Sunday September 13th

An Obama Speech in 13 Easy Steps

Everyone marvels at Barack Obama’s rhetorical prowess. But don’t be overly bedazzled. With these 13 easy steps, you, too, can give a Barack Obama speech. [Rich Lowry shows how easy it is to buffalo the masses with well honed and polished rhetorical skills. You know just like that Obama guy…ed]

In Obama we don’t trust

Politicians will tell you they’d rather have you hate them than distrust them because hate is an emotion that can be tweaked, while trust is an investment in character — a bond that, once broken, can never be repaired fully. The problem for President Barack Obama and Democrats is that, in poll after poll, Main Street does not trust them. Republicans are not exempt, either; while Dems keep sliding in the polls, the GOP is recording no parallel gain. On the eve of Obama’s health-care pitch to Congress and the country last week, an Associated Press-GfK poll highlighted his fall from grace: A whopping 52 percent of the country disapproved of his handling of health-care reform. “I can’t emphasize enough how bad it is for a politician to lose trust,” says Democrat pollster Pat Caddell, a former senior adviser to President Jimmy Carter. [Hundreds of thousands (some reports say millions) of patriots march on Washington DC yesterday yelling “Hell no we don’t trust this fraud!”…ed]

Up to two million march to US Capitol to protest against Obama’s spending in ‘tea-party’ demonstration

Up to two million people marched to the U.S. Capitol today, carrying signs with slogans such as “Obamacare makes me sick” as they protested the president’s health care plan and what they say is out-of-control spending. The line of protesters spread across Pennsylvania Avenue for blocks, all the way to the capitol, according to the Washington Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency. People were chanting “enough, enough” and “We the People.” Others yelled “You lie, you lie!” and “Pelosi has to go,” referring to California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. [Unlike those who showed up for the Obama inauguration these estimated two million, or how ever many there really were, people didn’t trash our nation’s capitol…ed]

Wilson Defends Outburst, Says He Will Not Apologize on House Floor

Rep. Joe Wilson said Sunday that he will not apologize on the House floor for his outburst during President Obama’s health care address, even though Democratic leaders have threatened to formally discipline him if he does not. Wilson noted that he already apologized directly to the White House after shouting, “You lie,” to the president during his Wednesday address to a joint session of Congress. The outburst triggered a political firestorm, but Wilson told “FOX News Sunday” that Democrats are just “playing politics” by trying to drag out the issue and force another apology. [Hang tough Congressman Wilson. The GOOD people of this country have your back on this one…ed]

Hackers Imperil Wilson Campaign Web Site

Rep. Joe Wilson chose an unconventional venue in which to level an attack on President Obama Wednesday night: a joint session of Congress. Now Wilson’s opponents are counterattacking him in an increasingly popular venue for political mayhem: cyberspace. Sources close to the South Carolina congressman charge that hackers have blitzed his campaign Web site with a series of attacks that periodically shut down the page. [Typical behavior for these little punk ass leftists, none of which have the balls to confront anyone face to face…ed]

Where Are the Condemnations of Abortion Protester James Pouillon’s Murder?

James Pouillon, aka “the sign guy” was the abortion rights opponent gunned down in suburban Owosso, Michigan, early Friday morning. Shortly after his murder, a Facebook Friend of mine with a conservative political outlook posted the question: “Where is the outrage?”
Her point being that when famous abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered a few months ago, expressions of condolence from all sides of the abortion debate rocketed through the Internet within a short time. [A guy shoots and kills a WHEELCHAIR BOUND man because of his anti abortion views and nary a peep from the lamestream media, politicians or Obama even though these same people cried their collective eyes out when the baby murderer George Tiller was gunned down…ed]

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Van Jones — unfit for print–The green czar affair should put the final lie to The Times’ ‘objectivity’

“This is not an excuse,” the managing editor of The New York Times said after offering the following excuse for completely missing the Van Jones story, except in a blog post: “Our Washington bureau was somewhat short-staffed during the height of the pre-Labor Day vacation period.” Here’s how long-staffed The New York Times actually is. Long after Glenn Beck reported — back in July — that Jones was history’s first communist czar, and even after Gateway Pundit reported, on Sept. 3, that Jones had signed a wackadoodle 9/11 “truther” petition, The Times sent two reporters to Boston (in a story published Friday, Sept. 4) to pre-report the non-story of Joseph P. Kennedy II’s run for Ted Kennedy’s seat. (He later said he wasn’t interested. Also, the picture of Joseph the Times ran was actually of his brother Max.) [Funny how ALL of the media outlets except FOX completely blew this Van Jones story off like it was no big deal that one of Obama’s key czars was forced to resign…ed]

Fox News’ Glenn Beck’s right-wing rants go way too far, critics charge

Glenn Beck, the hottest ri ht-wing voice on the air, worried aloud to his listeners the other day that powerful, sinister forces trying to destroy America might soon “shoot me in the head.” But there’s fear among his critics, including calmer conservatives, that the victim more likely will be one of Beck’s many broadcast targets. After a summer of mob anger at town hall meetings on health care – some of which featured gun-toting protesters – and a burst of Beck-fanned hysteria over President Obama’s back-to-school speech last week, the former top 40 deejay has emerged as a goofy dark prince of the right. [Doncha just love to watch the lefties twist in the wind like this? Beck is kicking their collective asses and they know it and they can’t do a damn thing about it. When was the last time you read an article saying those douchebags Olbermann and Matthews rants “go too far?”…ed]

Bernard Schoenburg: Shimkus’ walkout could fire up Dems

OBAMA’s speech to a joint session of Congress last week, U.S. Rep. JOHN SHIMKUS, R-Collinsville, stirred the hopes of some Democrats that Shimkus could be subject to a legitimate fight in the 2010 election. Shimkus didn’t get as much publicity as U.S. Rep. JOE WILSON, R-S.C., who yelled “You lie” to Obama from the House floor. Shimkus merely walked out of the address on health care — a subject on which Shimkus is at odds with Obama. “The congressman didn’t do it as a publicity stunt,” said STEVE TOMASCZEWSKI, his press secretary. “We didn’t tout this.” [Note to the author of this drivel: Shimkus walking out on Obama’s pack of lies very well could fire up the REPUBLICANS and force them to grow a pair and start representing the will of their constituents…ed]

Serena’s ugly sportsmanship costs her

Tennis fans are going to remember for a long time the ugly sportsmanship of Serena Williams on Saturday night. A hot-headed Williams lost her U.S. Open semi-final in stunning fashion. As a result, Kim Clijsters moved on to the finals Sunday. The incredibly boorish behavior by Williams took away from a superb performance by Clijsters, who outplayed Williams much of the match. Williams’ problems started in the first set, when she angrily slammed her racket onto the court and broke it as she lost 6-4. That was her first code warning. [Looks like thug “chick looks like a dude” Serena took a page straight out of Obama’s playbook, threaten anybody who doesn’t see things the way you want them to. Clijsters was going to kick her smug ass anyway but what a crappy way for her to move on to the finals…ed]

Former Leftist Activist, Turned FBI Informant, Pulls Back the Curtain On ACORN

I first experienced ACORN in post-Katrina New Orleans. I was part of a relief organization, Common Ground Relief, which had been delivering much needed aid to the 9th Ward, an area that had been hit especially hard by the flood waters and by neglect. Rumors immediately began surfacing, questioning our motives and intentions. I was very confused by these rumors. Who was behind them? How could anyone question the vital work we were doing in the community? (SNIP) While working undercover with the FBI at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota, I helped to uncover a bomb plot. Two men had made firebombs with a homemade napalm mixture of gasoline and oil. Their initial targets were Republican delegates. These bomb-makers (domestic terrorists) later decided to attack a staging area for the Secret Service and other law-enforcement agencies. Fortunately, they were stopped and arrested. [More left wing domestic terrorists planning to kill and maim Republicans but of course we’ll never read about this in the lamestream media…ed]

Barack and Me

I’ve been a committed conservative and, with the exception of one year where I listed myself as an independent, a registered Republican since 1978. What makes that rather unremarkable statement more intriguing is that I’m an American who happens to be black. Anyone who follows politics knows that puts me in rare and sometimes lonely company. Black voting percentages for the Republican nominee for President since 1964 are typically in the single digits, reaching 11% nationwide in 2004 and, perhaps more significantly, 16% in Ohio, helping George W. Bush take that state and the Presidency for a second term. There is no single demographic group in the nation that is more loyal and, in my opinion, more taken for granted by the beneficiaries of their votes than blacks. [Wake up black folks. The Democrat party has used and abused your demographic for long enough. The vast majority of blacks are CONSERVATIVE by nature as are Hispanics and Asians. It’s time to put an end to the madness and get every AMERICAN on the same page and kick these marxist bastards who have infested our government out on their asses…ed]

U.S. officials troubled by fake currency flowing from Peru

Reporting from Washington – A flood of high-quality counterfeit U.S. money from Peru is perplexing federal authorities, who say the shadowy networks that are responsible are also engaging in other criminal activity that poses a threat to national security. Over the last year, authorities and banks have recovered at least $7.8 million in fake notes across the United States that they believe were manufactured in Peru, according to Secret Service statistics. In addition, $446,280 in fake U.S. cash from Peru was seized before it was spent during that same period, and more than $18.2 million more in raids in the South American country, the Secret Service said. “And that’s just a fraction of the notes that we can ally to Peru” worldwide, said John Large, the assistant special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s criminal division at its headquarters in Washington. “It’s a form of economic terrorism.” [The Obama administration is just pissed because they have some competition now when it comes to printing worthless money…ed]

New plan lets Afghan detainees question detention

The Pentagon has begun putting into place a new program under which hundreds of prisoners being held by the military in Afghanistan will be given the right to challenge their detentions, a defense official said Sunday. Prisoners at Bagram military base are all to be given a U.S. military official to serve as their personal representative and a chance to go before new Detainee Review Boards, to have their cases considered, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to be able to discuss a program that has not been formally announced. The initiative amounts to the first time prisoners will be able to call witnesses and submit evidence in their defense. There are some 600 detainees at the facility, some who have been held for up to six years. [Need more proof this Obama fraud is about as anti-American as you can get? Wait, my bad. He’s just doing what he is told to do by those who really control the White House…ed]

African kin seek Obama’s help. But president offers no special aid or access

After Barack Obama was elected to the US Senate in 2004, a delegation from the remote African village where his father was raised journeyed to Washington, seeking financial help. But Obama offered them advice, not money. Now that Obama has moved to the White House, expectations of financial benefit have grown even greater in this tiny hamlet where water is still delivered to thatched huts on the backs of donkeys. “There are still those who are waiting for him to send millions,’’ said Nicholas Rajula, a Kogelo businessman. (SNIP) Still, the price of land here has skyrocketed because of rampant speculation about an Obama family museum that the Kenyan Ministry of Tour ism has promised to build. [Obama has a brother living in Nairobi on 20 bucks a year and an aunt living illegally for years in the U.S. on welfare and food stamps and these people in his native homeland think he’s gonna slide then MILLIONS?? El Oh El…ed]

Blago’s ‘go-to guy’ dead

The man federal prosecutors pressured to cooperate in the corruption probe of ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich died of an apparent aspirin overdose Saturday, law enforcement sources said. Christopher Kelly, 51, of Burr Ridge, was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital at 10:46 a.m. An autopsy is scheduled for today, a Cook County medical examiner’s office spokeswoman said. Christopher Kelly, 51, of Burr Ridge, was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital at 10:46 a.m. An autopsy is scheduled for today, a Cook County medical examiner’s office spokeswoman said. [Aspirin overdose huh? Yeah, sure. Welcome to the rough and tumble of Chicago politics…ed]

Pro-Life Congressmen and Planned Parenthood Agree: Health Care Bill Funds Abortion

In his address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, President Barack Obama said the health care plan he is pushing will not provide federal money for abortions. But pro-life congressmen and Planned Parenthood agree that abortion would be covered under the plan under an amendment sponsored by Rep. Lois Capps (D.-Calif.). “One more misunderstanding I want to clear up,” Obama said Wednesday night. “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.” [Hey Obama, YOU LIE!!!…ed]

Quote of the day.

My belief has always been … that wherever in this land any individual’s constitutional rights are being unjustly denied, it is the obligation of the federal government—at point of bayonet if necessary—to restore that individual’s constitutional rights.

-Ronald Reagan

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