Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. Says "This Ain't AmeriKa No 'Mo"

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Let’s all take a moment to watch a Mr. Wesley Cheeks Jr., who looks to be one pathetic excuse for a police officer in this particular instance, harass a protester outside a townhall meeting event held by Democrat Congressman Jim Moran in Reston VA on August 25.

Something about that sign the “offender” was holding showing an image of Obama’s face altered along the lines of the now iconic “Joker Poster” seemed to agitate ol Wesley. In fact he got so wound up he decided he was going to start making up his own interpretations of the U.S. Constitution right there on the spot as the confrontation began to unfold.

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Oh I just noticed, officer Cheeks is a man who more than likely falls into that 96% category of black folks who voted for Mr. Obama and continue to support him regardless of his disastrous policies which have clearly had one hell of a detrimental effect on this country, just like those of us who saw right through this fraud from the get go had predicted.

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4 Responses to Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. Says "This Ain't AmeriKa No 'Mo"

  1. Keith_S says:

    E-mail the Reston PD and let them know how you feel about Officer Cheeks.

  2. 1st Amendment says:

    Complaints against this officer can be filed at the Internal Affairs website for the police department at

  3. Oath Keeper says:

    Officer Cheeks is a sworn police officer with the Fairfax County (VA) School District Police. If you would like to file a complaint against Officer Cheeks, go here:

    Complaints should be addressed to:

    Major James A. Morris
    Fairfax County Police Department
    (703) 246-2918

    Let Major Morris know that, contrary to what his officer thinks, this is STILL America, the Constitution has not yet been scrapped, the First Amendment still applies, and their oath requires that they respect the right to free speech of all Americans, even when the officer does not like the speech. The First Amendment does not just protect speech the officer on the scene agrees with, and he is not free to implement his own mini-constitutional suspension zone.

    You can also read more about this incident at OATH KEEPERS:

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