between $43 million and $108 million a year. [Don’t you just love the hypocrisy of the left wingers making piles of money from offshore sweatshops while demanding the government put the screws to companies employing Americans here in this country?…ed]

Cuba gives ‘socialism lite’ a try as recession deepens

Cuba’s workplace cafeterias are closing, President Raúl Castro keeps saying the well-off shouldn’t get the same subsidies as the poor, and now there are rumblings that one of the stalwart vestiges of the revolution — the ration booklet — has outlived its usefulness. As the Cuban government struggles through a deep recession, its leaders have begun picking away at socialism in order to save it. But experts say the latest buzz by the Cuban government is simply another desperate fix to stem the slide of a failed economy that buckled long ago. [Socialism sucks and had been a failure everywhere it’s been tried…ed]

Too young to be Pam Anderson’s fashion slave

Pamela Anderson shocked the Hollywood Style Awards over the weekend by recruiting a shy, 9-year-old girl to hold up her risqué dress all night. The well-upholstered pin-up turned up in a barely-there, pink Vivienne Westwood dress on Sunday — with the child holding her long train. The bizarre move drew criticism from child advocacy groups who say little Adelaide Gault is too young to be used as a fashion accessory. One guest told Page Six, “People were genuinely shocked. [And this ass ugly disgusting dirtbag skank had the balls to rip into Sarah Palin…ed]

Quote of the day.

No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!

-Ronald Reagan

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