Sunday June 21st

Happy Father’s Day. Son donates kidney to save father’s life.

You can’t put a price tag on the best gifts. John Talos of Port Austin knows all about that notion. The 45-year-old has given his son, 19-year-old John Eugene, lots of gifts over the years. Ask John Eugene to talk about the best gifts he has ever gotten from his dad, and he’ll tell you first about the car, and then about the shotgun.

Four story brick building in Brooklyn shakes and shakes until the thing finally just falls down.

A four-story building in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn that has a recent history of shaking collapsed this afternoon, injuring at least three people and leading to the evacuation of nearby buildings. “It’s completely destroyed,” Alex Alamonte, 27, manager of the Associated Supermarket across the street from the building at 493 Myrtle Ave. near the intersection of Ryerson Street.

First of its kind procedure keeping tiny baby, with a heart the size of a small cherry, alive.

Nestled in the hospital humidicrib alongside baby Taylor Gardner is not a teddy bear or a toy, but a pacemaker attached to her tiny heart, keeping her alive. In a world-first medical procedure, surgeons at Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne, Australia, have fitted the premature baby – whose heart is the size of a small cherry – with the pacemaker outside her body.

CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sends CA Senate leader a gift reminding him it’s time to “nut up” over the state’s financial situation. Senator didn’t much care for it.

It was a gift no girlie man would give. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has warned lawmakers they need to act boldly and make some tough budget choices, sent Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg a metal sculpture of bull testicles. It was intended as a gag gift but Steinberg, a Sacramento Democrat, was not amused and returned the football-sized gift with a terse note about the seriousness of the ongoing negotiations.

One tough 95 year old man. He decided to go for a hike, falls 40 feet down an embankment then survives the night with broken bones and cuts before he is found 24 hours later.

A missing 95-year-old Provo man was found Saturday after spending the night near an elevated sidewalk, unable to move due to injuries suffered in a fall. George Jarvis tumbled 40 feet down a steep embankment during a hike Friday, said Provo police Officer Jay Barney. He suffered broken bones and cuts in the fall, and was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, then transferred to University Hospital, Barney said.

Men drinking and dressing up as women is a bad thing in Saudi Arabia as a bunch of fellas are about to find out.

Sixty-seven Filipino men working in Saudi Arabia face jail and lashes after being arrested at a party in drag, officials said Saturday. “They had alcohol and some were dressed up like women,” Philippines embassy Vice Consul Roussel Reyes said.

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Some people in Chicago who walked away from their homes allowing them to be foreclosed on may actually be owed money from the bank.

Call it a green lining on the cloud of the mortgage foreclosure crisis. Homeowners who handed the keys over to the bank may actually have some money coming their way, and in Cook County, a new online system may help nearly 2,000 property owners get their due. The Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court is holding approximately $18 million in mortgage foreclosure surplus funds — profits generated when the bank sells a property for more than what the original owner owed the lending institution.

Parents allow one year old to get away from them on car lot, he wanders into traffic then gets run over. Imagine how the innocent driver feels today.

A trip to a Waco car dealership took a tragic turn for one Central Texas family Saturday evening when their one-year-old son walked off the lot and into oncoming traffic. Around 3:00 p.m., little Zane Ashton Moody was with his parents at the Miller Suzuki dealership on Primrose Drive.

Police helicopter pilot who died in crash was in contact with his on duty wife, a police dispatcher, during his final moments.

Moments before a helicopter crashed during a mountain rescue attempt, the pilot radioed to his wife — a state police dispatcher — and told her he was “going down.” Recordings of radio transmissions from State Police Sgt. Andy Tingwall, who died in the accident last week, document the final seconds before the helicopter crashed in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains east of Santa Fe.

Take over robbery at New Mexico Denny’s results in one employee death, arrest of two of the suspects.

A group of people stormed a busy Denny’s restaurant in Northwest Albuquerque Saturday morning fired weapons and killed one employee. The shooting happened at the Denny’s near Coors and I-40 about 9:30 a.m. Police said the half-dozen suspects then fled to a mobile home park near Central and Coors where two people were taken into custody.

Iraqi boy says Michigan soldier, who brought him back to U.S. for treatment of his severe burns, “is like my dad.”

Tendon-deep burns in his leg and days-old surgery wounds on his hand didn’t keep 12-year-old Mohammed from racing around Maj. David Howell’s driveway, his bandaged wrist dribbling a basketball right past the soldier. “Does he look like someone with 60 stitches in his hand?” Howell laughed as he stole the ball back from the boy he calls “the human dynamo.” “He beats me every time,” Mohammed said with a half-smile, crinkling his brown eyes. But only in basketball. “I beat him in soccer. I’m fast.”

Lawyer tries to blame his speeding ticket on his BMW. Judge rules idiot’s effort a big fail.

A Portland attorney who blamed his German luxury car for a speeding ticket was told he was responsible, not the automaker. C. Akin Blitz said he was just trying to get ahead of a line of cars following a motorhome over a mountain pass on U.S. Highway 26 — that he had no idea his BMW 535xi was going 76 mph in a 55 mph zone because of its handling characteristics.

Hundreds of cars stuck underwater until at least Wednesday as flood waters inundate fairgrounds.

It could be mid-week before hundreds of cars trapped by water at the Ionia County Fairgrounds are able to be removed, according to officials from Ionia County and Clear Channel Radio. Thousands of people were trapped when water from the Webber Dam was diverted due to the torrential rains Friday night. The Ionia County Fairgrounds flooded early Saturday evening, forcing the evacuation of the concert and an emergency shelter set up.

Grandma ain’t skeered. Woman takes a skydive for her 83rd birthday.

Lillie Rector jumped out of a plane on her 83rd birthday Saturday. There was no fear. The lively lady with a passion for life and a devil-may-care approach to the world simply stepped to the door with her tandem partner and jumped.

Quote of the day.

The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do. It is the freedom to refrain, withdraw and abstain which makes a totalitarian regime impossible.

-Eric Hoffer

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