Saturday August 29th

Swine flu vaccine plan in disarray

(Australia) The Federal Government’s plan to immunise the population against swine flu is in chaos because insurers may not cover doctors who administer the jab. Inadequate testing and the possibility of spreading other infections means there is too high a risk patients will sue, the insurers say. Despite weeks of crisis talks, the Government has refused to underwrite doctors’ liability for the vaccinations and medical groups say the program – due to start as early as mid-September – cannot proceed unless doctors are insured. [If this isn’t a wake up call to anybody thinking of getting this vaccine I don’t know what could be…ed]

Warning on possible pot growers called profiling

A federal warning to beware of campers in national forests who eat tortillas, drink Tecate beer and play Spanish music because they could be armed marijuana growers is racial profiling, an advocate for Hispanic rights said Friday. The warnings were issued Wednesday by the U.S. Forest Service, which is investigating how much marijuana is being illegally cultivated in Colorado’s national forests following the recent discovery of more than 14,000 plants in Pike National Forest. [If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, flies like a duck and quacks like a duck it ain’t a monkey, it’s a duck…ed]

S.C. GOP to push for Sanford’s removal

South Carolina Republican lawmakers are laying plans for a special session legislative session on whether to impeach and remove embattled Gov. Mark Sanford by the end of the year, several senior state lawmakers have told The Washington Times. Republican lawmakers in the state House will use a regularly scheduled annual retreat in Myrtle Beach this weekend to discuss the governor’s fate and the details on whether to call a special impeachment session of the legislature before its scheduled reconvening in January, Rep. Gary Simrill, a Republican, told The Times on Thursday. [Republicans preparing to eat another of their own while Democrats continue to line up in strong support of the likes of dirtbags such as Rangel, Dodd and Pelosi…ed]

Obama administration: Mont. senators falsely took stimulus credit

The Obama administration said Friday that two Democratic senators falsely took credit for steering millions of dollars to projects in their home state, even as officials acknowledged that the homeland security secretary met with the lawmakers and discussed financing the projects. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano denies politics played any role in distributing stimulus money. The Associated Press reported this week that her department did not follow its own priority list when selecting projects. (SNIP) That includes $15 million for a Whitetail, Mont., checkpoint that sees three travelers a day. [Yeah, no politics with the stimulus money going on here. Sure, you bet I mean the Obama administration certainly wouldn’t be looking to help out any Democrats in their home states by shoveling millions of dollars their way now would they?…ed]

Hutchison: Budget deficit under Obama scary

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said Friday that the federal deficit that’s building under President Barack Obama is the scariest thing she’s seen in her Senate career. The Republican senator told a group of business and civic leaders in Dallas that said the economy is at the top of her list of major Washington issues. Hutchison said the nearly $1.6 trillion stimulus-induced debt—which she predicted might go as high as $10 trillion in 10 years—can’t be sustained. “The debt that we are looking at is unconscionable,” said Hutchison, who is challenging Gov. Rick Perry in the Republican primary for the 2010 governor’s race. “It is the scariest thing that I’ve seen since I was elected to the United States Senate 15 years ago.” [Memo to Senator Hutchison, the Obama administration cannot write legislation nor spend a dime of taxpayer money by itself. The blame lays squarely at the feet of Republicans in Congress who are not fighting these corrupt bills and the out of control spending with every fiber of their being…ed]

Democrats Seem Forgetful on Senate Appointments

The Democratic National Committee wasted no time Friday slamming Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida for installing a Republican crony in the Senate as a seat warmer until Mr. Crist can run for the post himself next year. Within hours of Mr. Crist’s appointment of his former chief of staff, George LeMieux, to fill a vacant seat until next year’s election, the D.N.C. sent reporters an e-mail message highlighting a St. Petersburg Times editorial assailing the decision under the headline, “Crist Serves Himself, Not Florida, With Appointment.” [More mind exploding hypocrisy from the mentally vacuous leftists…ed]

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Anti-war crowd silent since Obama took over

The silence is deafening. That would be the silence of the hams, the people who for years waved signs, screamed about the evil Bush administration’s war on Iraq, defaced stop signs with silly slogans, shed crocodile tears on news of the deaths of American soldiers and generally did all they could to vilify other Americans who might disagree. Suddenly, those dour patriots are nowhere to be found, even as improvised explosive devices continue shredding Americans in Iraq and more violence breaks out in Afghanistan, taking American lives at a record pace. And yet its all quiet on the domestic front. Which has to make you wonder just how credible all the noise was in the first place. [Of course the Soros funded “protesters” never gave a rat’s ass about the wars. What they were paid to do was keep constant pressure on the Bush administration and foment an atmosphere of public disgust around the Republican party so as to ensure an overwhelmingly Democrat Congress and get Obama into the White House come 2008…ed]

Politicos should return Nemazee’s dirty cash

What do Vice-President Joe Biden, senators Chuck Schumer of New York, Chris Dodd of Connecticut, Barbara Boxer of California, and Rep. Carolyn Maloney have in common besides the fact all are Democrats? They are the first Washington politicians pledging to either return or give to charity thousands of dollars they received from financier Hassan Nemazee. Nemazee has long been a big cheese in Democratic fundraising circles and now he’s becoming a household name after his arrest earlier this week on charges he tried to bilk Citicorp out of $74 million. He is now under house arrest in New York, and faces many years in federal prison if he is convicted. [Another sleazeball fundraising hairball supporting Democrats gets his willie caught in the zipper…ed]

Van Jones and His STORMtroopers Denounced America the Night After 9/11

Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), the revolutionary group formed by self-described “communist” and “rowdy black nationalist” Van Jones, held a vigil in Oakland, California, “mourning the victims of U.S. imperialism around the world” on the night after Sept. 11, 2001. The reason this is important is because Van Jones is now President Obama’s green jobs czar. He does not appear to have distanced himself from his past communist activities and is now part of the Obama administration’s push to turn Sept. 11 into a National Day of Service focused on the promotion of the radical environmentalist agenda. [This Obama administration is full of some of the most far left completely whacked out true haters of this country and the lamestream media continues to simply ignore this desperate situation. Unfortunately so many good Americans choose to be completely oblivious as to what is going on in Washington DC, something they are gonna regret here real soon…ed]

White House stonewalls on ‘radical’ adviser

More than five months after the Obama administration announced the hiring of its “green jobs czar,” Van Jones, the White House has refused to explain whether it knew of Jones admitted black nationalist and radical communist history and just who hired the adviser. Also questions continue to fester about how Jones, who has an arrest history, passed security clearances for his White House position. Cliff Kincaid, an editor at Accuracy in Media, attempted to answer some of these questions when he used the Freedom of Information Act in April to request immediate access to all documents relating to the appointment of Jones to the White House Council on Environmental Quality, where he serves as special adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation. The council, which hired Jones, replied that it “searched its records system and found none responsive” for Kincaid’s request. [Obama wouldn’t be able to get a security clearance either what with his background associating with America hating radicals so I guess it’s no big deal who trolls around inside the depths of the White House anymore huh?…ed]

Health-Care Secrets

President Obama has promised a “new era of transparency” in Washington, so perhaps he should talk to the Senate about getting with his program. On July 15, six weeks ago, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee passed an amended $1 trillion health-care bill, with acting Chairman Chris Dodd calling it a “historic achievement.” Too bad the committee won’t reveal this history even to other Senators, much less to the public. Three weeks ago Republicans on the committee wrote Mr. Dodd “to reiterate our request for a full copy of the bill as amended, in the four-week mark-up.” Mr. Dodd has refused to comply. [Meanwhile all we hear from the leftists is how Republicans are the obstructionists and all those townhall protesters are all riled up over untruths and innuendo about this attempted government takeover of our healthcare system…ed]

List of ‘Problem’ Banks Swells: Is Your Money Safe?

Although recent housing and economic data have signaled that–perhaps–the nastiest recession since the Second World War is planning its retreat, news from the nation’s already-beleaguered banking sector continues to worsen. On Thursday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which guarantees deposits at the nation’s nearly 8,200 banks, announced that the sector’s deteriorating health has forced it to add more than 100 new institutions to its list of so-called problem banks. When the second quarter closed, the FDIC had 416 banks on the list, up sharply from just 117 a year earlier and its highest level in 15 years. [Only three banks were shut down in 2007, something like 27 in 2008 and it’s now at 81 this year. This is going to be a real mess and real soon. The financial health of this country is not getting better, it’s getting far worse than what is being reported. Rumors of a “bank holiday” are swirling around…ed]

Insurers May Reap $375 Million From ‘Clunkers’ Plan

Progressive Corp. and Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s Geico Corp. are among insurers that may benefit from the U.S. “cash for clunkers” program as drivers pay higher premiums to protect new cars. The government’s vehicle trade-in initiative could yield as much as $375 million in premiums, said Robert Hartwig, the president of the New York-based Insurance Information Institute. “When they buy that new vehicle, the insurance generally will cost more,” Hartwig said in an interview. “It’s a newer vehicle and people will normally take out full coverage of the car. Any auto insurer would stand to gain.” [Looks like another hidden cost that many consumers failed to consider when they jumped all over this clunker fiasco…ed]

Media Neglects Tale of Obama’s Kennedy Insult

As President Obama continues to bask in the reflected glow of late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s veneration, the serious run-in that Obama had with Kennedy – which nearly cost him his endorsement – has been widely overlooked. The tiff first came to light in the Boston Globe’s extensive biography, Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy. It seems that in 2003 Obama, then a little-known Illinois state senator, uttered one of his infamous, off-the-cuff gaffes — on camera. [It just strikes me as kinda funny hearing the wobbly Soros puppet Obama telling anyone they need to “get some spine”…ed]

Video proves RR signal worked, train’s horn blew as Canton crash killed 5

Video from a surveillance camera on the Amtrak train that collided with a car in Canton on July 9 — killing five young people — clearly shows that the car drove around a downed crossing gate into the train’s path. The video, released Thursday, also shows that the Amtrak engineer had sounded warnings as the westbound train approached the Hannan Road crossing at an estimated 70 m.p.h. en route to Chicago. In the video, and according to Canton police reports, the black 2006 Ford Fusion can clearly be seen suddenly entering the path of the train from the left. The front seat passenger, Terrence Harris, 21, is seen with his arm on the window frame and the window is open. The report said Harris “lifts his arm and points at the train” and just before the impact he pulls his arm back through the window and leans inward, anticipating the inevitable impact. [Stupid decision cost the lives of five young people in the blink of an eye. Powerful videos indeed, should be shown to kids in every high school in America…ed]

US politicians told: beware geeks bearing gifts

Internet criminals have long used so-called Trojan software to infect their victim’s computers and launch sneak attacks from the inside out. But could they now be putting a new spin on the concept by actually planting the hardware too? That’s one theory emerging after Joe Manchin, the governor of West Virginia, suddenly had five new laptops delivered to his office. The computers arrived earlier this month, but diligent bureaucrats checked the records and discovered that they had not been ordered by the administration. [What better place to find a bunch of idiots unconcerned about computer security that a government office?…ed]

Inhofe slams health reform

At a town hall meeting Wednesday Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) told Chickasha residents he does not need to read the 1,000 page health care reform bill, he will simply vote against it. (SNIP) “People are not buying these concepts that are completely foreign to America,” Inhofe said. “We’re almost reaching a revolution in this country.” [You ain’t kiddin’ Senator and you may want to pass that sentiment on to those in the halls of Congress and the White House for us regular folks…ed]

Quote of the day.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

-Thomas Jefferson

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