Some News And Issues Of The Day For Friday April 3rd


Obama’s selection for Census chief is a big fan of statistical sampling. Had the Republicans tried to pull this stunt the Democrats would have been screaming bloody murder.

Gee we never could have seen this one coming now could we? In a follow up to this post from yesterday it became crystal clear what the Obama administration was going to try and pull off with the upcoming 2010 census, a phony numbers scam that will certainly benefit the Democrats. It seems they found their perfect guy in Robert M. Groves who has previously worked in the census bureau and who’s specialty is making up figures based on a supposed known quantity. In other words if ACORN “counts” 15 people living illegally in this country in one house and there happen to be 25 houses on a particular street they will then extrapolate from that an illegal alien population of somewhere around 6,000, for that street alone. That’s what’s call the hope and change math system and it’s most certainly coming to a neighborhood near you.

Alaskan governor Sarah Palin calls for Democrat senator to step down. Says the exoneration of Ted Stevens demands a special election.
Fat chance on that one governor. There is no way in hell Mark Begich is going to give up his seat even though he was narrowly elected (by some 4,000 votes) in large part due to an apparently bogus prosecution for corruption of Republican Ted Stevens. I say bogus because the prosecutor withheld evidence that was extremely helpful to Stevens’ defense until last week, well after his conviction based on tainted information. There is little doubt that had Stevens not been convicted in this case he would have been reelected to the Senate and this is why Palin is calling for a special election. If the tables were turned you know every left wing moonbat in Congress would be yelling for the exact same thing as Palin is but alas this one is going nowhere and she will receive zero support on this from her party as usual.

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Most Americans think the real nasty poo has yet to hit the fan.
Oops this is a Fox News poll which automatically means it’s worthless. Unlike the New York Times, CBS, msnbc, ABC etc non agenda driven polls which have Obama’s approval numbers at a ridiculous 70% the Fox News folks are obviously pandering to the extreme right wing that make up their fan base. Wait a second that isn’t true, in fact Fox News has the most balanced viewership of any of the other news channels out there! According to the polling it looks like 66% say the worst for the economy is yet to come. Across the board–Democrats, Independents and Republicans are in agreement, we’ve just been nibbling around the edges of that big crap sandwich and the really big bites for all of us are right around the corner. Seventy percent say this manufactured economic mess has affected them personally. Forty three percent think the Obama administration is in over its head while 51% feel the same towards Geithner the boy wonder. But there is some good news for the lefties. If (when) things continue to head south 47% of the folks will continue to blame Bush and that is exactly what these clowns that have hijacked our country are counting on in the 2010 elections.

Cardinal Francis George blasts Notre Dame for Obama speaking teleprompter invite.
Hey if the people running the alleged Catholic university want a guy to speak read from a teleprompter to their students on graduation day that espouses the killing of children if they survive an abortion who is the Cardinal to get all huffy over it? If the alleged Catholic university wants to bring in someone to speak read from a teleprompter who has signed an executive order forcing American taxpayers to fund overseas abortions then the Cardinal is just going to have to deal with it. Hey this is 2009 Cardinal, where have you been? I mean we have staunch abortion proponents like Joe Biden (that would be the vice president for all you clueless Obama swooners) and Nancy Pelosi that claim to be practicing Catholics and I don’t see the church showing them the door for their misguided beliefs. C’mon Cardinal George, it’s time for you to get with the times as they certainly are achangin’.

Lonely? Horny? Then call up Hillary Clinton!
That right there could be considered a potential diet plan, every time you repeat the phrase you want to go hurl up your last meal. Ok so it was some silly mistake by some poor overworked and underpaid staffer that got a few numbers mixed up. Amusing for some, terrifying for the schmuck who screwed that one up. My guess is they are no longer programming Hillary’s phone numbers and are now assigned to the White House laundry room sorting through her dirty underwear. Ugg, there we go with another candidate for a diet program. Sorry about that.

Obama calls Americans “arrogant.”
First off this marxist fraud that has been installed as president and permanently stained the office in the process does not speak for me nor anybody I know. That said and firmly established, this puppet of the globalists, this charlatan, this empty suit who is unqualified to hold the office of president according to our Constitution, is traipsing all over Europe feeding his enormous ego by blaming our country, a country that has given the lives of hundreds of thousands of it’s young people in the last 100 years defending many of those very countries from tyrannical governments like the one forming here in America, for all of the ills of the world. It seems as though this is going to be a common theme with this surrender monkey administration, humiliate and demonize our country everywhere they go like Hillary Clinton did in Mexico recently while Joe Biden’s daughter was busy packing her beak with cocaine. Something tells me that as the anger builds over this kind of crap those with the hope and change stickers on their bumpers may want to go out in the dead of night and start scraping them off. Just to keep the peace and all of course.

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