Americans Say "Congressperson" Is The Least Respected Job In The Land

It seems the American people have had just about enough of the majority of the morons stinking up the halls of Congress and we have now voted this job as the least respected line of “professional” work in the country. Interestingly small business owners are regarded as the most respected even as the Obama administration is doing everything they can to burden those who take the risks and employ the vast majority of the people in this country with any number of onerous government mandates including a plan to force them to provide healthcare insurance for all employees or pay heavy fines in lieu of doing so.

Sponsors... article continues below...–With the health care debate raging in Washington, D.C., there’s one change Americans clearly believe in: Members of Congress have now surpassed corporate CEOs to hold the least favorably regarded profession in the country.

Rasmussen Reports periodically asks adults their views of nine major professions. In both June and February, corporate chief executive officers rated at the very bottom, no surprise really given the country’s economic straits. Members of Congress in both surveys came in next to last – but not any more.

Just one-out-of-four Americans (25%) have a favor opinion of members of Congress. Seventy-two percent (72%) view them unfavorably. There’s some intensity in that perception, too. Only four percent (4%) have a very favorable view of congressmen, while 37% view them very unfavorably.

Even 56% of Democrats have an unfavorable view of Congress although their party controls both the House and the Senate. Of course, their opposition pales next to the 86% of Republicans and 81% of adults not affiliated with either party who have an unfavorable opinion of Congress…..

Let’s kick em all out starting in 2010 shall we folks?

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