Tuesday June 16th

Woman tells husband they’re having a boy after taking baby gender test. Joins others suing company because she wound up having daughter and is now divorced. Lame.

Congratulations — it’s a boy! Or a girl! A group of New York moms has filed suit against the makers of a “99.9-percent accurate” baby-gender test, claiming the results they got were 100 percent wrong.

Flickr and Getty Images looking to buy your photographs.

One of the biggest photo libraries in the world is hoping the work of amateur photographers can reinvigorate its collection and help to create an edgier persona. Getty Images, the world’s largest distributor of still imagery, has teamed up with Flickr, the photo-sharing website, to allow keen photographers around the world the chance to make some money out of their regular, everyday snaps.

School superintendent withholds diploma from graduating student because he took a bow, blew a kiss to his mom on the way up to the stage.

Justin Denney’s family watched as he ascended the Cumberland County Civic Center stage during graduation Friday night to accept his diploma, but the superintendent told him to return to his seat. The Bonny Eagle High School senior’s mother said she can’t believe her son’s taking a bow and blowing a kiss on stage led was grounds for the superintendent to withhold his diploma. Mary Denney wants an apology, and her son wants his diploma, reported WMTW-TV in Portland, Maine.

Parolee, working at McDonalds, sitting in jail suspected of spitting on police officer’s McMuffin sandwich.

A policeman who took a bite out of a sandwich that had allegedly been spit on at a McDonald’s restaurant will have to undergo testing for about a year for possible diseases, Berrien Springs Police Chief Milt Agay said Friday. Meanwhile Jacob Skipworth, 32, of Berrien Springs, sits in the Berrien County Jail on a $10,000 bond, charged with a felony food law violation for allegedly adulterating food. Skipworth was on parole, having served 14 years in an Indiana prison for a violent home invasion as a juvenile that left an elderly couple injured, according to police.

Escaped gorilla referred to as Michelle Obama’s ancestor by Republican activist. Gorillas everywhere mad as hell.

A state Republican activist has admitted to and apologized for calling a gorilla that escaped from the Riverbanks Zoo Friday an “ancestor” of First Lady Michelle Obama. A screen capture of the comment, made on the Internet site Facebook, was obtained by FITSNews, the website of South Carolina politico Will Folks.

Hey lady, are those a bunch of Blu-Ray discs in your pocket or are you just really happy to see me?

Police arrested a woman at a Target store in Oklahoma City after an employee said he saw her stuff nearly $1,000 worth of Blu-ray discs in her pants. Lisa Roshelle Myles, 40, remained at the Oklahoma County jail this morning in lieu of $4,000 bail, jail records show.

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Football dad gets 90 days in the pokey for breaking the jaw of assistant coach.

Last year, an angry Tumua Fagota Siaumau swung a helmet and broke the jaw of his son’s assistant football coach after Granger High School lost to Highland High. But the 48-year-old man was tearful and apologetic during a Monday sentencing hearing in 3rd District Court. Facing his victim, Siaumau got down on his knees, flung out his arms and said: “I ask that you forgive me.” After the hearing, Darius McCormick called Siaumau’s plea “a little bit theatrical.” As for forgiving the man who left him with two steel plates and eight screws in his jaw, McCormick said he was not there yet.

British Airways asks it employees to work for a month….for free. We’ll see how that one works out.

Unions at British Airways have reacted angrily to a request by chief executive Willie Walsh that its 40,000 staff should work without pay for a month. The airline, which is burning through cash at the rate of £3m per day, outlined the offer in its in-house publication, British Airways News, coupling it with the warning that the company faced a “fight for survival” in recent weeks.

Puppy accidentally flushed down toilet is rescued from drainage pipe. With video.

A week-old British puppy is safe and sound after being accidentally flushed down the toilet by his 4-year-old master. The tiny cocker spaniel was rescued by an employee of a drainage company after being trapped in a sewage pipe for close to four hours, according to two British dailies. Firefighters and the RSPCA had failed at their attempts to free the pup.

Michigan man claims he is the two year old kid that was snatched from mother way back in 1955.

More than 50 years after a 2-year-old boy disappeared from outside a Long Island bakery, a Michigan man has come forward to claim that he was the missing boy, authorities said Tuesday. The man approached Nassau County police and federal authorities in Michigan over the past few months and said he believes he is Steven Damman, Nassau County Police Lt. Kevin Smith said.

FDA says Zicam nasal spray can cause permanent loss of smell and urges everyone to stop using the product immediately.

The Food and Drug Administration says Zicam nasal spray can permanently damage users’ sense of smell. The FDA says consumers should stop using Zicam Cold Remedy nasal gel and related products immediately. All the over-the-counter products contain zinc. Scientists say that ingredient may damage nerves in the nose needed for smell. The FDA says about 130 consumers have reported a loss of smell after using Zicam products since 1999.

Bad guy stabs store clerk during attempted robbery. Knife hits clerk’s cell phone deflecting blade. Clerk pulls out Glock and shoots bad guy.

A well-placed cellphone might have saved a Roswell liquor store clerk’s life Monday night. When a would-be robber tried to stab Joseph Wescott at Beverage Mart on Holcomb Bridge Road, the knife dented the cellphone in the clerk’s pocket, but did not injure him.

Residents of Toledo Ohio receiving tickets for parking in their own driveways. Some blame city budget crisis for this nonsense.

Residents of Toledo are complaining that they received $25 tickets for parking their vehicles in their own driveways. Mayor Carty Finkbeiner said he stands by the citations handed out last week by the Division of Streets, Bridges and Harbor. He said the tickets were issued under a city law against parking on unpaved surfaces, including gravel driveways.

Teenager claims she fell asleep while tattoo artist was making her face look like the Orion constellation. Now suing the guy over mess on her mug.

A teenage girl is suing a tattoo artist for £8,500 after she allegedly asked him for three stars on her face – but ended up with 56. Eighteen-year-old Kimberley Vlaminck paid £55 for ‘the graffiti that has ruined my life’ in her Belgian home town of Courtrai. She claimed the Romanian tattooist who performed the artwork misunderstood her French and English.

Tattoo artist, who is a state certified EMT, comes to aid of police officer wounded by gunfire.

Tattoo artist Tom Aldana assisted one of two Milwaukee police officers shot last week after all, police have now confirmed. Aldana said as much in interviews with reporters.

California school district clerical error means kids must go to school another 34 days instead of being off for the summer.

Summer is going to be a lot shorter for hundreds of elementary school students in two Southern California communities. Students at Dickson Elementary in Chino and Rolling Ridge Elementary in Chino Hills were supposed to be done with school on Thursday, but a clerical error means they will have to make up 34 days or the schools will risk losing $7 million in state funds.

Quote of the day.

While I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively high number of jobs created in April, the fact is that job creation during this recovery period has significantly lagged both historical experience in recovery, and the projections of the Bush Administration.

-Barney Frank [So what do you have to say about the 1.6 million out of work since Obama came into office and the 9.4% unemployment figures there slobbering Barney?….ed]

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