Saturday January 30th

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Haiti Aid Efforts Go Awry in the ‘Convoy to Nowhere’

Scott Lewis hoped to deliver more than one million meals to Haitians on Wednesday via a 15-truck convoy brimming with beans and rice. Instead, “It was the convoy to nowhere,” Mr. Lewis said. Well after dusk, the 52-year-old founder of a U.S. disaster-relief organization had barely delivered any food, other than some bags left at a missionary hospital, and a few more bags that got looted from the convoy as it crawled along crowded streets. Trucks conked out. Communication with the U.S. military broke down. Traffic snarled the streets. Hungry crowds made handing out food unsafe. [Haiti is an absolute mess. There is no leadership, no organization no one in charge. We have thousands of troops over there and there is no clear mission for these soldiers. The lamestream media has been hammering George W. Bush for years over Katrina even though the Democrat mayor of New Orleans and the Democrat Governor of the state at the time are the people who should have been held responsible for the lack of preparedness and the ensuing calamity. Think they’ll report on Obama’s Katrina with the same fervor?…ed]

U.S. suspends medical evacuations from Haiti

The U.S. military said on Friday it has stopped flying Haitian earthquake victims to the United States for medical attention following concerns by some state governments about who will pay for the treatment. “At this moment in time, yes, the flights have stopped,” said Navy Captain Kevin Aandahl, a spokesman for the U.S. Transportation Command, which manages the military’s medical emergency airlifts. “We have to have a destination to bring them to,” Aandahl said, citing media reports Florida had told the U.S. government that the state needed help paying for the care. “If Florida isn’t taking them … and I can’t confirm this, but I think Georgia has made a similar statement, so if we can’t bring them anywhere for treatment, then they’re staying in Haiti.” [Can you imagine the outcry if a Republican president ordered a halt to medical evacuations of Haitians to the U.S. over financial concerns? That said, why in the hell hasn’t the REST of the world stepped up to help these people? Hello socialist Europe, anybody there?…ed]

Americans arrested taking children out of Haiti

Haitian police have arrested 10 U.S. citizens caught trying to take 33 children out of the earthquake-stricken country in a suspected illicit adoption scheme, authorities said on Saturday. The five men and five women were in custody in the capital, Port-au-Prince after their arrests on Friday night. There are fears that traffickers could try to exploit the chaos and turmoil following Haiti’s January 12 earthquake quake to engage in illegal adoptions. One of the suspects, who says she is leader of an Idaho-based charity called New Life Children’s Refuge, denied they had done anything wrong. The suspects were detained at Malpasse, Haiti’s main border crossing with the Dominican Republic, after Haitian police conducted a routine search of their vehicle. Authorities said the Americans had no documents to prove they had cleared the adoption of the 33 children — aged 2 months to 12 years — through any embassy and no papers showing they were made orphans by the quake in the impoverished Caribbean country. [Millions of children in THIS country have issues they could use some help with so why are these idiots screwing around in Haiti?…ed]

Obama’s Deaf Ear May Cost His Success

This week, Obama showed himself once again to be out of touch with both Americans and with the current debt situation in the United States. He spoke of the determination, optimism, and fundamental decency in Americans that lives on and yet he seemed to suggest that that meant Americans would be determined to pass his health care reform and massive entitlement expansion. If Obama wants his presidency to be a success and for our economy to turn around, he will need to learn the lessons of the recent elections. To regain his footing with the American people, he will have to do more than institute a delayed, short-term, token spending freeze and acknowledge that the key to pulling us out of this recession lies with the innovation and motivation of the American people—not with yet another expensive program. [Obama, like most recent presidents, is nothing more than a puppet of the small group of people who really run the planet in the shadows. He will do their bidding regardless of what the American people want. They found a perfect person for the job as Obama has the type of arrogant ego that allows him to go about his business without empathy or humility…ed]

Presidential Sins. Because of a trio of mistakes by Obama, Democrats’ hold on Congress is increasingly precarious.

Having given himself “a good, solid B-plus” for his first year in office and declaring he would “rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president,” President Obama has a lot of people, even in his own party, wondering what on earth constitutes a good performance to his way of thinking. Jimmy Carter is the only president in over a century who failed to win re-election after taking over from the other party. That presidents usually get re-elected is of little solace to Democrats bracing for losses that could be comparable to the epic midterm election defeats of 1958, 1974, 1982, 1994, and 2006. [It’s going to take one helluva performance for him to climb outta the hole he’s dug just to become a one term mediocre president…ed]

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Obama Budget Will Assume Revenue From Climate Law

President Obama’s fiscal 2011 budget will project hundreds of billions of dollars in new federal revenue from a proposed comprehensive cap-and-trade climate law, according to Democratic aides — despite dimming prospects for enacting such legislation this year. Including cap-and-trade revenue in the new budget underscores Obama’s commitment to press ahead with climate legislation, which passed in the House last year but stalled in the Senate. The president reiterated his insistence that Congress address global warming in his State of the Union address. [Budgeting in revenue from legislation that even hasn’t become law yet? What kind of stupid is that? Oh well, I believe he pretty much told the GOP yesterday and the Supreme Court justices during the State of the Union speech that he plans to “go around” them whenever they stand in the way of his agenda and we know he is all gung ho over cap and tax…ed]

Obama seeks $200M to help cities host 9/11 trials

The Obama administration is proposing a $200 million fund to help pay for security costs in cities hosting the trials of accused terrorists such as Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (HAH’-leed shayk moh-HAH’-med). A congressional aide familiar with the plan says the money will be included in the president’s budget being released Monday. The aide spoke on condition of anonymity because the spending blueprint hasn’t been announced. The administration said late last year the trials would take place in federal court in lower Manhattan, near where the World Trade Center once stood. But there’s growing opposition from the city, and it now seems likely that the White House will decide to hold the trial elsewhere. [Sheer lunacy. Taxpayers spent millions getting GITMO ready to hold and try these terrorists. The money has already been spent there so why not use existing facilities rather that pissing away millions of taxpayer dollars for a politically motivated civilian trial?…ed]

Obama’s 17% unemployment rate

The president is full of it when he talks about creating or saving jobs. During his State of the Union address Wednesday night, he said, “Now, because of the steps we took, there are about 2 million Americans working right now who would otherwise be unemployed. … Economists on the left and the right say this bill has helped save jobs and avert disaster. … That is why jobs must be our No. 1 focus in 2010, and that’s why I’m calling for a new jobs bill tonight.” This is pure fiction. Job losses under President Obama’s watch have increased steadily without remission. The unemployment rate is stuck at 10 percent. If calculations include Americans who aren’t in the labor force because they stopped looking for work or were forced to take part-time jobs, the unemployment rate has been above 17 percent since September. The Obama administration promised that the incredibly costly stimulus package would keep unemployment down to 8.1 percent, but the result of so much spending has been more job losses – and Americans are angry. [Oh I’ll bet the true numbers are much higher than 17%. Millions of self employed people who’s businesses have folded in this crappy Obama economy don’t get unemployment payments and aren’t counted in these numbers…ed]

Big battle brews over planned NASA cuts

President Barack Obama’s budget blueprint for ending NASA’s program to return astronauts to the moon by 2020 is fueling a titanic political fight as lawmakers from Texas move to protect jobs, astronauts and the Johnson Space Center. Obama wants to push total spending on NASA to nearly $100 billion over the next five years by adding $5.9 billion to cover the costs of increased earth science missions, extending the life of the International Space Station, and subsidizing commercial rocket launching firms’ development of spacecraft to deliver astronauts and cargo to the orbiting space station. But it leaves too little money to return astronauts to the moon, spelling the effective end of the 5-year-old Constellation program that envisioned going back for the first time since Apollo 17 mission commander Eugene Cernan left the surface in 1972. [Led by climate change fanatic James Hansen, NASA has shamelessly pandered to the global warming scammers in return for funding and intended future missions to “study” the problem. Ready for you trip under Obama’s bus as just another useful idiot there Mr. Hansen?…ed]

U.N.’s Global Warming Report Under Fresh Attack for Rainforest Claims

A United Nations report on climate change that has been lambasted for its faulty research is under new attack for yet another instance of what its critics say is sloppy science — adding to a growing scandal that has undermined the credibility of scientists and policymakers who back the U.N.’s findings about global warming. In the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4), issued in 2007 by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), scientists wrote that 40 percent of the Amazon rainforest in South America was endangered by global warming. [Yet Obama keeps up with his “undisputed scientific evidence of global warming” nonsense…ed]

Justice Official Clears Bush Lawyers in Torture Memo Probe

For weeks, the right has heckled Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. for his plans to try the alleged 9/11 conspirators in New York City and his handling of the Christmas bombing plot suspect. Now the left is going to be upset: an upcoming Justice Department report from its ethics-watchdog unit, the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), clears the Bush administration lawyers who authored the “torture” memos of professional-misconduct allegations. While the probe is sharply critical of the legal reasoning used to justify waterboarding and other “enhanced” interrogation techniques, NEWSWEEK has learned that a senior Justice official who did the final review of the report softened an earlier OPR finding. [And the bad news just keeps piling up for the frothing at the mouth liberals (funded for the most part with George Soros money) who just can’t let go of the Bush years…ed]

The Right Stuff

Watch out. America is moving to the right, and it’s happening fast. The vote in Massachusetts was an ideological earthquake whose tremors are still being felt all over the country. When a big-government guy like President Obama takes to the lectern to announce he wants to freeze some federal spending, you know hell might be freezing over, as well. But nowhere is the rejection of liberal doctrine seen more clearly than in the television news industry. Last week, Fox News Channel, the only network that has brought some scrutiny to Obama from the beginning, was the No. 1 rated cable operation in America. If you listen closely, you can hear SpongeBob and Hannah Montana weeping. [The leftists decry O’Reilly as nothing more that a GOP operative and many conservative claim he is really a closet liberal with a man crush on Obama. In reality this loud mouthed obnoxious knucklehead is equally vigorous on both sides of the political spectrum when they appear on his show and that’s why he has the number one rated cable news program for nine years running…ed]

Ex-convicts in District flock to apply for census jobs

The word had spread, in churches and parole offices and halfway houses. The federal government is hiring for the 2010 Census, and tests for applicants were being given in a District neighborhood where unemployment is rampant. Hundreds of men and women began lining up on the sidewalks outside Allen Chapel AME Church in Southeast Washington two hours before the doors opened one day last week. Most have criminal records involving drugs, stolen cars, burglary and the like. But they’d been told that the census would consider hiring them anyway, if not as census takers then as clerks. [This pretty much fits in perfectly with all the other crooks working in the Obama administration…ed]

California ‘protects’ Apollo 11 landing site on Moon

California has named a new site a state historical resource – despite the fact that it is not on Earth, never mind in the US state. The site where Apollo 11 landed on the Moon in 1969, the first US landing, is now included on the state’s register. The unusual move by the California State Historical Resources Commission aims to protect more than 100 items left by US astronauts on the Moon. They include tools, a flag, footprints, food bags and bags of human waste. [Plenty of moonbat liberals running around that state. Perhaps this is their way of connecting with ‘home’. Now that they have this important work out of the way maybe they can solve the 20 billion dollar deficit the Democrats have managed to accumulate for the residents over the last several years…ed]

City council issues ‘inclusive’ taxi driver licence applications… in BRAILLE

Local governments have in the recent past made admirable attempts to be more culturally inclusive by printing official documents in various languages. However, one city council might have let its enthusiasm run away with itself – by printing taxi-driver licence applications in braille. In a move that is almost certainly the first of its kind, the forms can also be printed and downloaded in large print or audio format people with sight problems. [More stupid news about the loony leftist in England…ed]

Quote of the day.

The Obama administration appears to have a blind spot when it comes to the War on Terrorism, and, because of that blindness, this administration cannot see a foreign terrorist even when he stands right in front of them, fresh from an attempt to blow a plane out of the sky on Christmas Day.

-Senator Susan Collins (RINO-Maine)

[That would be a MUSLIM TERRORIST Senator Collins…MUSLIM TERRORIST! Say it, c’mon lady say it…ed]

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