Thursday September 10th

Assemblyman Mike Duvall resigns after his sex comments are broadcast

An Orange County lawmaker who inadvertently broadcast explicit remarks about his sexual conquests over an open microphone abruptly resigned from office Wednesday after legislative leaders stripped him of his committee posts and launched an ethics probe of his actions. Assemblyman Michael Duvall (R-Yorba Linda), whose remarks were videotaped in July during a lull in a Sacramento hearing, stepped down less than 24 hours after the tape spread online Tuesday night. [What a jackass and it’s good to see this hypocritical moron gone from public office…ed]

FACT CHECK: Obama uses iffy math on deficit pledge

President Barack Obama used only-in-Washington accounting Wednesday when he promised to overhaul the nation’s health care system without adding “one dime” to the deficit. By conventional arithmetic, Democratic plans would drive up the deficit by billions of dollars. The president’s speech to Congress contained a variety of oversimplifications and omissions in laying out what he wants to do about health insurance. A look at some of Obama’s claims and how they square with the facts or the fuller story: [So I guess the AP is pretty much saying Rep. Joe Wilson was correct when he told Obama “you lie!”…ed]

Get the hottest new bumper sticker

Make a statement this year with one of our newest additions to the line of bumper stickers — and don’t take it back! [Get your “YOU LIE!” magnetic bumper sticker today…ed]

Obama Misrepresents Insurance Case

From Mr. Obama’s address to the joint session of Congress last night:

“One man from Illinois lost his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because his insurer found that he hadn’t reported gallstones that he didn’t even know about. They delayed his treatment, and he died because of it.” This is the sad story of Mr. Otto Raddatz, a case that Mr. Obama has cited several times before, including in his August 16th editorial in the New York Times. For the record, however, the case is not exactly the way Mr. Obama has characterized it, at least according to the sworn testimony of Mr. Raddatz’s sister. [Just a little white lie from our half white president?…ed]

Obama Won’t Give Federal Insurance Benefits to Illegal Aliens, He’ll Make Them Legal First

In his speech to a joint session of Congress last night, President Obama said that his health care reform plan will not insure “illegal immigrants.” The statement instantly became a matter of controversy when Rep. Joe Wilson (R.-S.C.) yelled out in the House chamber, “You lie.” (SNIP) It is true that both the House and Senate health care bills as they are now drafted would make illegal aliens ineligible for federally funded health care. But President Obama has stated as recently as last month at a press conference in Mexico that he will seek “comprehensive immigration reform” legislation that will put illegal aliens on a “pathway to citizenship.” [The dirty little secrets are always hidden in the obscure seemingly disconnected details…ed]

Sarah Palin: Response to the President’s Health Care Speech

After all the rhetoric is put aside, one principle ran through President Obama’s speech tonight: that increased government involvement in health care can solve its problems. Many Americans fundamentally disagree with this idea. We know from long experience that the creation of a massive new bureaucracy will not provide us with “more stability and security,” but just the opposite. It’s hard to believe the President when he says that this time he and his team of bureaucrats have finally figured out how to do things right if only we’ll take them at their word. Our objections to the Democrats’ health care proposals are not mere “bickering” or “games.” They are not an attempt to “score short term political points.” And it’s hard to listen to the President lecture us not to use “scare tactics” when in the next breath he says that “more will die” if his proposals do not pass. [Sarah Palin continues to ram a sharp stick into the eye of the Obama administration. Cool…ed]

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Biden Bumbles Into The Truth: Speaks Of ‘Illegal Aliens’

At least he didn’t call them “clean and articulate” . . . Joe Biden has given the latest, best example of the adage that “a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.” Appearing on Good Morning America today to talk up Pres. Obama’s health care speech to Congress, the veep praised his boss for debunking various supposedly false assertions, including “how we’re going to insure illegal aliens.” Biden was just about to move on when, realizing his crime against political correctness, he revised his remark: “undocumented aliens,” quoth the VP. [Gotta love this Biden idiot. He is absolutely useless except for the occasional flash of honesty when they let him out of his little rubber room in the back of the White House…ed]

Who is the ‘we’ who ‘spend too much’ on elder care?

The Left is terribly concerned that “we” are spending too much money on keeping people alive as they get older. But Ted Kennedy didn’t seem to mind that “we” provided state-of-the-art cancer care for him, presumably through his wonderful insurance as a US Senator; I have yet to hear of a single “Man or Woman of the Left” — as they like to dub themselves — who would object to healthy (and wealthy) aging for themselves. I don’t see George Soros checking out the suicide clinics in Holland. I don’t hear any eagerness to cut short Jimmy Carter’s lifelong support for bloody-minded Islamofascists; but Mr. Carter is 85 already. [The best thing that could happen to this country is having George Soros go room temperature and the sooner the better. Maybe that man made swine flu bug will take his ass down?..ed]

Getting away with murder is the norm in Detroit

At least 7 in 10 people who committed murder in this city last year have gotten away with it. The most generous interpretation of 2008 homicide warrants and convictions supplied by local law enforcement officials shows that in more than 70 percent of homicide cases no suspect has been identified, arrested, charged or convicted of a killing. “The reality is, we have a reputation in the state that if you want to commit a crime, come here,” said Kym Worthy, the Wayne County prosecutor who said she does not challenge the analysis. “The chance of arrest is quite low, the chance of prosecution is quite low. What does that say about the commitment to the public’s safety?” [I sure would like to see a breakdown of the demographics demonstrating who is killing who in this armpit of America. Not that I don’t already know the answer…ed]

Prospective jurors don’t want any part of Junior Gotti’s upcoming trial

The Dapper Don is long dead and three of his brothers are in jail forever – but the name “Gotti” still inspires fear. That’s the long and short of comments from the more than 300 men and women in the pool of prospective jurors for next week’s urder/conspiracy trial of John A. (Junior) Gotti, the son of the late mob boss John Gotti. “I don’t want to mess with John Gotti,” one prospective juror said. [Can’t blame them. That’s how many people feel when they go up against the Obama administration…ed]

NYPD Rewords Report That Some Say Insulted Muslims

The New York Police Department revised a highly touted report on the threat of homegrown terrorism in response to complaints that it was an insult to law-abiding, observant Muslims. A coalition of Muslim groups on Wednesday applauded the two-page clarification tucked into “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat” — a study first circulated in law enforcement circles and on the Internet in 2007. The new wording says the NYPD “understands that it is a tiny minority of Muslims who subscribe to al-Qaida’s ideology of war and terror.” The clarification also calls the city’s Muslim community “our ally,” and “as such, the NYPD report should not be read to characterize Muslims as intrinsically dangerous or intrinsically linked to terrorism, and that it cannot be a license for racial, religious, or ethnic profiling.” [A “tiny minority” of Muslims managed to kill 3,000 people and injure thousands more eight years ago tomorrow. Just sayin’…ed]

Tracking Your Taxes: Tax Dollars Being Washed Out to Sea

Talk about money running through your fingers. It’s no surprise that many Americans — who see tax dollars spent for waste and ineffective programs — feel as though their dollars are literally being tossed out to sea. But FOX News found one program that does just that. Sand replenishment projects are allotted millions of tax dollars annually to “rejuvenate” beaches, often just steps from multimillion-dollar beach homes and luxury hotels. [Eh, it’s only taxpayer money so who cares right?…ed]

Pa. city blankets streets with security cameras

Horses drawing buggies regularly clop down the roads approaching Lancaster, a peaceful city in the heart of Amish country that had only three murders last year and relatively low crime. But if the community sounds reminiscent of the past, it also has some distinctly modern technology: 165 surveillance cameras that will keep watch over thousands of residents around the clock. When it is complete, the surveillance system will be bigger than those in large cities such as Philadelphia, San Francisco and Boston. And the fact that it will be monitored by ordinary citizens has raised privacy concerns. [These cameras wouldn’t have done squat for my brother who was beaten to death in his own home in this city two years ago…ed]

Sabato Predicts Sizeable GOP Gains in 2010

Larry J. Sabato’s Crystal Ball published today its initial U.S. House race rankings, detailing district-by-district the likely outcome of the 2010 midterm elections. In a preliminary projection, the Crystal Ball predicts the Republican Party will pick up between 20 and 30 seats in that election, a sizeable gain, but insufficient to retake the majority. The Crystal Ball reached this conclusion after intense analysis of all 435 U.S. House districts, rating each race on a scale ranging from “Safe Democratic” to “Safe Republican.” The full article can be read here: [I don’t know about these numbers since Obama and the Democrats still have plenty of time to piss off the American people even more than they have in the last nine months…ed]

You don’t want too many blacks in one area, says Muhammad Ali’s Irish town mayor

The mayor of an Irish town where boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s great-grandfather hailed from has warned about housing policies that could lead to a ‘glut of black families’ in any one area. Frankie Neylon said he believed it was better for the council not to house too many black people together in Ennis, County Clare, to avoid the creation of ‘ghettos’ [This guy must have spent quite a bit of time “vacationing” in Detroit…ed]

Quote of the day.

The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.

– Aldous Huxley

I will not waste time with those who have made the calculation that it’s better politics to kill this plan than to improve it.

-Barack Hussein Obama, referring to anyone who doesn’t agree with his plan to have the government take over our healthcare system.

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