The Barack Obama Church You Have Probably Never Heard Of

This post is offered for historical purposes only because the following information is what we call beyond a freakin’ day late and a damn dollar short.

From the American Thinker website we have an opportunity to delve into some previously unknown Barack Hussein Obama past history that was deliberately and conspiratorially kept from the American people during the previous presidential campaign. Could or would it have made any difference in the election? Hell who knows but one thing is certain, we’ll never get the chance to find out now that he is firmly ensconced in our White House for the next three and a half years.

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As President Obama prepared to commemorate D-Day, the Associated Press dug up old details and photos to write a warm fuzzy story about the WW2 service record of Obama’s maternal grandfather and grand uncle. One could conclude that the actions of these two-nearly 20 years before Obama was born–are the closest Obama ever came to uniformed US military personnel prior to launching his political career.

But Obama has a much closer military connection-one he has not talked about publicly. Had a reporter asked Obama: “So what were you doing during Bill Ayers’ fugitive days?” An honest answer would be: “I was going to Sunday school at a church which had provided sanctuary to US military deserters.”

While John McCain was being tortured as a prisoner of war in Hanoi, First Unitarian Church of Honolulu — at which the elementary-age Obama would later attend Sunday school after returning from Indonesia in 1970 or 71 — was sheltering deserters and AWOLs recruited by ‘flirty fishing’ coeds from a Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) group known as “The Resistance”. The deserters’ exploits were front page news for months on end in mid-1969 Honolulu. They were also proudly trumpeted by the Honolulu SDS tabloid, “The Roach”.

The contrast between the war hero POW and the Obama deserters’ church would have made a pretty good campaign commercial. But nobody in Honolulu spoke up to claim Obama’s First Unitarian connection until after Election Day. Even then it was hush-hush. As the Star-Bulletin explained December 24:…….

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