Monday June 22nd

Family of famous Apache warrior Geronimo want his remains removed from Oklahoma and brought back home to New Mexico. Obama administration fighting against the move.

US officials are seeking the dismissal of a lawsuit brought against the government by descendants of Apache leader Geronimo to recover his remains. The descendants want to rebury Geronimo, who was buried in Oklahoma in 1909, in his native land in New Mexico.

Off duty cop suspected of speeding in a Ferrari loses control and crashes, killing himself and his passenger.

An off-duty cop and the woman who was riding with him in a Ferrari were killed when their car slammed into a tree on Long Island, authorities said. Southampton Town Police said the accident on Sunday killed 40-year-old Richard Kappel, who worked for the Quogue Village Police Department.

Blithering idiot Perez Hilton, the jerk off who tried to trip up Carrie Prejean in the Miss USA pageant, gets his ugly face punched in. Yay!

Police have charged the tour manager of the Black Eyed Peas with assault after he allegedly punched celebrity blogger Perez Hilton outside a Toronto nightclub. Hilton said he got into an argument with band members Fergie and at the Cobra nightclub early Monday morning and was punched outside by Polo Molina, the band’s tour manager. They were at the club following a Sunday night video awards show.

This is why you don’t ask your six year old kid to go get your pistol for you.

MANILA, Philippines — Police say a 6-year-old boy accidentally shot dead his father, a soldier home for Father’s Day after fighting Muslim rebels in the south. Police Officer Hermogenes Capili says Private First Class Apolonio Pacioles asked his son to fetch his .45 caliber pistol at their home in Manila’s Quezon City suburb early Sunday.

Pennsylvania man shoots son to death on Father’s Day.

Police say a 62-year-old northeastern Pennsylvania man shot his 19-year-old son to death during a family argument on Father’s Day. Authorities say Bernard Uckele (yoo-KAY’-lee) killed his son Justin with a handgun early Sunday afternoon in the garage of Uckele’s home in Jackson Township, about 75 miles north of Philadelphia.

Passengers get wild ride as Quantas jet rises then abruptly drops 800 feet when it hits turbulence.

Horrified passengers saw people hurled around the cabin of a Qantas Airbus as it hit severe turbulence during a flight from Hong Kong to Perth today. A dozen people were treated for minor injuries after the plane lifted and dropped about 250m due to “convective turbulence”.

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Heart Attack Grill: Caution this place is bad for your health.

A hospital-themed restaurant in Arizona is being criticized for serving an extremely unhealthy menu, including massive burgers, and having waitresses dressed in sexy nurses outfits. Even before entering the Heart Attack Grill customers are warned of the unhealthy food waiting inside by a large sign reading “Caution: This place is bad for your health.” [Next time I’m near Chandler, AZ I know I’ll be stopping by and checkin’ this place out….ed]

Woman who shot her minister husband in the back with a shotgun and received a slap on the wrist now going after her former in laws for money the church donated for her kids.

A woman convicted of killing her minister husband has filed motions against her former in-laws saying they inappropriately used money collected to benefit her children. Mary Winkler was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and is on probation for the 2006 killing of her husband Matthew Winkler in Selmer, Tenn.

Body of woman who died in 2004 found inside of recently closed funeral home.

The body of a woman dead since 2004 was left in a San Antonio funeral home that had shut down the week before. Forest Park Funeral Home administrator Willy Hardy said the family of the dead woman could not pay for a funeral service or burial, and that he has moved the body each time the business went to a new location.

Mother of the year candidate arrested after locking her four month old twins in car while she did some 10pm shopping at Wal Mart.

A Barnesville mother was arrested Saturday night after leaving her 4-month-old twins in her locked car while shopping at a Clayton County Wal-Mart. The infants, who weren’t harmed, were discovered by another shopper who could hear their cries through the cracked windows of Jenesia Williams’ Toyota Scion.

Unfortunate crooks get busted after sending text message marijuana order to police officer’s cell phone.

A man who allegedly wanted to buy some marijuana was arrested after he mistakenly sent a text message to a Salem police officer, authorities said yesterday. Cpl. Christopher Pew was off-duty when he received the message on his personal cell phone last week.

Police in the U.K. recommend homeowners leave car keys in easy to find spot in their house so burglars can find them quickly. I kid you not.

Drivers should not hide their car keys when at home because it risks a violent confrontation with burglars, a policeman has warned. The controversial advice was given after a case in Clifton, Lancashire, where a 16-year-old burglar murdered a pensioner for his car keys. Speaking after the killer was jailed for life, a vehicle crime specialist from the Metropolitan Police said: ‘I’d rather they broke in and found the keys and nicked my car than have them wake me up in the middle of the night because I value my life and like a good night’s sleep. [Little wonder why that country has gone to hell in a handbasket….ed]

Over one million of the new Apple iPhone 3GSs sold in three days.

Apple Inc. sold more than a million units of its latest iPhone model in the first three days, making it the most successful debut for a smart phone yet. The iPhone 3G S went on sale Friday in the U.S. and seven other countries. When Apple Inc. launched the previous model last year, it also sold one million units in the first three days, but that model launched simultaneously in 22 countries.

Missing French yacht found in middle of the Atlantic with nobody on board.

A French yacht that had two people on board has been found empty and floating in the middle of the Atlantic. A spokeswoman for the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Halifax says a Belgian yacht spotted the 10-metre L’Actuel on Sunday, but nobody was on board.

This guy should be popular in prison now that he has been arrested for offering 10 year old girl $100 for sex.

A Cheviot man is is facing a criminal charge for allegedly offering a girl money inside a local UDF store to have sex with him. Timothy Moellinger, 41, allegedly offered the girl $100 on Saturday morning inside the store on Glenmore Avenue.

Five foot seven, 125 lb. retired police officer takes down six foot plus, 200 lb. bank robber inside grocery store. She holds him down on the ground until the cavalry arrive.

A retired Long Beach police officer pinned down a suspected bank robber Saturday afternoon inside an Albertsons grocery store. Authorities identified the suspect as Tony Baik Fennell, 52, of Las Vegas, who they said was believed to be involved in at least four to five bank robberies from Norco to Utah and at least two of them in Orange County.

Might be time to hang up the airplane keys for good grandpa.

An 83-year-old South Florida pilot safely landed a single-engine plane Sunday along the Sawgrass Expressway in Sunrise, authorities said. Ralph Squeglia, of Fort Lauderdale, was not injured in the landing near the Oakland Park Boulevard exit, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Man this had to be tough. A K9 officer was forced to put down his dog after it was severely injured during a chase.

An Orlando police K-9 handler had to shoot and kill his own dog after it was injured during a chase. Police said the chase began when police saw someone driving a stolen car on Conway Road around 11 a.m. Monday. The car had two passengers.

Quote of the day.

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.

-George Bernard Shaw

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